The 40+ Best Video Game Quotes Of All Time

Video Game Quotes

January 21st, 2020   |   Updated on October 18th, 2022

Video Game Quotes: Video games are something that everyone likes to play. They started in 1970 and have gained wide acceptance since then. Earlier, people used to go to gaming arcades, pop tokens, or other coins and play games with the credits they had.

The technology of navigation of the virtual icons to finish specific tasks has now expanded to multiple devices.

Nowadays, everyone can play through the home/portable gaming consoles, elaborate PCs, or mobile phones that give you an experience like no other. Here are some excellent video game quotes that you can use.

Best Video Game Quotes

The ultimate list of famous game quotes. Look at some of the most iconic lines of dialogue, quippy one-liners, and more from your favorite games.

1. “We all make choices in life, but in the end our choices make us.” -Andrew Ryan, Bioshock

best video game quotes of all time- andrew ryan bioshock


2. “The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.”- G-Man, Half-Life 2

g man half life


3. “Bring me a bucket, and I’ll show you a bucket!”- Psycho, Borderlands 2

psycho borderlands


4.  “Wanting something does not give you the right to have it.” -Ezio Auditore, Assassin’s Creed 2

ezio auditore - Video Game Quotes


5. “Even in dark times, we cannot relinquish the things that make us human.” -Khan, Metro 2033

best video game quotes - khan metro


6. “A hero need not speak. When he is gone, the world will speak for him.”- Halo

video game motivational quotes- halo


7. “No gods or kings. Only man.” -Andrew Ryan, Bioshock

inspirational video game quotes - andrew ryan bioshock


8. “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum… and I’m all outta gum.” -Duke Nukem, Duke Nukem 3D

duke nukem


9. “If our lives are already written, it would take a courageous man to change the script.” -Alan Wake, Alan Wake

Alan Wake

10. “It’s easy to forget what a sin is in the middle of a battlefield.” -Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid

solid snake metal gear solid


11. “The courage to walk into the Darkness, but strength to return to the Light.” -Parables Of The All Spring, Destiny

parables of the allspring destiny


Inspiring Video Game Quotes

Top inspirational video game quotes all young gamers should read:

12. “Who are you, that do not know your history?”- Ulysses, Fallout New Vegas

ulysses alfred lord tennyson - funny video game quotes


13. “Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better.” -Chief, Animal Crossing

inspirational video game quotes


14. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” -Ezio Auditore, Assassin’s Creed 2

ezio auditore - video game inspirational quotes


15. “Nothing is more badass than treating a woman with respect!” -Mr. Torgue, Borderlands 2

video game quotes inspirational- mr. torgue


16. “Good men mean well. We just don’t always end up doing well.” -Isaac Clarke, Dead Space 3

motivational video game quotes - isaac clarke dead space


17. “Often when we guess at others’ motives, we reveal only our own.” -Mara Sov, Destiny

mara sov destiny


18. “You are here, and it’s beautiful, and escaping isn’t always something bad.” -Delilah, Firewatch



19. “You can’t undo what you’ve already done, but you can face up to -Frank Coleridge, Silent Hill: Downpour

coleridge - video game inspirational quotes


20. “Life is all about resolve. The outcome is secondary.” -Waka, Okami

waka okami


21. “Stay awhile, and listen!” -Deckard Cain, Diablo II



22. “Thank you, Mario! But our Princess is in another castle!” Toad, –Super Mario Bros.

super mario bros


23. “I will kill your dicks!” -Trishka Novak, Bulletstorm

trishka novak bulletstorm

Famous Video Game Quotes

The best video game quotes that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head

24. “What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets.” -Dracula, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night



25. “My brothers and sisters… I will see you again. Someday. You’ve given them back to me.” -Lord Saladin Forge, Destiny

lord saladin forge destiny


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26. “A man chooses; a slave obeys.”- Andrew Ryan, BioShock

andrew ryan bioshock


27.”Wake me when you need me.” -John-117, Halo 3

john 117 halo


28. “Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and brother, I hurt people.” -The Scout, Team Fortress 2

the scout team fortress


29. “Every puzzle has an answer.” -Professor Layton, Professor Layton And The Curious Village

professor layton


30. “I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the knee.” -Town Guard, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

town guard


31. “The Kid just rages for a while.” -Narrator, Bastion



32. “The ending isn’t any more important than any of the moments leading to it.” -Dr Rosalene, To The Moon

dr rosalene


33. “No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew.” -Lulu, Final Fantasy X

lulu final fantasy


34. “Steel wins battles. Gold wins wars.” -Davion The Dragon Knight, DOTA 2

davion the dragon knight dota


35. “War. War never changes. But men do, through the roads they walk.” -The Narrator, Fallout: New Vegas

the narrator fallout

Funny Video Game Quotes

When it comes to truly outrageous and uninspiring quotes, there are some real doozies to be found in the world of gaming.

36. “Science isn’t about why! It’s about why not!” -Cave Johnson, Portal 2

cave johnson portal


37. “There was a hole here. It’s gone now.” -In-Game Text, Silent Hill 2

in game text


38. “I don’t want to set the world on fire…” -Song, Fallout 3


39. “Hard to see big picture behind pile of corpses.” -Mordin Solus, Mass Effect



40. “Does this unit have a soul?” -Legion, Mass Effect 3



41. “You are not a good person. You know that, right? Good people don’t end up here.” -Glados, Portal 2

glados portal 2

42. “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.” -Admiral Tolwyn, Wing Commander IV

admiral tolwyn


43. “You have died of dysentery.” -Oregon Trail

oregon trail


44. “Do you like hurting other people?” -Richard, Hotline Miami



45. “Ghost: This path should lead us straight to the grave. [Pause] Ghost: The World’s Grave. Not ours.” -Ghost, Destiny



46. “I’ve struggled a long time with survivin’, but no matter what you have to find something to fight for.” -Joel, The Last Of Us



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