3 Best Cars For Winter Driving Session

Audi TT

July 6th, 2018   |   Updated on August 6th, 2018

As you’re basking in the summer sun, the thoughts of winter must be miles away. However, as us Brits know all too well, the sun can never last and it won’t be too long until we fall back into the routine of wrapping layer over layer and scraping stubborn ice from our windscreens.

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The Beast from the East caused chaos for millions of us across the country, sadly it took lives too. Therefore taking a few precautions for the cooler weather can be vital if the snow is to hit again.

Too many people were left stranded for want of winter tyres or a reliable four-wheel drive system; therefore, this list compiles some of the best cars you can drive when battling the winter elements!

1. Skoda Octavia Scout

If you’ve decided you need an SUV to cater to family life, I bet you’d actually be better off with an estate. Better fuel economy, often more luggage space and far better driving dynamics are all offered by the stretched car.

If you argue you need the extra ride, have you considered the off-road variants? Manufacturers already sell estate cars with a few extra centimetres of ground clearance and some helpful body cladding to save your paint from protruding rocks on your adventures. One of the best examples on the market currently is the Skoda Octavia Scout Estate.

It offers all of the practicality already present in the Octavia and then adds more space and a four-wheel drive system to make it the ultimate go anywhere car.


2. Land Rover Discovery Sport

If you’re certain that you need an SUV, make it one of best on the market. Like every car fitted with the Land Rover badge, this car is exceptional off road. It’s capable of things far beyond the worst you’ll ask of it.

However, the Disco isn’t a one trick pony, its small size makes it surprising agile on road and fuel efficient too. The Terrain Response system is the real winner here though, it enables the car to tackle roads rivals would find impassable and makes it one of the best cars to tackle the winter weather.


3. Audi TT

Audi TT

You may assume this car is more suited to the summer sun than winter grime, but when fitted with Audi’s four-wheel drive system ‘Quattro’, it’s as capable as anything else on the road when the going gets tough.

Although it may lack the ride height to tackle larger snow drifts and doesn’t have the practicality of our other cars, if you want a fun car that can isn’t going to leave you stranded at the first sight of snow, this is the car for you!