25 Long And Short Denim Skirt Outfits For Girls

Long And Short Denim Skirt Outfits For Girls

June 19th, 2017   |   Updated on June 3rd, 2023

In 1851 Levi Strauss came to New York from Germany to join his brother and work together in his brother’s dry goods store.

When couple years later he heard about Gold Rush, moved to San Francisco to manage dry goods branch there. Among many other things, he sold cotton cloth there, made from material called denim.

Denim very quickly became the biggest fashion designers started to use it in their projects.

Although initially jeans were especially designed for laborers, they very quickly became pants of American working class. Now they are worn by everyone around the globe, regardless of sex, age and occupation.

1. School Girl

School Girl Long Denim Skirt

In the 70. jeans skirts were usually matched with polo shirt and T-shirts and, frankly saying, they did not look the smartest. Now, when we witness a big come back of denim skirts we face an amazing opportunity to give it new, fresh look and a chance for a new start. Get One


2. High Fashion

High Fashion short skirts for girls

Yes, denim was initially used by working class. And yes again for jeans to be one of the hippies favourites. First denim long skirt was made by hippies who reworked old jeans. Visit here.


3. Show me your denim and I will tell you who you are

girls skirts

This is unbelievable, how diverse and complex piece of material can be. Denim is simple and not complicated at all. Only cotton and cooper rivets. Check out.


4. Buttons up!

skirts for girls

You can upgrade the formfitting option by wearing buttoned skirt and a pair of sandals. Keep your shirt or blouse simple and avoid more buttons. Click here.


5. Medium, shorter, the shortest!

cute dresses for girls

Mini denim skirt is a classic must-have. However, as it requires perfect figure, you might also look for something safer but just as trendy. Available here.


6. Denim mini skirts

cute clothes for girls

Classic denim mini skirts look a bit like denim jeans. They have a fly, pockets and belt loops. Sometimes they also share a style of worn off, ripped or destroyed look of jeans.  Buy now.


7. A girl form neighborhood

girls black dress

Initially, denim skirts were used as a way to recycle old pairs of denim jeans. Often hand made as a patchwork designs, were commonly worn in the 1970s. Available here.


8. High Street

dresses for little girls

Jeans skirt is not the easiest to wear. Especially if you want to keep yourself from looking old fashioned and boring. Get one here.

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9. Tell your own story

skirts for juniors

Denim is loved by everyone – poor and rich, hippies and businessmen. Denim changes as it ages, and shows unique lifestyle of person who wears it. Check out.


10. Classier than ever

girls frock

Yes, denim started as a material for working class. It had to be affordable and hard to break. Now, even worn, faded denim skirt can look classier than ever, by matching it with classic white shirt and high heels. Get one.


11. Travellers

girls christmas outfits

Denim skirts are just perfect for traveling. They are comfortable, you do not have to iron them and they do not need to be washed every other day. Available here.


12. Stay relaxed

cute girl clothes

Denim is also taken as a relaxed piece of garment. If you want to look and feel relaxed, you wear jeans. It is symbol of youth and casualness, that puts them beyond reach of some people, such as businessmen or politicians. Get one.


13. Mix and match

girls denim dress

Usually, denim is connected with leisure time and youth. Its easy to buy, regardless of how much money you have. You can buy heavy label straight from the catwalk, or go to the nearest shop and buy something for money equal to amount you spend for two burgers. Check out.


14. Full pack

girls denim skirt

Denim has this magic touch that can reveal sexappeal, modesty, simplicity and also helps you to express yourself. You can go for oversized, roomy skirts or stick to classic mini denim skirt and play with accessories instead. Click here.


15. It’s all about attitude

girls skorts

You might not know, but by wearing denim you are the height of fashion right now. Remember this, putting on your newest denim skirt. You can match it with cropped top, checked ‘Wild West’ shirt and crossbody bag. Available here.


16. Do you wanna spice it up?

girls long skirts

If you want to spice your look a bit, simple denim makes it a lot easier. Because you match it with other classics or plain pieces of garment, there is no danger to dress up too much. It is also very hard to achieve too rough, rebel look. Click here.


17. Simple piece of art

girls maxi skirt

You can definitely nail it with simplicity. Wear your denim with classic white and blacks, calming greys and marine-style strips. Check out.


18. Smart Casual

girls black skirt

Depending on what do you wear with denim, it could be perfect for smart casual, or even school look. Just remember to stick to one shade of blue and play with accessories, to give it a little twist. Get one.


19. Shorter than short shorts

girls blue dress

Mini denim skirt is always no-fail option, especially after all those hours spent in the gym. Leg day pain finally pays off and you can show those legs! Pair your denim skirt with amped-up jean jacket for classic Canadian look or keep it chick and feminine wearing denim mini with Scandinavian cardigan during colder days. Visit here.

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20. Details matter

girls purple dress

Small details make huge difference! With accessories you can twist your look in any direction you want! It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try something really crazy. Click here.


21. Play with shapes

christmas outfits for girls

Yes, denim is classic fabric, but nowadays it comes in all shades of blue and all shapes. From long, straight designs, through A-lined midi skirts to extra small minis. Choose your perfect denim skirt to shape your body. Get one.


22. Mix casual with elegance

big girl dresses

OK, now you know that denim can be either elegant, or casual. But who said that you can not have both? Denim’s uniqueness is underlined not only by the way it dyes and rippes, but also by the way it pairs up with different parts of garment. Click here.


23. Wear denim anywhere

white girls dress

Because of its diversity, you can wear denim skirt anywhere you want. All depends on how you wear it and what do you pair it up with.


24. From stage to life

kids skirts

The way dine by denim is truly unbelievable. From working class to streets and catwalks, it ended up not only in each and every wardrobe in the world, but also on the stage. Can you imagine country singer without cowboy hat, checked shirt and long, denim skirt? Me neither. Visit here.


25. T-shirt matters!

cute girl dresses

Let’s face it. You want fashion, but you need to feel safe. The best way to do that is pairing up denim skirt with simple T-shirt. But this does not make you a street fashion star yet. Click here.