The Complete Guide That Makes Choosing The Best Motorcycle Simple

Best Motorcycle Simple

Published on March 27th, 2023

Nothing provides that feeling of freedom and wonder like a trip on a motorcycle through the countryside. More than 1.5 billion miles are covered by all types of motorcycles in the United States of America each year.

Once you’ve experienced it, you will understand the adrenaline of riding motorcycles. Finding affordable motorcycles is easier than ever, especially if you crave a fun and fuel-efficient ride.

The confusion starts when you strive to find the best motorcycle for your needs and desires. You don’t want to purchase a motorcycle incapable of taking on dirt tracks if you plan to explore more of nature on your new bike.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning more about the types of motorcycles to consider for your new interests. Keep reading to take your first step toward finding the best motorcycle today!

1. Cruiser

The cruiser motorcycle is one of the most widely acclaimed motorcycle types. It’s a popular choice worldwide due to its comfort and power, making it a great companion for long rides and road trips.

The classic styling and features make it a no-brainer if you want a bike; you can commute on or take long trips to enjoy your retirement. The top cruiser brand to consider is Harley-Davidson, though you can’t go wrong with an Indian, Honda, or Kawasaki cruiser motorcycle.

Cruisers are often heavier bikes, so they’re not the best option if you’re new to riding motorcycles. The goal is to enjoy a bike with more torque and stability rather than sheer power and speed.

Pros and Cons of Cruiser Motorcycles

The most significant positives of purchasing a cruiser motorcycle are the comfort and ease of driving. They’re comfortable bikes to ride, making them an excellent option if you foresee road trips in the future. Finding a community of other cruiser owners near you is also

The major drawback to cruiser motorcycles is the weight. They’re large and heavy bikes. This results in a lower power-to-weight ratio, which could turn away performance enthusiasts.

2. Sports Bikes

Another popular option when shopping for a new motorcycle is the sport bike. You’ve likely seen these high-performance motorcycles on the freeways and roads in your area.

They’re notable for their modern styling, cost-effective performance, and speed. You’ll find a ton of aftermarket support for these bikes if you choose to go this route for the best motorcycle.

Most sports bikes are made in Japan, resulting in plenty of aftermarket parts that you can use to boost performance and alter the appearance. Popular brands for sports bikes include Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati, and BMW.

They’re an excellent option since you can find a variety of makes and models with different engine sizes. You don’t need to jump to the most powerful bike from the start.

You can find bikes with smaller engines before upgrading to more powerful sports bikes in the future.

Pros and Cons of Sports Bikes

Sports bikes are noteworthy for their cost-effective performance and speed compared to other types of motorcycles. They’re also nimble and easy to control in heavy traffic.

Stay calm when riding motorcycles like these, and avoid getting in a no contact motorcycle accident for the best biking results.

The power of sports bikes increases the odds of motorcycle accidents. Always prioritize motorcycle safety when you’re out on the road with your favorite sports bike.

Comfort is the primary drawback of sports bikes. They’re designed for performance and aerodynamics, and that performance comes at the cost of your comfort on long rides.

Still, they’re an excellent option if you’re looking for the best motorcycle for enjoyable commutes to and from work.

3. Naked Bikes

Naked bikes are popular for individuals who want an aggressive and sleek motorcycle. They’re noteworthy for their simplicity and versatility compared to other motorcycles.

They often lack a windscreen and fairings, showing off the bike’s inner workings for the rest of the world to see.

You can use these types of motorcycles as a daily driver or a performance bike. They’re at home on the track or neighborhood roads and excellent if you crave an upright riding position.

Pros and Cons of Naked Bikes

Naked bikes are a wonderful choice for your first bike if you want a nimble bike that allows for top-notch handling in most conditions.

It’s also a much more comfortable motorcycle option than sports bikes, and its light weight allows for noteworthy fuel efficiency.

They’re not a great option if you’re seeking a bike for longer trips. They’re at home as commuter bikes, but they lack wind protection and the ability to carry luggage with you when on the road.

Consider a naked bike if you’re looking for a versatile daily driver with aggressive styling.

4. Adventure Bikes

Adventure bikes are the go-to option if you’re planning a big adventure in the future. Their design is focused on allowing riders to take their bikes from the pavement to dirt tracks with ease.

They’re the motorcycle equivalent to an overlapping rig but with two wheels and much greater fuel efficiency.

You’ll find many excellent brands that produce adventure bikes for riders to enjoy. BMW is the headliner of these bikes, though all bikes in this segment offer excellent stability and durability.

ADV bikes have higher seat heights to allow for assessing road conditions.

It’s also a design that allows for impressive amounts of luggage. Consider an ADV bike if you love road trips and want to see more of nature from the comfort of your bike’s seat.

Don’t limit riding motorcycles to the pavement when you can get out and explore nature’s beauty.

Pros and Cons of Adventure Bikes

The first thing that stands out about adventure bikes is their versatility. You can use an ADV bike as a daily commuter, road trip bike, and everything else.

You’ll have the ability to bring all your essentials with you, thanks to the luggage-carrying abilities these types o bikes provide. They’re also built to provide a comfortable riding experience on long hauls.

