Why Social Security Numbers Are A Basis For A National Citizen Identifier

Social Security Card

December 10th, 2018   |   Updated on December 14th, 2018

If you were born in the United States, or if you have recently received a social security card as a new legal resident, you may wonder why you need to have this number at all.

If you have ever filled out an application for a job, or even a loan, this provide you with the ability to complete the forms that need to be filled out. At a national level, it is an identifier.

Your number is specifically designated to you, giving you a numerical identification. However, it can also be used as a National Citizen identifier. Let’s discuss why this is, and why this is important from a historical perspective.

1. Why You Would Need To Have A National Citizen Identifier System

Social Security Card

Before we begin discussing the reason that a Social Security number is a great choice for a national citizen identification system, we must first look at the benefits that this type of system can provide any country.

Whether you are in the United States, or a foreign country, keeping track of your citizens is very beneficial. It not only helps delegate certain benefits to people, but can also help determine who are citizens, and those that are not.

There are many stories today about people trying to go into countries, without proper documentation, subsequently causing many problems. This will allow the government to keep track of who these people are, and if they are not in the system, this makes it easier to locate these individuals.

At a very basic level, it also allows a country to keep track of how many citizens are actually living there. These are just a few of the basic reasons to have a national citizen identification system.


2. Origins Of The Social Security Number

For Official State Identification Document Replacement

The use of Social Security numbers to identify citizens of the United States began back in the 1930s. At the time, FDR was the president, and he signed into law something called the Social Security Act.

This was directly after the depression, and they needed to find a way to help the citizens of the United States in times of need. They created a Social Security board, and it is during this time that they developed the nine digit numbering system.

On a basic level, it is simply for identification purposes. This was then to identify people that were employed. There are three groups of numbers, each of which refers to an area, a group, and what is called a serial number. Those that have a Social Security card have access to many benefits.


3. What Are The Benefits Of Having A Social Security Number?

Employment Documentation

There are several benefits associated with having this number. First of all, you are allowed to receive Medicare after the age of 62. You will also have access to a type of pension fund that you are paying into with every job that you have.

If you have ever looked at your paystub before, you will notice that a small portion of the gross amount of your earnings is devoted to your Social Security earnings.

After 62, you will also have access to this in the form of a small monthly check that can help you survive after you are beyond the age of working. Finally, this identifier allows you to apply for different things including jobs, loans, or mortgages. It is also used as a National Citizen Identifier.


4. What Is A National Citizen Identifier?

Networking And Groups

This identifier, typically a number, is a way that governments are able to track people that are citizens of their country. They are also used to track those that are designated as temporary residence, permanent residence, and also identifies these individuals as having access to related benefits.

As mentioned before, when you have a Social Security number, and you are paying into the Social Security fund, you will have access to these government benefits. This will include monthly money, healthcare, and governmentally related benefits once you are at a certain age.

From the perspective of only looking at it as an identifier, it allows the federal government to know who was in the country. It also allows them to know who is leaving, and to track their movements, which can be beneficial when they are trying to find individuals that may have unscrupulous intentions.


5. The Value Of Using This Number As A Citizen Identifier


There are three main benefits to having your Social Security number as a type of numeric citizen identifier. First of all, all of the benefits that are given to those that have one would not be possible without first having a system by which to designate certain people that are eligible.

In particular, healthcare is a huge benefit that is provided by the federal government. That’s why it is so important to have one. This is similar to other countries such as China that have healthcare networks that are provided to the people of their country.

The second reason is that it can be used to identify certain problems that you have such as allergies, illnesses, and the medications that you may need to take. You go to a doctor’s office, they can look up your file based upon your Social Security number to gather all of this information.

Finally, in our world today, there are many wars that are occurring, and some believe that this is a great way to protect our country. By being able to identify who the citizens are, and who is not, we can keep our borders safe by requiring people to do certain things before they can become a US citizen.

Part of that process is getting a Social Security number which will put these individuals into this national citizen identification system.

These are some of the many benefits of using a Social Security number as a national citizen identifier. When you are able to identify who is in the United States, not only does that keep the country safe, but it also allows those that have them to get the benefits that are entitled to American citizens.