20 Best Tech Gifts Will Actually Use In Home

Best Tech Gifts

October 30th, 2018   |   Updated on January 30th, 2021

Shopping for a gadget-obsessed friend or family member? Tech gifts are some of the most popular and sought-after gifts out there, yet many electronic gifts come along with a big price tag.

Whether you’re looking for the highest rated tech gifts this season or just need a nudge in the right direct, we’ve researched some of the best selling and most popular tech gifts that will be on everyone’s list this 2018.

We are pretty positive about the updated list because technology is ever changing and, let’s face it, who can keep up? Shop our recommended cool things to buy online this year.

1. eero Home WiFi System (2nd Generation)


The high-quality wireless internet is one of the best gifts you can give, and the latest eero home Wi-Fi system will help you with the task. Sleek and easy to install (it takes less than 10 minutes and an intuitive mobile app to get it up and running), the eero mesh Wi-Fi system is good for up to a four-bedroom home.

Price : $398.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: A.A.S

This is long updated review on 6 different wifi systems and why we picked and are still using Eero. We were very happy with the 1st Gen Eero system and just upgraded to 2nd Gen with 2 beacons and wanted to share our experience to end wifi issues/dead spots in our home. This is our overall experience and perhaps it will help you with your decision. Read Full Review…

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2. Anker Astro E1 Portable Battery Pack

Anker Astro E1 Portable Battery Pack

The Anker Astro E1 is an ultra-compact battery pack, whose 6,700 mAh capacity is enough to fully charge most smartphones twice and have the power to spare. Available in black, red, and blue, the well-priced accessory is a great gift for on-the-go personalities.

Price : $23.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: K. Mui

Everybody needs an external battery nowadays, but there are so many to choose from on Amazon. Anker is one of the best selling brands for external batteries, cables, and miscellaneous electronic gizmos, and this product is yet another one of their well thought out creations.

I’ve tried Aukey and RavPower, but they do not come close to the user support (easy support emails / constant interaction with disgruntled reviewers on Amazon) that Anker has to offer. If anything goes wrong within the first 18 months, rest assure Anker will make things right. Read Full Review…


3. Xbox One X Gaming Console

Xbox One X Gaming Console

The Xbox One X is a great gift for anyone who’s even remotely interested in video games. It’s the most powerful gaming console available today, capable of delivering today’s hottest video games in 4K resolution and HDR at an eye-popping 60 frames per second.

The console also features a 4K Blu-Ray player, as well as the ability to stream high-resolution content from today’s popular streaming services.

Price : $476.60Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Kevin Parker

If your fan is making a grinding noise, send it back. Got a refund, ordered another one and I’m happy to say it’s whisper quiet.

The only thing you should really hear is the mass quantity of air being moved through this thing.  Back of the box feels like a hairdryer when running 4K but this is normal. Microsoft has been putting out some really impressive hardware in recent years and this is no exception. Read Full Review…


4. Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer for iPhone

Prynt Pocket Instant Photo Printer for iPhone
The Prynt Pocket will turn an iPhone into an instant camera, capable of 2-by-3-inch prints on zero ink paper. Compatible with any iPhone 6/6 Plus and up, the gadget also comes with handy camera controls, as well as a dedicated app for editing the images before printing them out.

By utilizing augmented reality, it also allows you to “embed” video in your prints — the clips will play when you hover your iPhone above them. There are four colors to pick from — gray, graphite, lavender, and mint green.

Price : $149.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Cathy Bautista

When I first tried using the Prynt Pocket, I was a little confused on how to adjust it to my phone size and how to load in the photo paper, but then the little manual that comes inside the box helped me out.

I opened up my Prynt app and there were more instructions that were more clear on how to use the Prynt Pocket. Now, it’s so simple for me to use and I love printing out lots of photos with my Pocket! The photo paper is also about 50 cents a piece so it’s a lot cheaper than Polaroid. Read Full Review…


5. Sony WF-SP700N True Wireless Earbuds

Sony WF-SP700N True Wireless Earbuds
Sony’s SWF-SP700N earbuds are an awesome gift for workout warriors. They are not only completely wireless but also capable of delivering excellent noise cancellation. This feature sets the earbuds apart from all their rivals, and it’ll allow users to completely immerse themselves in their workout every time.

