20 Best Places To Visit Around The World In 2018

Best Places To Visit

Published on December 29th, 2017

Everyone would love to travel but only a few people are able to do it. Here below we have compiled a list of best places to visit around the world :

1. Kuril Islands: Russia and Japan

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2. Torres del Paine National Park: Patagonia, Chile

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3. Socotra, Yemen

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4. Boracay: Philippines

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5. Angkor Wat: Siem Reap, Cambodia

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6. Wulingyuan Scenic Area: Zhangjiajie, China

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7. Uluru: Northern Territory, Australia

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8. The Great Barrier Reef and Whitehaven Beach: Queensland, Australia

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9. Redwood National Park: California

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10. Bagan : Myanmar

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11. Namaqualand: South Africa

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12. Isle of Skye: Scotland

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13. Lake Bled: Slovenia

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14. Petra, Jordan

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15. Oia: Santorini, Greece

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16. Valle de Cocora: Quindío, Colombia

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17. Pamukkale: Denizli, Turkey

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18. Glowworm Caves: Waitomo, New Zealand

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19. Samarkand, Uzbekistan

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20. Grand Canyon National Park: Arizona, USA

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