40 Best Bollywood Comedy Movies All Time You Must Watch

best comedy movies bollywood

September 29th, 2021   |   Updated on May 9th, 2023

We all love Bollywood, Don’t we? It is some of the masterpieces that the industry has dished out, which makes us grab popcorn and sit down for a watch whenever we get the chance. It is hard in India not to be a buff considering the awesome collection of movies available.

However, one genre that has left the whole world in splits is the comedy movie collection.  We give you the rundown of the best comedy movies of Bollywood.

1. 3 idiots

A brilliantly crafted movie about three friends Farhan, Raju, and Rancho; this one had a different topic to address. However, it is the comedy elements that move become a favorite watch for many.

Some of the scenes actually leave you in splits. The best part is that all the scenes are incorporated so beautifully that you do not even realize their prominent placement.

2. All The Best

Another funny movie starring Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt, and Fardeen Khan. Veer wants to be a famous artist, but money is a constraint.

In order to get some money his way, he lies to his stepbrother and mentions that he is married. What follows next is a comedy of errors as everyone wants to know how valid the marriage is.

3. Andaz Apna Apna

Andaz Apna Apna

If you talk about the best comedy movies Bollywood, you cannot miss out on this masterpiece. The film plots the journey of two good for nothing boys Amar and Prem, played by Aamir and Salman khan.

They both wish to marry Raveena, a wealthy heiress. But who gets the girl, in the end, remains a huge surprise. There is no end to the comedy, and you just roll with laughter.

4. Chameli Ki Shadi

This movie had the complicated topic of the caste system to address. However, it is the comedy scenes that make the film a must-watch. Charandas (Anil Kapoor) and Chameli (Amrita Singh) want to marry.

But their castes are different, and no one will allow them to marry. Until someone from outside their home decides to help them out.

5. Chashme Baddoor

The main characters fall in love while the heroine is trying to sell a detergent to the hero. But the hero’s friends do not like this at all.

They also want to get hitched, and if not, then they will not allow the hero to get happy too. What follows is comedy at its top level, and the viewers can’t stop smiling.

6. Ishq

Wealthy parents want to get their kids married to each other. But both of them are already in love with people who are not so rich. While the parents keep scheming, the kids adopt their share of tactics to avoid getting married to their parent’s choice.

7. Hungama

Radheshyam Tiwari has just shifted to a new bungalow with his wife. A girl named Anjali tells her employer that she is Radheshyam’s daughter in order to get the job.

What follows is whole loads of comic situations. The employer and another guy fall in love with Anjali, while Radheshyam suspects his wife of infidelity.

8. Hulchul

Anjali and Jai both join the same college only to realize that their families have been enemies for a long. Both pretend to love each other so as to get back at the other. But fate has other plans in store as both actually fall in love to the dismay of their families.

9. Hera Pheri

Hera Pheri

Hera Pheri is a cult comedy of the ’90s. It enjoyed vast appreciation and a successful run at the Box office. This is despite it having three loser characters trying to earn some moolah. The plot may not appear exciting, but its execution was definitely top-notch.

10. Haseena Man Jayegi

Another run of the mill comedy this one has a wealthy father wanting his two erring sons to change their ways. In fact, he even threatens to throw them out of the house. But old habits die hard, and these two fellows also do not change.

11. Golmal- Fun Unlimited

When Golmal was first released, people had not imagined what a laugh riot it would be, But this hilarious comedy of four good for nothing friends left people wanting for more. So much so that the movie had to be turned into a franchise. Not to forget Tushar Kapoor’s strange sign language.

12. Dulhe Raja

Talk of Govinda, and you will find his filmography full of cult comedy movies. Dulhe Raja has an exciting plotline too. A wealthy hotelier wants the local eatery guy to shift his shop.

Obviously, the eatery owner disagrees, and comedy follows. Plus, the Hotelier’s daughter falls in love with the eatery owner, and mayhem ensues.

13. Dhol

A story of four friends, this one involves them wanting to marry a rich girl. And they manage to find such a girl only to get tangled in a web of deceit. Now how they will escape remains to be seen.

14. Dhamaal

How could we go without mentioning this fantastic rib-tickling movie? Again a story of four friends who end up looking for a treasure in Goa.