The wire-free earbuds have an eye-catching design and — even more importantly — a comfortable and secure fit. There are four colors to pick from: black, white, pink, and yellow.

Price : $178.00Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Chen

I bought these headphones for listening to music in the gym. I think they fulfill this purpose reasonably well. Here are some of my initial impressions.

Active noise cancelling isn’t that great. When turning on noise cancelling, I can tell it’s there and it helps muffle environment noise a bit, but it’s nowhere near the level of good noise cancelling such as Bose QC20. QC20 can almost erase noise, while SP700N’s noise cancelling can only reduce noise by a bit. Read Full Review…


6. Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard

Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless KeyboardA great gift option for office warriors, the Logitech Craft is the most feature-packed wireless keyboard available today. Its defining feature is a creative input dial, whose functionality changes with the apps you’re using.

The feature works on a number of popular web browsers and productivity apps, with more due to arrive in the future. The keyboard has excellent build quality, adjustable backlighting, and great battery life. It utilizes a USB-C port for charging, and it’s compatible with both PC and Mac computers.

Price : $189.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Ralph Montague

A great gift option for office warriors, the Logitech Craft is the most feature-packed wireless keyboard available today. Its defining feature is a creative input dial, whose functionality changes with the apps you’re using.

The feature works on a number of popular web browsers and productivity apps, with more due to arrive in the future. The keyboard has excellent build quality, adjustable backlighting, and great battery life. It utilizes a USB-C port for charging, and it’s compatible with both PC and Mac computers. Read Full Review…


7. Samsung Galaxy S9+ Android Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Android Smartphone

The Galaxy S9+ is the most advanced smartphone from Samsung to date, so it’s a great gift for any fan of the brand. It features an eye-grabbing 6.2-inch Infinity display, an advanced camera setup with two optically stabilized sensors (a wide-angle and a telephoto one), and built-in stereo speakers.

Of course, the waterproof phone also comes with a long list of cutting-edge hardware specs, headed by a powerful Snapdragon 845 chipset and 6 GB of RAM. There are three colors to choose from — black, blue, and purple.

Price : $802.27Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Win2000

I am a die-hard Apple person. All my desktop computers at home are Apple, my other 4 family members all have iPhones and we have laptops that are all Apple. Not really sure why I decided to try out the Samsung Galaxy S9+ but happy that I did so far.

I was using a 4 1/2-year-old iPhone 5s so I figured any phone would be a huge upgrade to the modern world. It still takes a little getting used to coming from the IOS system’s way of doing things. I do lose the capability of iMessage and FaceTime. Read Full Review…


8. Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Automatic Watch

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf Automatic Watch
The Zodiac Super Sea Wolf 53 Skin watch is a modern take on the Swiss watchmaker’s most popular timepieces from the past. A great gift for watch enthusiasts, it has an understated 40-millimeter stainless steel case and a cool bracelet.

The blue dial of the watch has hour indexes with nicely contrasting SuperLuminova lume and a nicely contrasting orange minute hand. A more subtle-looking variant of the watch in black is also available, as is an even flashier all-blue option.

Price : $761.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Jeffrey L.

Great, great watch. At 40 mm a perfect sized “reissue” of a classic Zodiac from their heyday. The STP movement keeps a great time. The pros are many and I can’t think of one con except that if you have any other watches they may be neglected. Read Full Review…


9. Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Earbuds

Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless Earbuds

The Bose SoundSport Free are the industry giant’s first truly wireless earbuds. A fantastic gift for workout warriors, they have a lightweight body with an IPX4 rating for water resistance, a seamless fit, and up to a rather impressive 5 hours of battery life.

The bundled battery case provides an additional 10 hours of wireless tunes. Users can also connect the SoundSport Wireless to a mobile app and tweak their sonic experience.

Price : $199.00 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: John T.H. Ghim

Absolutely love it. I tried several wireless earphones from different companies like Beats by Dr. Dre, Jaybird, and the previous Bose Soundsport earphone. I hated the sound quality coming out of those earphones as it rather lacks deep base and out of balance.

