50 Best Dirty Jokes To Tell Your Friends That You Can’t Help But Laugh At

Dirty Questions

February 1st, 2020   |   Updated on April 10th, 2023

After a tiring day, a good joke keeps you laughing for some time. Especially a joke of the adult category can leave you in splits at any time of the day. Imagine hearing one right before you have to go to an important meeting.

Wouldn’t it be tough to keep your laughter’s under control just when a crucial decision is being made? Here our favorite best dirty jokes to tell your friends.

Bring back some laughs back in your life just by reading these carefully selected dirty jokes and the monotony of daily life would soon be gone.

1. What Did Cinderella Do When She Got To The Ball?
2. If Women Drink A Glass Of Red Wine, It Increases The Chance Of A Stroke.
3. What’s The Difference Between Your Wife And Your Job?
4. Two Italian Men Get On A Bus.
5. What Does Trisha Put Behind Her Ears To Attract Men?
6. Three Tampons Are Sitting At A Bus Stop. What Do They Say To Each Other?
7. Why Did The Sperm Cross The Road?
8. Know What Old Pussy Tastes Like?
9. How Is A Push-up Bra Like A Bag Of Chips?
10. What’s The Difference Between A G-spot And A Golf Ball?
11. Why Does Santa Claus Have Such A Big Sack?
12. A Man Is Sitting At The Bar, His Head In His Hands.
13. What’s The Difference Between Oral And Anal Sex?
14. What Did One Lesbian Vampire Say To Another Lesbian Vampire?
15. Why Do Mice Have Such Small Balls?
16. How Do You Get A Nun Pregnant?
17. Wat Do You Do If Your Wife Starts Smoking?
18. Why Do Vegans Give Better Head?
19. I Went Out Dressed Like A Chicken Last Night…
20. What’s Worse Than Ants In Your Pants?
21. Two Deer Were Leaving A Gay Bar…
22. What’s The Best Thing About Fingering A Gypsy On Her Period?
23. What Do You Call A Herd Of Cows Masturbating?
24. How Do You Know That You Have A High Sperm Count?
25. What’s The Worst Part About Going Down On Your Grandmother?
26. What Do Boobs And Toys Have In Common?
27. What’s The Difference Between Hungry And Horny?
28. How Did Burger King Get Dairy Queen Pregnant?
29. What Do The Mafia And Pussies Have In Common?
30. How Is Sex Like A Game Of Bridge?
31. Why Don’t Pedophiles Compete In Races?
32. The Owner Of A Drug Store Walks In To Find A Guy Leaning Heavily Against A Wall…
33. What’s The Difference Between A Pregnant Woman And A Lightbulb?
34. What Do A Penis And A Rubik’s Cube Have In Common?
35. Why Was The Guitar Teacher Arrested?
36. What Do You Do When You Come Across An Elephant In The Jungle?
37. What Do You Call A Deaf Gynecologist?
38. I Took A Poop In The Elevator.
39. What’s The Difference Between A Lentil And A Chickpea?
40. What Did The Hurricane Say To The Coconut Tree?
41. What’s The Difference Between Your Dick And A Bonus Check?
42. Three Women Are Sitting At A Bar Arguing Over Who Has The Biggest Vagina.
43. How Did You Quit Smoking?
44. What Do You Call A Virgin Lying On A Waterbed?
45. What’s The Difference Between An Oral And A Rectal Thermometer?
46. A Woman Walks Into A Bar And Asks The Bartender For A Double Entendre.
47. What Do You Call A Guy With A Small Dick?
48. Why Does Dr. Pepper Come In A Can?
49. What Do You Call The Useless Piece Of Skin On A Dick?
50. What Does The Sign On An Out-of-business Brothel Say?