4 Golden Tips To Choose The Best Cross Country Moving Company

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August 1st, 2018   |   Updated on November 22nd, 2022

Moving across the country indeed is not something that can be attained easily without the guidance of a professional.

professional cross-country mover can assist people to avoid financial troubles, help them to plan the move as well as relocate them without stress. But it is, however, crucial to get prepared for a long distance move some weeks in advance.

The fact is one should have sufficient time to hire the finest moving company. To declutter and pack a home completely will take a reasonable amount of time.

When one prepares for a cross-country move, they should ensure to employ the services of an authorized and reliable moving company. Below are some essential tips that will help one to make the right choice.

1. Decide A Budget

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First and foremost, before moving a long distance, a person should know his budget. In fact, they should not forget about the expenditure needed for packing supplies, paperwork, housing costs and moving.

Budget plays a significant role here. It means one needs to calculate all their moving expenditure and include it on a list.

Besides, it is equally important on one’s part to think ahead as well plan their budget even for some days after the move. Here taking the help of the best cross country moving companies will work wonders.

Before choosing the mover for relocating they should discuss with them every detail related to the move. Should one fail in organizing the move, they must feel free to take the help and guidance of the movers.

It is only a reliable and good cross-country mover who will be capable of answering all the queries raised by the client about the move. They will also offer an array of moving services along with the estimated cost.

2. Plan A Meeting With The Mover

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Next, one needs to ask their movers for the estimate related to the moving cost to keep away from prospective financial surprises after the completion of the move. In fact, an initial meeting with them will speak volumes about the company and its services. Firstly, the movers should talk as well as act in a professional way.

Second, the company should inform one clearly regarding the way in which they organize the move. In case the client tells them, their deadline and wishes for their move, the company should be capable of delivering the services accordingly.

It is only a reliable moving company that will come up with an ideal moving plan and help one in making a final timeline with regards to their cross-country move. Below are some of the positive signs of an authentic moving company. Take a look,

(a) The moving company should reach the location of the client on time. If you schedule a meeting but the workers fail to arrive on time, then allowing them to honor the moving plan should be a big No.

(b) The cross-country mover must have a license along with awards, impressive online reviews and a good number of satisfied customers.

(c) Along with moving services, the moving company should also be capable of offering other services as well for both business and residential purposes. They should also be capable of providing excellent storage solutions if the need be.

(d) The moving company should be honest and transparent and not hide any cost related to moving. It is good to ask them for an estimate to prevent last-minute potential financial surprises.

3. Ask For The Moving Cost Estimate


Following the initial meeting, professional movers from the company must inspect the client’s house and create an inventory list. In fact, the moving cost estimate must imply with each moving process. That is not the case always. Many fraudulent moving agencies provide a price that is too good in being true which finally results in a moving scam.

To keep away from such scams it is best to ask the mover for the moving cost estimates. For those who are not aware, this is how it works. Before creating a moving plan, an authentic and licensed moving company must plan a meeting with the client.

This meeting should not be confined only to the details of the move. Instead, the employees working in that company should inspect the client’s home and create the inventory list which should comprise all their belongings and thereby allow the mover in calculating the moving cost estimate for free.

After providing the cost estimate, they will quote the move’s final price. This, however, will rest on a couple of factors namely,

(a) The nature/type of the move- shifting pets, artwork, antique furniture or special moving service.

(b) The number of movers concerning one’s cross country move

(c) Additional moving services such as garbage removal, offering storage units and packing

4. Select The Top Mover

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If one decides to move to a cross-country with their family, it is best to leave the task in the hands of a professional who can help and guide them with all the essential paperwork. If one hires the right moving company, they can enjoy the following services namely,

(a) Moving Services will include everything right from local, overseas and long distance moving.

(b) Load and unload the belongings.

(c) Professional packing and offering packing supplies.

(d) Work with professional and latest moving equipment to ensure the things are secure and safe.

(e) Offer a convenient and proper storage solution. Be it for long or short-term storage; the moving company should be capable of finding one for the client. The selected storage space must be both climate-controlled and secure.

(f) It should offer a pet moving service. Should one plan to move along with their furry friend, allow the professionals to take care of it including looking after the necessary paperwork.

(g) If one needs to move their business or home cross country, a professional moving company will look after every leftover moving box by garbage removal and cleaning service. In fact, this way one can leave their previous office or home spotlessly clean.

So, next time one plans to hire a cross-country moving company these tips can help a great deal.

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