This headset is not. I was amazed by how advanced the current wireless earphone technologies is at. To be honest, this is still not on par with wired earphones regarding sound quality, but it is not up to the level that you cannot accept. Read Full Review…


10. Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera

Canon EOS M100 Mirrorless Camera

Price : $399.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: goblin boots

I wasn’t expecting the same kind of performance one would get from a much more expensive DSLR or even higher-end mirrorless camera. However, the relatively large APS-C sensor was a draw, and the availability of a variety of EF-M and compatibility (via adapter) with EOS M lenses was a plus.

Now, I know this camera is aimed squarely at those stepping up from smartphone photography. For those people, this is a great (surprisingly compact) camera. For those that want a little more control, it really depends on how much you’re willing to give up. Read Full Review…


11. Amazon Echo Spot Smart Speaker

Amazon Echo Spot Smart Speaker
The Amazon Echo Spot smart speaker is essentially a cuter, more compact alternative to the Echo Show, with one loudspeaker instead of two. Key features of the gadget include a 2.5-inch fully circular display, a front-facing camera, and a quartet of built-in microphones. This is yet another great gift for Amazon Alexa users.

Price : $129.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Apple Guy

I am not one for reviews but I just had to write this. This thing is a work of art. My whole house is a smart house from my locks to my thermostats. I have 1 Echo, 4 Echo Dots and now one Echo Spot.

I love this. It works as expected. I am a total Apple Guy but I choose Alexa over Siri any day. Amazon has knocked it out of the park! Read Full Review…


12. Emporio Armani Hybrid Smartwatch

Emporio Armani Hybrid Smartwatch
The Emporio Armani hybrid smartwatch blends classic looks and modern functionality. The water-resistant watch will connect to your smartphone via a sleek app, and it can track your activity and even send you discreet notifications.

The watch will automatically set its time once it’s connected to a phone. Best of all, it has up to six months of battery life! There are multiple colors and strap styles to pick from.

Price : $295.00Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: TOPJOB7

At first glance, you would never guess this sleek, stylish watch is smartphone-connected. There are two main useful features of this watch.

first, you can clandestinely monitor incoming calls and messages (for example, during company meetings) so you only have to pull out that cell phone when it’s important. And second, it monitors your movements so you can track your sleep and amount of exercise using the app on your smart device. Read Full Review…


13. Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute​ Cordless Vacuum
The range-topping variant of Dyson’s latest Cyclone V10 cordless vacuum is the ultimate gift for a neat-freak. Part cleaning tool and part technological marvel, the Cyclone V10 vacuum can deliver up to an industry-leading 60 minutes of runtime between charges.

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the vacuum can instantly transform from a handheld to a floor setup. It comes with a host of tools for cleaning any type of surface at home or in a car.

Price : $699.00Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Donna C.

I’ve owned a lot of vacuum cleaners, and they’ve all had some fatal flaw that made me hate them pretty quickly. So far I don’t hate this one. And that’s pretty amazing.

So far, the good things about this vac are: The head fits under things, so I don’t have to switch to a hand-held.
I love cordless. This is my first cordless vac and it’s so nice to move from room to room without unplugging and plugging constantly. It’s lightweight. Read Full Review…


14. Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)
One of the coolest tech gifts in its price range, the all-new Amazon Echo has a sleek new design and better sound quality than its predecessor. The device’s Dolby-tuned pair of audio drivers deliver a more robust bass, while seven built-in microphones ensure that Alexa will hear you better than ever.

Price : $99.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Frederick

After all the negative reviews and feedback on the poor sound quality of the 2nd generation Echo, it appears that Amazon has taken quick steps to help remedy the issue.

I spoke with an Amazon representative on the phone who confirmed that there has been a software update which is rolling out to Echo devices. After getting the update my Echo does indeed sound better! I still wouldn’t call it audiophile-quality by any means, but the bass is fuller and the sound is less “tinny” overall. Read Full Review…


15. Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charger

Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charger
This sleek-looking Qi wireless charging pad by Anker is a great gift for a new iPhone or a compatible Android phone. One of the best options in its price range, it supports fast charging for Android smartphones, as well as the Apple iPhone family (via the recently introduced 7.5W output standard).

The hardware features of the accessory include a built-in cooling fan and a discreet charging indicator. Anker ships the PowerWave charger with a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0-compatible wall adapter.

Price : $45.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: brandon

Wireless charging has been around for a long time, for years I have charged my Android phones with the cheap $5 wireless QI charging plates. The problem with these cheap solutions is that they often overheat and have the potential to damage your phone’s battery over time.

