Capsule Wardrobe For Men: Seven Essential Tips To Build The Perfect Minimalist Wardrobe

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May 15th, 2019   |   Updated on May 22nd, 2021

Women love it. Women love to talk about it. If you have a girlfriend, she must have told you how amazing it is. For her, all cloths are equal but some are more equal than others.

That is why she loves to have a capsule wardrobe where she could put the pieces she loves to wear over and over again. Why do you think only your girlfriend should have a capsule wardrobe ? It could be an amazing thing for you as well. Like women, you also want to be stylish for any occasion.

For that you have a big wardrobe. Now, you need to have a wardrobe where you can put carefully selected pieces for different occasions? Here ere are ten essential tips on how to build capsule wardrobe for men.


1. Edit Your wardrobe. Edit Out Non-Essentials.

Wardrobe Storage Closet

What clothes will you keep at any cost? Are you not sure about some clothes? Want to get rid of some pieces? Not fitting well? Not looking good? Can’t remember when you had last worn some clothes? Now, you are ready for your capsule wardrobe.

2. Number Is Not Important. Cover The Basics?

How many clothes your capsule wardrobe should have: 20, 15 or just 10. Thinking about pieces that fit you properly for everyday use. It is more important than the number.


3. Think About Clothes You Wear Daily

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There are pieces you never wear. There are pieces you wear occasionally. Some clothes are there just for sentimental reasons. Always remember, capsule wardrobe is a reduced wardrobe. It is not a place for everything.


4. Start With The Minimum Number of Clothes

Why don’t you start with clothes that are washable, don’t need to be sent to dry cleaners after every use? Also, your minimalist wardrobe should be a place for quality pieces that last long.


5. Make A List Of Essentials

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Are you dating somebody? What kind of work you do for living? Figure out what you need. Getting started will be easier than you had thought.


6. Think About Appropriateness

Dark blue denim jeans is not valuable as you don’t wear them often. Some clothes don’t transition from work to holidays. Think about appropriateness.

7. What Fabrics And Styles You Love

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Spend carefully on fabrics and styles you like. ensure that you don’t have to update your wardrobe frequently. Investing in high-quality purchase is always better than impulse buying.