Can Smart Scales Measure Body Fat?

Can Smart Scales Measure Body Fat

February 27th, 2021   |   Updated on June 27th, 2022

Staying healthy is a consequence of your diet and your exercise routine. The key is not just shedding your overall weight, but maintaining a balance where you have less body fat, healthier muscles, and properly functioning organs.

It is for this reason that fasting without exercising will have you losing weight, but not being as healthy as you ought to be. While losing weight is a good indication of regaining your health, you need to lose the right weight.

That is why you should invest in a FitTrack Dara to regularly check or measure your body fat. Smart scales indeed work and will show you the true progress of your health.

Remember, you could gain weight even when exercising, especially if you are lifting heavy to bulk up. You should use this scale to determine if you are also losing body fat as you build your muscles. Here is how these smart scales work.

1. Have Sensors

Body smart scales feature sensitive sensors that measure both your overall weight and your body fat percentage.

They use bioelectrical impedance technology that runs electrical currents through your body when you step on the scale.

These currents measure the quotient of body fat resistance as it travels up through your legs. It is this resistance that determines the amount of body fat you have. The greater this resistance is, the higher the body fat.

2. Connect to Smart Apps

Smart scales are unlike other normal scales. Once it measures your body fat, you can have this data transferred from your scale to any fitness apps that you may have.

You can have it on your smartphone or watch. You can use these apps to check the progress of how much body fat you lose after every training session.

In addition to the amount of body fat, you also get to know about your muscle content, water, and bone density. This information is a true indication of your health.

3. Accuracy

Smart scales are fairly accurate at measuring body fat, muscle content, and bone density. They give you a rough estimate of the amount of fat you have in your body.

You should keep in mind even though they are not a hundred percent accurate, they are way better than the normal or traditional weighing machines.

You should consider having such in your house in place of the traditional machine. For a more accurate measurement of body fat, you can always consult your physician.

4. Create Multiple Profiles

Unlike a traditional scale where you have to record using a pen and paper every measurement, a smart scale records, analyses, and stores the data digitally.

You can then access this data using your smart devices anywhere you may be. This scale can also have several profiles and record data for different individuals in your family.

You, there, do not have to keep on tracking your other family members’ health status as it will all be recorded and sent to their devices. It saves you the risk of losing data recorded on paper.

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