Plan A Budget Friendly Trip From Los Angeles To Vegas

Los Angeles to Vegas

July 5th, 2018   |   Updated on May 25th, 2022

With the summer season here, it is only natural to feel the urge to pack your bags and take a trip down to the glitz and glam of the Sin City. From the major party vibes to the glittering lights, the allure of Las Vegas is calling out to you and it is only right to heed the call.

People tend to have a misconception that traveling down from Los Angeles to Vegas is an expensive affair. The truth, however, is that numerous travel options are available. Your execution is what will define how much you will spend to get down to Vegas.

As with any other trip, you definitely want to plan well so that you are not spending most of your budget on travel expenses. You will want to save your money for the slots, as well as a sample of the Vegas nightlife.

The rule of thumb is to always plan ahead so that you get the best deals and eliminate the pressure that comes with last minute planning. If you are a budget traveler, here are some tips that can help you travel from LA to Vegas without breaking the bank:

Budget-Friendly Trip From Los Angeles To Vegas

1. Travel From LA to Vegas By Bus

 Travel From LA to Vegas By Bus

Whether you are traveling to Vegas for business or pleasure, going by bus is definitely your best bet to saving on some cash. There are numerous platforms that will give you the option of booking cheap bus tickets to Vegas without compromising on convenience or comfort.

From the seats to the amenities, you are not only assured of utmost safety but a fun trip as you anticipate the beauty and adventure of Sin City.

Book your bus ticket in advance to ensure you get the best spots to view the magnificent west coast with your friends or family. The bus ride will take five to eight hours depending on the number of stops and the carrier that you go for.

2. Don’t Travel From Los Angeles To Vegas During Peak Times

Don’t Travel From Los Angeles To Vegas During Peak Times

Planning your trip in advance means that you will also have a chance to research the peak travel times. Regardless of your mode of travel, traveling to Vegas during peak times means that you will have to spend extra on travel, food, accommodation and every other activity you have in your itinerary.

To ensure that you minimize your travel budget, try leaving midweek or Friday morning at the latest. Try skipping the weekends, as most people tend to travel down to Vegas during this time and makes it the most expensive time to visit.

3. Service Your Vehicle

Service your vehicle

If you want to drive down to Vegas, ensure that you service your car thoroughly before leaving. Check that your tires have sufficient pressure, your engine is well oiled, your coolant is at the required level and any other thing that may make your car vulnerable to mechanical problems.

Carry the essentials such as a spare tire, jumper cables, warning devices, a flashlight as well as your basic repair equipment for any eventualities. This will help you to avoid any unnecessary expenses will you are driving down there. We all know how dudes or damsels in distress tend to attract people looking to milk mechanical cash cows on the trip to Vegas.

4. Pack Light

Whether you are traveling by bus, plane, or car, it’s important to remember that Vegas isn’t ideal for a long vacation – especially if you are on a tight budget. You will make the most of your trip if you plan for a long weekend or late midweek nights.

Since you are making a short trip, be sure to embody the classic weekender and pack just a carry-on bag or backpack. Flexible travel options will give you an allowance of two free bags. But the rest will charge you handsomely for your luggage, especially if it is bulky. Align the contents in your bag to your itinerary so that you have the right attire for the right place.

5. Los Angeles To Vegas Drive

Los Angeles To Vegas Drive

Gather a group of friends, pool your funds and get an affordable rental. LA to Vegas is about five hours with little to no stops. Getting your posse to ride down with you not only guarantees a fun stay, but big-time saving on your finances.

You can cost-share expenses such as gas, food and even accommodation. A significant number of hotels in Vegas give you free parking options. You can plan ahead and check out which ones fit your budget so that while everything else stays in Vegas, your money doesn’t.

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