7 Ideas Can Make Your Valentine More Romantic This Year

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February 7th, 2017   |   Updated on February 26th, 2024

These 7 Ideas Can Make Your Valentine More Romantic This Year

With Valentine’s Day at a touching distance, it’s the time to brainstorm ideas for making the best of the valentine day whether with a long-term or a new partner. There are lot more options than just a fancy dinner, which can be nice but is nevertheless banal. The traditional routine of dinner, chocolates, and flowers can be equally boring, according to  some relationship experts. In addition, a normal dinner gets two to three times expensive on the Valentine’s day. The food service on this day is not much better either.

Valentine Day Dinner

Aside from buying each other chocolate and going out to dinner, there are a lot more things you can do this valentine day. These seven ideas will help you decide.


Visit Humane Society or Animal Cafe

Visiting Animal Cafe on Valentine Day

You have the option to chill out with your pet, a cat or a dog, should decide to visit one of the cat cafes you may have heard of. Enjoy your cup of coffee and let you cat have all the fun as you enjoy the company of your date. There is the option of a visit to a local animal shelter as humane societies are open to volunteers coming to visit them.

Spend Time Together

Spend Time Together on Valentine Day

There are many takers for the idea that doing something non-romantic can be romantic. That’s also the way to counteract the pressure of Valentine’s Day, according to Kali Rogers, CEO and Founder of Blush Online Life Coaching, who thinks Valentine’s Day is not just about the bells and whistles. It is the day that reminds you to spend your time with your loved one, who also loves to spend time with you. Some of the places Rogers suggests include Top Golf or bowling, or even going to the gym together.


How About Touring Your Own City

City Ride on Valentine Day

It may be surprising that you may be living in London or New York and recommend tourist places in your city to others, but you hardly take time to visit yourself. The idea of touring your city this Valentine Day with your significant other can be an excellent valentine day idea to have. If visiting the entire city is daunting enough, you can create your choice theme liking visiting haunted and spooky place, visiting a particular neighbourhood, hitting speakeasy places. If your city has a mob tour or food tours as they have in Chicago and New York City you can explore these unique tours or discover some other unique tour your city has to offer.

Create Memorable Memories

Creating Memories on Valentine Day

The culture of Valentine Day is reduced today to the culture of expensive gifting, according to Tyler Turk, Founder, Crated With Love, a monthly date night subscription box. When you want to gift something expensive and something that is perfect, it puts a lot of pressure on you. Instead, the focus should be on creating something memorable and create opportunities to get closer together. For instance, a trip to a nearby destination can be an excellent idea to create memories and moments that reflect your mutual feeling for each other.


Some Simple But Wonderful Ideas Like Watching Sunrise

Perfect Beginning of Valentine Day


When was the last time you were together with your partner gazing the star-studded clear night sky? On Valentine’s Day, you can decide to gaze stars or watch the sunrise from a scenic location or from somewhere as cozy as the balcony of your apartment.

What you do after watching sunrises or after star gazing is entirely up to you to make the day memorable.

Simple Ideas On Surprising Your Partner

Surprise You Love on Valentine Day

Surprises are the spice of romance. When dating your partner, you can choose to do activities that both of you enjoy, but this Valentine Day can be a little different because this day is about celebrating your love for each other. So why not surprise your partner with their favourite activity? These favourite activities can range anywhere from seeing their favourite sports team or talking to their boss in advance and getting them the day off. When the day is all yours do whatever is the best fun activity to you.

Staying Indoors

Indoor Fun on Valentine Day

Relationship expert Rogers emphasizes that Valentine’s Day is the day for every new couple to celebrate in any way they want to but social pressure on this day can be a huge pressure. Therefore, if you are worried about it, try staying together for the night and order take-out together or make something. That way you will feel at ease and at peace and also avoid the risk of comparing with other couples out on a romantic dinner. Cooking together can not only be a fun activity but also an inexpensive way to hang out together.