The Best Wedding Photos of 2017 Will Take Your Breath Away

Best Wedding Photos-

Published on November 3rd, 2017

Fearless Awards are best wedding photos that excel in redefining wedding photography or are just too amazing! We’re very selective – about 1 in 50 images submitted are awarded by our curators and displayed in the photographers’ profiles as Fearless Awards.

1. When a girl sees a wedding photo and quotes Lord of the Rings.


2. This is the story of life and love. It starts, it grows it endures with growing strength.


3. This is fantastic composition and execution


4. I guess we know who the next bride is.

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5. This little part of any wedding is called Happyness


6. Time does not fade the classics. She may have wrinkles on her face, but her dress is perfect. True beauty is in elegance.


7. Wow, I love this one, it reminds me of “shadow theatre”.


8. This is brilliant. Truly.


9. When you’re trying to get saved but it’s been a long day


10. Cat: “Another butler, at last.”


11. Its not only the reflection of a bride, its a reflection of her memories when she was bride.

12. Cheese – Thia looks like a mother with cancer and her daughter (the bride). My guess, given their tears, is the mother’s cancer is terminal.


13. When the world around you is turbulent, all I need is you by my side… you are the calm in my storm ❤❤


14. Love love love!! The character of a person shines through in moments like these. Joy…

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15. This picture reminds me of saying – A person is judged by who he remembers when he/she is most happy, not when he is sad or in agony.


16. Ooooh this should be higher. Very nice aesthetic


17. Very striking to see the older man with his life and hopes lessening seeing the younger bride with life ahead of her.


18. Cutting the rug!


19. I would really like to know the story here.


20. Love dad’s reaction!


21. That sounds like me and my foster sister


22. One ring to find them and in the darkness bind them. So… romantic?

23. Oh, the lessons I learned as a child while getting ready for a wedding.


24. Precious moment.


25. That male Camel is saying “I Doooo”

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26. Wow! That’s one cool picture!


27. Hummies are so fast, it’s hard to take a good pic… and then to have the bride and groom in the background: WOW!! Magical!!


28. Holy shit they have a ring bear!!!


29. These ones kill me! Dad’s first look

30. When a couple comes together as one….


31. Genuinely touching


32. That is very good. Most observant. This is Full of Story.


33. That guy in the gray about to walk down the aisle is thinking, ” I told them not to put that damn dog in the wedding…”


34. That looks wonderful!

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35. Coming this spring Sally Field in The Flying Bride. rated triple G.


36. When you close your eyes thinking the rice might blind you, but they start acting as ball bearings on steps.


37. OMG that’s terrible!


38. What the Butler saw!!


39. It’s a trap; a cuteness trap. Inducing the desire to have children immediately!


40. No question, this is my favorite.


41. Love this


42. A lovely ‘Well Done, you made it!’ for making sure you would be there to give away your lovely daughter’. What a touching photo.


43. Sproiiing

44. I dont want a new father!


45. How can you keep crying when a giant camera is inches from your face?!


46. Can be viewed 2 ways…little girls looking to their future or grown-up selves remembering their little girl selves. So sweet.


47. I feel this is one that should’ve been in colour!


48. The lookout Cat! making sure the groom doesn’t see the bride before the ceremony


49. Oh, I love this one!!! So simple, yet so full of meaning.


50. These guys know how to party.

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