5 Best Destinations For Your Honeymoon

Valentine Romance

Published on February 5th, 2019

You and your partner are going to spend your whole life together so what makes a honeymoon special? Well, for starters it is a planned getaway just for both of you, where you can get away from the boring routine and enjoy each other’s company. But it is also the perfect opportunity to get to know each other a bit more and engage in activities that you both love.

Sometimes, choosing the best honeymoon destination can be hard. If your partner is a party animal but you’re not, then planning a honeymoon that is enjoyable for both of you will be difficult.

To help you with the confusing process of choosing a place for your honeymoon, here’s a list of five best destinations:

1. Paris, France

Paris, France

The city of lights is on every traveler’s bucket list, but it has a unique charm for lovers. Paris has the perfect mixture of literature, art, and romance in its environment. It is the city where many great writers turned to for inspiration.

You can satisfy your love for art by visiting the Louvre Museum. Visit the Wall of Love with the love of your life and go to the Eiffel Tower for memorable pictures that you can brag about. And don’t forget to take a cruise along the Seine. Enjoying the sunset on the boat will be one of the best memories of your honeymoon in Paris.


2. Fiji Islands


Want to spend your honeymoon on a private beach or island? Then plan your trip to Fiji, and you will not be disappointed. If you want a quiet place on the beach, away from the public, then Fiji Islands can be the ideal place for your honeymoon.

You can get private islands, private Fiji resorts, and secluded areas just for the both of you in Fiji. This is the trip that you will remember for years to come and also the trip that will make all of your friends jealous. How many people can say they had a whole island to themselves for their honeymoon?


3. New Zealand

South Island, New Zealand

Surrounded by beautiful beaches and greenery, this place will make you feel like you’re living a dream! The weather is always pleasant enough to visit the beach. Those who want to avoid the heat can visit in June or July, since it’s cold.

You can do several adventurous activities there. Amazing things to do in New Zealand include visiting the glow worm caves, skydiving, and stargazing. For the lovers of snow, Tasman Glacier boat cruise is also a great idea.

Helicopter rides can also be enjoyed if you really want to up your game and experience New Zealand’s beauty from a different perspective.


4. Bora Bora


Considered the best honeymoon spot by many, Bora Bora has everything you can ask for and more. From beaches to volcanoes, there is no dull place in Bora Bora. The place is highly satisfying for beach lovers.

Luxurious resorts and warm waters are the defining features of the island. Traveling around the island is mostly done by rental bikes, as the place is not huge. You can visit the famous volcanoes of the island or take part in the thrill-seeking water sports and get the most out of your visit to Bora Bora.


5. Italy

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Italy is the place to go if you want to enjoy delicious cuisines and beautiful landscapes. But the Amalfi Coast and the hills of Tuscany aren’t the only good things in Italy. You can visit rustic vineyards, ancient stone villas and feel close to the painters and sculptors that the country has produced.

Italy also has lakes and hotels with private pools to offer. Cut it short, a honeymoon in Italy will have you planning your next vacation before leaving.

A honeymoon should be fun for both of you. It is better to decide where you want to go ahead of times, so that no one complains or throws a fit about not having a good time. Decide on one place based on your likes and dislikes to avoid those annoying arguments mid flight.

So what are you waiting for. Book your flight, make reservations and have a great time before you start your practical married life!