The primary drawback you’ll encounter with ADV bikes is their weight.

They come with tons of protective gear to help with motorcycle accidents and drops. That weight makes them more difficult to control. The seat height is another con of owning an ADV bike, especially for shorter riders.

The higher seat height is perfect for reading the road, but it’s difficult for shorter riders to come to a stop with taller bikes.

They offer the off-road ability, but they’ll struggle to keep up with dirt bikes once they leave the pavement.

5. Dual-Sport Motorcycles

Dual-sport bikes are the closest you can get to a street-legal dirtbike. They’re taller bikes with narrow bodies designed to optimize handling.

Don’t count on a windshield or low seating if you choose to purchase a dual-sport motorcycle.

It’s up to you to determine the types of tires you want to throw on your new DS bike. They’re perfect for street tires, dirt tires, or hybrid tires for flexibility.

Pros and Cons of Dual-Sport Motorcycles

Dual-sport motorcycles are excellent if you want a lightweight bike with a high seat and an excellent view.

They’re the best motorcycle if you plan on leaving the pavement and riding on dirt, grass, and gravel.These bikes also offer great handling compared to your other motorcycle options.

The tall seat height is a drawback for shorter riders who want a motorcycle to take off-roading.The lack of a windshield is another con of owning a dual-sport motorcycle, especially when riding on the freeway.

You’ll also face the inconvenience of a small gas tank with dual-sport bikes.

6. Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are the perfect option if you’re concerned about climate change and greenhouse gas emissions.

Your electric bike is the perfect path to take to make a difference in your community while still enjoying excellent performance when riding motorcycles.

You won’t find a ton of electric motorcycles on the market in 2023, but they’re a viable option if you want to move away from combustion engines and take a step into the future.

Most major manufacturers are taking steps to produce electric motorcycles.

Pros and Cons of Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are a mix of performance and green living. Your bike won’t produce greenhouse gases when you’re enjoying your rides through the countryside.

You can enjoy peace of mind that you’re making a difference with your electric bike.

They’re also quiet compared to most combustion-powered motorcycles, making them the best motorcycle if you don’t want to overwhelm your neighbors with your bike’s exhaust note.

You’ll also love the modern design of these bikes since they’re the bikes of the future.

The price is the major barrier to entry in the electric motorcycle market. They’re more expensive than gas-powered motorcycles.

The battery range is another drawback for riders who want to enjoy long trips on their bikes.

You’ll also pay a pretty penny in maintenance costs with electric motorcycles. If you have the money, they’re excellent bikes that offer impressive performance on pavement.

7. Choppers

Choppers are one of the most iconic types of motorcycles on the market. You’ll find plenty of unique bikes when you’re shopping for your first chopper.

They’re not recommended for new riders since their designs and styling make them tricky to handle and ride compared to cruisers, naked bikes, and ADVs.

Some manufacturers produce choppers that you can buy straight from the dealership.Other chopper models require modification in a motorcycle shop to get the perfect look for your riding needs.

You’ll limit the benefits of the rear suspension, which will take away from your bike’s handling and cornering abilities.

Pros and Cons of Choppers

Choppers are noteworthy for their distinctive designs and stylings. There aren’t any other types of motorcycles that look the way choppers do when out on the road.

They also offer a low seat height, which is perfect for shorter riders who want to enjoy riding motorcycles.

Handling is the primary drawback of owning a chopper. Your bike will be limited when turning and handling windy roads compared to other types of motorcycles.

It’s not a great bike for new riders, so avoid purchasing a chopper to maintain motorcycle safety.

8. Touring Motorcycles

Touring motorcycles are the top choice if you want to enjoy long road trips without leaving any of your essential belongings at home.

They’re built to provide the most comfortable riding experience possible, and they allow you to bring a significant amount of luggage with you when you hit the road.

Tourers are the sportier relatives of cruiser motorcycles. They offer many of the same benefits with more amenities and features added to the equation.

They provide an upright sitting position for greater comfort and vision when on the road.They also have luxury features like heated grips, cruise control, and heated seats.

You’ll love riding motorcycles nationwide when you’re riding on the back of a touring motorcycle.It’s an excellent road trip companion if you want to see the country from a different perspective.

Pros and Cons of Touring Motorcycles

Touring motorcycles are noted for their smooth acceleration and handling.

They’re enjoyable to ride on paved roads of all types, and you won’t worry about performing accidental wheelies when riding a touring bike. They’re also stable when turning or facing winds.

You’ll also love the comfort that touring motorcycles provide compared to other types of motorcycles.The major downside to these bikes is their weight. They’re massive, heavy bikes that can overwhelm new riders.

Pick Out the Best Motorcycle for Your Needs Today

Finding the best motorcycle is a matter of preference and your interests.

Know what you’re looking for in a bike and what you enjoy when riding motorcycles to find a bike that offers the comfort, seat height, fuel efficiency, and power you desire.

Determine if you want to ride paved and unpaved roads when comparing affordable motorcycles on your buying journey.

Seeing the country from the back of a bike is an unforgettable experience. Take your first steps toward riding motorcycles by checking out more of our blog posts today!

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