4 Common Car Cleaning Myths That Actually Can Spoil The Looks Of Your Car

Car Cleaning

November 12th, 2018   |   Updated on April 11th, 2020

If you were to search the Internet for tips on how to keep your car clean, you will be astounded at the amount of information, often quite contradictory, that is floating around from people posing as experts.

It, therefore, sometimes becomes very difficult to distinguish the facts from the myths. Some facts separated from myths tips that you can use to keep your car looking as new:

1. Using Detergents Is The Best Way Of Getting Rid Of Grease And Hard Grime

Car Cleaning

The typical household detergents used for washing dishes or clothes are extremely harsh and can strip the wax and even the top coat the paint that keeps your car protected from corrosion.

Your car paint will appear dull unless you apply a coat or two of polish again. Often these detergents also contain abrasive particles that can scratch the paint of your car.

You can use Tayloright car wash soap that is specially formulated for washing cars; it’s gentle but very effective dirt cleaning properties make it ideal to keep your car in top condition.


2. Automatic Car Washes Conserve Water More

Car Cleaning

Even though an automatic car wash is designed to save water to the maximum, hand washing your car with two buckets is far more economical as far as water consumption is concerned.

Of course, if you use running water from a garden hose, you may actually end up spending more water unless you are careful.

If you want to give your car to a professional cleaning agency, then use one that uses steam cleaners as they conserve the water most. According to the carwash, there is an increasing trend to get cars washed professionally rather than owners cleaning the vehicles themselves.


3. Any Old Cloth Or Rag Is Fine For Cleaning Cars

Car Cleaning

If you really love your car and want to keep the paint as glossy as it was when new, you should invest in a few microfiber towels, mitts, and chamois cloths.

These will ensure that you do not inadvertently end up scratching the paint of your car by using old clothes, paper towels, bath towels, etc. to clean your car as these can often contain abrasive particles.

Further, the performance of good quality microfiber towels or chamois leather is distinctly superior to that of ordinary cloth.


4. There Is No Use Cleaning The Engine Compartment

Car Cleaning

Most people spend hours on cleaning and polishing the bodies of cars but ignore the engine simply because it is out of sight.

There are many benefits of cleaning the engine; not only can dirt buildup make it difficult to spot fluid leaks but also dust accumulation on the condenser pipes can make the air conditioner less effective. Also, a clean radiator will ensure that the engine cooling is proper and extend the life of the engine.



Keeping your car clean and shiny not only makes it look better but also significantly improves its performance. Moreover, a clean car speaks volumes about its owner and fetches significantly more when you want to trade it in or sell it off.

Images: Pixabay