7 Ways Contact Center Optimization Can Improve Sales

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October 7th, 2018   |   Updated on October 27th, 2018

The account that people typically have about their experience with call centers is rarely positive and glowing. For every time a customer calls your contact center and has a negative experience, that occurrence has actually cost you future sales.

Center Optimization Can Improve Sales

Far too many companies look at their call centers as problem-solving centers, rather than sales incubator. In other words, a contact center is a place where customers should be made to feel relieved, respected, and appreciated. Here we will show you seven ways that a contact center can optimize sales.

1. Always be Pleasant to Customers

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You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. Granny’s wise words were so true. Working in a call center can feel like you are in the rejection business, and the dealing with frustrated customers can make call center workers just as frustrated.

Make sure that your customer service reps are pleasant and smiling. Having a friendly and positive attitude makes customers more likely to return in the future.


2. Maintain Control of the Process

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When callers are upset and call your contact center, they may be upset and get carried away. The service rep needs to be able to maintain control of the conversation. This is done by having a script or outline handy that they can use to redirect the conversation.

Your company should incorporate customer engagement strategies for dealing with angry and frustrated customers. Taking control means that the call outcome can be determined by the script.


3. Respond Promptly to Customer Needs

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The faster you are able to handle the issues customers are having, more likely you are to win them over as repeat customers. Take care of customer needs as soon as they arise to prevent getting overwhelmed.


4. Build Rapport with Customers

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Customers are real people and not numbers on a computer screen, and they deserve to be treated like they are. No one wants to feel like they are being rushed or patronized. Call center reps often come across as very condescending and passive-aggressive.

These attitudes cost the companies they work for future sales. Reps should build rapport by taking a genuine interest in helping customers and make sure they feel that the company is on their side.


5. Retain Your Customers

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The primary objective that the call center should seek to achieve is customer retention. Make sure that your team is familiar with the phrase, “We really appreciate your business.” If you can retain a customer, they will return to purchase from you again.


6. Promote Special Offers

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If your company has a special offer, taking advantage of the caller as a captive audience is the best policy. Once the issue is resolved, have the reps present the special offer. This can result in an immediate sale.


7. Upsell

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Just as the special offer is presented to the caller after their issues have been addressed, the upsell is done in the same fashion. Offering recommended items to the caller at the end of the call can result in an increase in sales.