6 Breathtaking Destinations Of Greece You Must Not Miss

Santorini Island

Published on December 13th, 2018

For most people, Athens is what makes up the entire aura of a country like Greece however the truth is slightly different. Greece as a country is every tourists delight.

Whether it is Santorini or Mykonos there are many more picturesque and beautiful island and cities and each marvellous then other.

For you, here are 6 breathtaking destinations of Greece you must not miss if you plan a trip.

1. Mykonos


Just want a few moments of solitude and peace here is the location that would suit your taste. Its main village also called Chora is made up of charming cafes, boutiques, and shops all in a splash of white.

Mykonos roads are closed for general traffic during the day hence pedestrians get a chance to roam around the city. Panagia Paraportiani is one of the most famous pieces of architecture in the city and you get a feel of the rich history of this area once you visit there.


2. Athens


A world in itself Athens should actually be the first place you get to visit. Devote at least two or three days for your trip here and discover exotic highlights like the Acropolis, Agora and the National Archeological Museum.

Wander around the colorful yet divine streets of the Plaka and Monastiraki and soak into the mystique of the hilly areas of Kolonaki and around. You feel comfortable relying on teletext holidays when it comes to planning such trips and should be contacted when looking for professional and hassle-free arrangements.


3. Thessaloniki


Established in the year 316 BCE the place has bagged its name from a related sister of Alexander the great. For history lovers, this is heaven, from the Roman and Byzantine ruins to the remnants of Christian heritage.

Apart from that a visit to this city is also important to satiate your taste buds with mouthwatering dishes. You will find many flights between Athens and Thessaloniki and it takes only one hour of travel to reach there.


4. Paros


Great food, glamour and basically bang for your bucks are what this city of Greece is all about. It is in the south to the luxurious yet expensive city of Mykonos. In fact, the place finds favor even amongst the residents of this country as most flock here for a weekend getaway.

Take a 10 minute ferry ride to Antiparos where you can literally explore the best beaches ever seen. Nearby town of Naoussa and you get a range of seafood restaurants, and tavernas plus some unexplored beaches too.


5. Crete (North and south)


Crete is the largest of all Greek islands and you can easily say it is also the most spectacular one. The terrain is slightly tough to move around but the beauty cannot be missed. Most of the interesting portions like Heraklion, Knossos, and Chania are found in the north Crete.

South Crete is less developed and thus you get a chance to explore natures’ gifts like never before. Must visit is Matala which was a hippie town before but now is a beach colony with exuberance.


6. Santorini Island

Santorini Island

Finally the quaint Santorini Island it is supposed to be one of the most romantic destinations in the World and rightly so. It is located in the Aegean Sea and has been the site of one of the most severe volcanic eruptions ever seen.

However, what is remaining now would be just a submerged Volcano and a Caldera. You can see beautiful Cycladic architecture all along the edges of the Caldera.

Santorini Island is also known for its luxurious resorts and an amazing sunset to give everything for. A romantic’s favorite place to vent his feelings for his partner in the true sense.

Images: Pixabay