I decided to pick up the new PowerWave charger for my wife’s iPhone 8. We paid a lot of money for that phone, I wanted to know that we were using a quality charger to protect our investment. Read Full Review…


16. Pad & Quill Messenger Bag

Pad & Quill Messenger Bag

A great gift for style-conscious techies, the Pad & Quill Messenger Bag blends timeless design and superb craftsmanship (it comes with a 25-year warranty).

Handmade from full-grain American leather and twill-woven waxed canvas (every bag is signed by the artisan), the bag is as great to touch as it is good-looking. It’s pretty functional, too, featuring a padded pocket that fits a 15-inch MacBook Pro and multiple orange-lined compartments for daily essentials.

Price : $329.00Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Michael Mcmahon

Quality, style, and comfort in one. This bag had very nice quality. The style at first by looking at picture seemed feminine but after receiving this bag it’s clearly an equally masculine bag.

Lots of people compliment how elegant it looks and by the way, it’s tough to. I have a car service company and I’m rough on everything and this bag for 2 months it has proved to be durable. Read Full Review…


17. Sphero R2-D2 Droid

Sphero R2-D2 Droid
The R2-D2 Droid by Sphero is one of the coolest gifts you can give to a Star Wars fan. The smartphone-controlled gadget moves just like the original, and it can deliver cool holographic simulations on the screen of your mobile device.

R2-D2 can also interact with the other droids in Sphero’s lineup. Best of all, when you kick back to watch a Star Wars installment for the umpteenth time, the R2-D2 Droid by Sphero will react to scenes from the movie.

Price : $78.22Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Ian

Picked this up at Target today after unexpectedly running into a full stock of them. Drove R2 around my house for about 30 minutes, trying out all the features. Here are my initial thoughts, in no particular order:

The controls work very well, for the most part. Sometimes there’s a little delay that seems related to Bluetooth, and I wish there was a dedicated controller for greater precision. But learning to operate R2 is a gentle curve. Read Full Review…


18. Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bose SoundLink Micro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker
The palm-sized Bose SoundLink Micro waterproof speaker packs a powerful audio punch, so it’s a great gift for outdoorsy personalities. Easily attachable to a backpack or a bike, the tiny speaker has up to 6 hours of battery life. There are three colors to choose from — black, red, and blue.

Price : $99.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Paul Christensen

I’m torn writing this review of the Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker. On its own, and with nothing to compare, the sound is clear, undistorted, and loud enough for outdoors.

It’s IP7 waterproof (you can literally dunk it in 1 meter of water for 30 min) and dust-proof, so it’s rugged for true outdoor use, biking, or a day at the beach. At 10 ounces, it’s not going to break your carry-on or backpack with weight. Read Full Review…


19. Blue Ella Planar Magnetic Headphones

Blue Ella Planar Magnetic Headphones
Your audiophile dad will surely appreciate these top-shelf planar magnetic headphones with the built-in amplifier by Blue. The Ella cans feature a cool design, a comfy over-ear fit, and exceptional sound quality that makes them well worth their hefty price tag.

Price : $699.99 Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: Arok5

These sound amazing, however, they ARE NOT optimal to be used with just an iPod, iPhone, or normal MP3 player. Did they sound great, yes?

But they were massively under-driven by those devices – and I’m talking about with the internal amp set all the way up. It may be partly due to my misunderstanding, but I really did think with it having a built-in amp, they would be nice and loud. Read Full Review…


20. Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch

The Samsung Gear Sports smartwatch is a great gift for active dads with an Android smartphone. The device has a powerful set of fitness-tracking features, including the ability to guide users through various workouts.

Its waterproof body can withstand depths of up to 50 meters, so users can take it for a swim, too. An intuitive interface and interchangeable bands are also among the gadget’s cool features.

Price : $127.43Buy-Now-Button-300x150

Review: eric m.

I’m been wearing an Apple Watch since they first launched in the summer of 2015, and have been a big fan. Since then, I’ve seen the evolution of smartwatches from Motorola, Samsung, and other companies evolve into nicer and better products and this Samsung Gear really caught my attention when I saw it.

The best part for me is it works with iOS, so I could connect it to my iPhone and compare it against my Apple watch, which is the new Series 3 Ceramic with LTE. Read Full Review…


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