Bear Finds A GoPro Camera In Snow And Manages To Turn It On

Bear Finds A GoPro Camera In Snow

October 25th, 2021   |   Updated on May 9th, 2023

Video that has gone viral on the internet shows how an animal spotted the GoPro camera in the snow and turned it on. We can see how a bear snatched a GoPro camera and was playing around with it, unaware that everything he did was recorded in detail.

The camera was mistaken for something that could be eaten, the bear attempted to eat it. The bear made numerous attempts to eat the camera, but did not succeed as it was not in a position to remove the camera from the snow. It was exhausted, and sat and searched for its owner, and eventually found the owner.

Thanks to the bear’s exploits, a searcher discovered the camera lost in the snow of the Wyoming hills of the United States. After watching the footage the individual wrote

“This GoPro had been sitting in the snow for quite a while. When I finally discovered it, I charged it, and was amazed by what I observed.

After four years of being there, an old black bear spotted it and was able to turn it on, but also began filming himself with it. It’s hands down the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.”

The video has received 4.3 million views over. It also has more than 50k tweets retweeted.
The entire video has been added to Viral Hog’s collection, and has been available on YouTube. The bear keeps doing amazing things. It is able to move the camera around and is able to lift it into its hands.