This one has enough situational comedy sequences to make the audience fall off their seats. Just thinking about them is enough to put a smile on those who have watched the movie.

15. Chupke Chupke

If the new generation has not watched this one, then they must do so. Sulekha adores her jijaji and her husband Parimal is not ok with that. So he hatches a plan to fool Jijalji, and he succeeds too; in between, you are embroiled in some crazy fun and antics from the entire team.

16. Chalti Ka Naam Gadi

Now, this is a rather old movie. Brijmohan does not like women as he has suffered heartbreak at the hands of one. He won’t allow a woman to enter his garage or home. Unfortunately for him, his two younger brothers are falling in love. How will he stop them from breaking his vow?

17. Dil Chahta Hai

This is a movie about friendship, love, and commitment. However, the comedy scenes just fit into place, making this a must-watch film.

You cannot miss the friend’s attempts to get their friend a decent girlfriend, even if it means forcing the present one to break up with him. It is also loved for the interesting song lineup it has.

18. Fukrey

Fukrey is an offbeat film that surprisingly did well. Hunny, Lali, Choocha, and Zafar are eager to make some money. They contact Bholi to invest money in their plan.

But their plan fails, and now Bholi is after their lives. How they escape her is what makes the rest of the funny sequences coming your way.

19. Munna Bhai MBBS

An extraordinary tale of what happens when you anger the local goon. Dr. Asthana realizes Munna is not a doctor, and hence he rejects the marriage proposal for his daughter sent by Munna’s father. Obviously, Munna does not like it a wee bit, and now he is out to teach Dr. Asthana a lesson. But he does more than just that and manages to win a lot of hearts in the process.

20. Chachi 420

Chachi 420 is an adaptation, yet it is totally Indianized. Jai and Janki have divorced, and he can’t meet his daughter, who stays with Janki.

He changes into a nanny called Lakshmi Godbole and gets the job of taking care of his daughter. All chaos follows when all the men around her start falling in love with her.

21. Bombay To Goa

You can’t just miss this one. Apart from great comedy, it has the charming foot-tapping number “Dekha naa haye re Socha Naa haye re.”

The movie is the story of Mala, who has witnessed a murder and takes a bus ride from Bombay to Goa. A slew of funny characters accompanies her, and craziness follows.

22. Bheja Fry

This is for those whose idea of comedy is slightly different. Ranjit is a music director who invites people over dinner and then insults them. This time he invites Bharat. Little does he know that Bharat causes trouble wherever he goes. Now the joke is on Ranjit.

23. Angoor

All those who have read Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors will agree this is a suitable adaptation. Two twins live in the same city and share the same name too.

What’s more, their servants look alike too and have the same name. Their wives are confused when the husbands get exchanged. How can you miss this one?

24. Welcome

Rajeev has fallen in love with a girl only to find that she is the sister of the most dreaded don. It requires a lot of patience and intelligence to find out a trick to spoof them. Luckily Rajeev knows how to do just that. A sequel followed the success of this venture, and that too was equally loved.

25. Tere Bin Laden

Ali Zafar’s foray into Bollywood was definitely a unique movie. A filmmaker, Sharma, wants to make a movie with Osama Bin Laden’s lookalike. Unfortunately, Osama dies midway through the making of the film.

Now he has to find a way to pay his debts and complete the movie. This movie was hugely loved for its situational comedy that generated quite a few laughs.

26. Satte Pe Satta

If you have never seen a mismanaged home, then you must watch this movie. The movie has seven brothers falling in love with seven girls. Except that the elder brother has a lookalike who willingly takes his place to kill a girl who stays at their home.

Apart from the comic scenes with the newlywed Bhabhi, the action keeps you entertained. You would not want to miss the drinking sequence of Amitabh and Amjad Khan.

27. Pyaar Ka Punchnama

Love stories make up for an interesting plotline. Nishant, Rajat, and Vikrant are fun-loving, but trouble follows them. Their girlfriends have taken total control of their lives, and now they want to escape. Will they be successful waits to be seen.

28. Phas Gaye Re Obama

An NRI, Om, comes to India to sell off some ancestral property. But things go wrong when some local good-for-nothing goons kidnap him.

