The Best Free-To-Play PC Games

Best Free-To-Play PC Games

June 19th, 2023   |   Updated on June 22nd, 2023

One of the great things about PC gaming is that so many of the titles are completely free.

In console gaming, there’s often a hefty price tag on games, but this isn’t the case with PC versions.

Whether you’re the kind of gamer that likes a five-minute blast of gaming on the way to work, or you prefer settling into a weekend-long marathon gaming session every now and again, we’ve got a free PC game that’s going to appeal to you.

Some of these games have the option to pay for expansions or premium currency, but the base game is totally free of charge, happy gaming!

1. The Sims 4

Our first pick is a game that was pretty expensive back when it was released in 2014 but has since become entirely free.

There are still plenty of expansion packs that are available to buy, which do add an extra something to the game.

However, even these are often heavily discounted in the Steam and EA stores. With the Sims 5 just around the corner, this game provides the perfect way to remember the fun you had creating miniature humans and influencing their lives at every turn.

Most of us have played the Sims in our lives, and there are lots of different things that we each get out of it.

Some people enjoy making enormous mansions using all of the cheat codes and filling them with outlandish furniture.

Other people enjoy watching their Sim rocket to the top of the career ladder. Some of us just like capturing as many NPCs as possible.

Whatever your interests, there are few game franchises as perfectly designed to allow you to explore them as the Sims is.

Plus, with the plethora of user-made content available out there, you could enjoy all of the variety of the expansion packs without spending a single cent.

2. Raid: Shadow Legends

Many gamers will bets recognize Raid: Shadow Legends as a mobile game, but it’s now been released for PC.

This RPG requires some strategic thinking, but those who master it will be richly rewarded. Combat is turn-based and getting a run of turns correct could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Along the way, you can collect more than 300 different heroes. Each one of these heroes has its own strengths and weaknesses, as well as powerful abilities.

Combining them in certain ways will help you to make a strong squad, where each player can have their weaknesses compensated for by the others.

Those who enjoy multiplayer games can play online. It’s possible to play with people you know in real life or those you meet through the game.

If you defeat another team then you can steal their rewards and improve your own team. Plus, you can share your successes on any platform so if you’ve already signed up on mobile, you’ll be able to keep your progress on PC.

3. Free Slot Games

Although you can’t win any money unless you’re placing a bet, there are plenty of games from the free online casino category that will allow you to play a full version entirely free of charge.

Particularly with slot games, this feature can be super useful, as there are so many different games that it can be hard to find the ones that you really want to play for real.

There are slot games with all kinds of different themes, from superheroes to animals, and Halloween to Christmas.

This is a vast category that provides a great way to eat up those spare five-minute moments when you’d like a game that’s quick to pick up and put down.

Whilst all slot games are a little different, generally they’re simple to understand. Some slots have special mini-games within them, which can bring extra interest and even extra prizes to proceedings.

Some have wild symbols, multipliers, and other special images that can appear on the reels and change the outcome of the game.

If you’re looking for a paid-for game, but want to try out a full version for free first, then this category is hard to beat.

4. Runescape

You certainly won’t need one of the newest gaming laptops to enjoy this MMORPG. Runescape has been leading the way in massive online multiplayer for literal decades, but it continues to be regularly updated, making it as current as ever.

We love this game because it allows players the ultimate freedom to decide exactly how they would like to play their game.

You can focus on mini-games, focus on combat, or focus on becoming a powerful wizard. The whole world is in your hands with this game and long may its reign continue.

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