6 Best Exercises To Build Muscle Fast

Best Exercises to Build Muscle Fast

October 11th, 2017   |   Updated on November 12th, 2017

How to build muscle fast? 6 Best Exercises from personal trainers

We present the routine that you must practice in the gym to develop muscles and strong body fitness.

You just crossed the gym door. Bravo! And now, what’s next? After 10 minutes of warm-up – we recommend the elliptical climber that gives you the same benefits of running, but with no impact on the joints – try to do, one after another, these six exercises of muscular strength that proposes Yoann, coach of Ken Club, in Paris. In addition to improving your figure, this circuit will help you build the stamina of a veteran.

1. The chair

The chair Exercises

The Position: Back against a wall, head and neck straight, legs in the square.
Exercise: Hold this position for 20 seconds the first time, after a rest does it again and stay like this for 30 seconds. In the third repetition stand a minute in this position.

What is working with this?: The quadriceps, one of the muscles that we have in the thighs.

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2. The balance

Standing on a bosu

The Position: Standing on a bosu (that gym accessory that looks like a ball cut in half), with arms, stretched out front to keep balance.
The exercise: Distribute the weight well between both legs and keep this position first 20 seconds, then 30 and in the third repetition try to hold one minute.

What is working with this? The sense of balance and stabilizing muscles: knees, deep abs and back muscles.


3. The lizards at 40 degrees

useful exercise bench

The Position: The hands grasped the bar of a useful exercise bench at a distance that allows you to slide the chest comfortably between both arms. The body should be tilted at an angle of 20 or 40 degrees.
Exercise:  Lower and raise the chest 20 times the first time; do it 30 times the second time and 40 times the third time.

What do you work with ?:  Arms, shoulders, and abs.

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4. Tilted lances

Tilted lances

The Position: With the bar at shoulder height, place your hands at a distance that allows you to slide the chest between both arms. The feet together, a little further than the rest of the body, so that your posture is slightly inclined.
Exercise: Bring the shoulders to the bar, stretching and flexing the arms. First 20 times, then 30 and the last 40.
What do you work with ?: The pecs, particularly the top.


5. The Roman chair

The Roman chair

The Position: Support feet and legs in the Roman chair and flex the arms so that the hands are at the level of the neck. The arms should be pulled back to secure the shoulder blades.
Exercise: Stay in this position for 10 seconds and then stretch the arms 10 times over your head.

What are you working with? Shoulders and shoulder blades.


6. Specific for sit-ups

Specific for sit-ups

The Position: Sitting with your back straight, feet firm on the floor, arms stretched out in front and holding an exercise ball.
Exercise: The ball and chest should be above the knees. Lie down, always with your arms outstretched, and try not to lean your shoulders on the floor. Do 20 repetitions.

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What are you working with? The abdominal muscles.

Hope you enjoyed these six amazing muscle building exercise. Feel free to share with your social media friends and family.