They presume he has lots of money though he is as poor as they are. All that happens next makes up the fun element of the movie.

29. Padosan

Padosan remains a classic comedy that Bollywood has dished due to several reasons. Firstly it has the unique team of Sunil Dutt and Kishore Kumar to entertain us with their tricks.

Secondly, the movie has Sunil Dutt as a naïve boy falling for the beautiful Bindu or Saira Banu. This is probably the first attempt of Sunil Dutt at comedy, and obviously, it was well-received.

30. Malamal Weekly

A Lottery vendor comes to know that he is the one to sell the winning lottery. But now he needs to trace the winner. However, there are many people in the line to take the spoils home. The movie has a simple story, but some interesting comic sequences make it a fun watch.

31. Khoobsurat

Rekha excelled in this beautiful movie of relationships. Nirmala Gupta is a strict woman, and her entire family has to follow her rules. Enter Rekha as the Jolly Manju and the sister of her new daughter-in-law.

This is followed by Rekha’s hilarious attempts to convince the family to explore their own passions without hurting Nirmla’s feelings.

32. Khosla Ka Ghosla

A total laugh riot this one dabbles into explaining the land grabbing nexus in today’s world. Anupam Kher or Mr. Khosla has a land plot that Boman Irani has grabbed unlawfully.

Getting it back is an arduous task. But, all is not lost as Anupam’s son with his girlfriend figure out a mid-way to get the plot back without involving the police.

33. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro

Made in the 1980s, this one talked about corruption rampant in society at that time. Two reporters try to delve into the mystery of a municipal commissioner’s murder.

Unfortunately, they are mired deep into the controversy and blamed outrightly for the crime. This movie is a cult classic when it comes to comedy, and people still adore the last scene of Mahabharat.

34. Vicky Donor

Vicky needs money but does not like hard work. Enter Anu Kapoor, who converts him into a sperm donor, and Vicky’s all wishes are fulfilled.

Money comes flowing except that his newly wedded wife and mom have no clue of what he does. Moreover, the problem starts when his own wife cannot conceive while his sperm donated kids are roaming everywhere.

35. Bawarchi

The Sharma’s are constantly fighting with each other. They just can’t find anything common to talk about. Into their life comes the funny Raghu, and everything starts falling into place. All the broken relationships are mended, and all thanks to Raghu. But is Raghu what he pretends to be?

36. Chup Ke

The movie in itself was not a success. Yet people loved the humor coming with it. Jeetu tries to commit suicide but is saved by a fisherman. This fellow sells him to a moneylender and mentions him as a deaf and dumb person.

Now Jeetu has to pretend that he cannot speak or hear. Unfortunately, there is someone who is also like him and wants to be more than just friends.

37. Badhai Ho

A happy family is left confused when the mother becomes pregnant at a ripe age. This causes embarrassment not only for herself but for her elder son, who has a girlfriend of his own.

What follows next is a bittersweet tale of love, compassion, and family ties. Not to miss is Surekha Sikri’s stunning performance as the elderly matriarch of the family who cannot accept this new twist in life.

38. Bareilly Ki Barfi

Another great movie coming from Ayushman Khurana. This one sees him as a guy in love who just wants some attention from the girl. But the girl is looking for someone else.

So the hero finds that Guy and convinces him to misbehave so that the girl ignores him completely. However, that does not happen as the girls seem to love bad boys.

39. Fukrey Returns

Fukrey’s team returns with a whole new set of twists and planning. Fresh attempts to con Bholi are thwarted, and the team must now try harder to save themselves. The end is again positive, and this time the Fukrey team is able to settle for something better in their life finally.

40. Golmaal

Amol Palekar always played the role of the commoner. This time, however, he falls into a sort of rut. He plays the role of Ramprasad, who acts like a perfect man to get the job from Bhavani Prasad.

But, he is caught when Bhavani catches him at a football match when he has taken leave due to his mother’s sickness. Now he has to lie that he has a twin brother and manage both the roles so as to convince the boss.

Plus, he has to show a mother as his boss wants to meet her. Enter a fake theatre mom just to convince the boss that all is perfect. Obviously, so much comedy means loads of fun for the viewer.