A Complete Guide For Camping Beds

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July 10th, 2018   |   Updated on August 14th, 2019

During camping, it is not easy to get a very good night but according to the scientists, sleeping directly under the stars can help reduce the overall stress and tiredness of the body and also give you a proper sleep. Nowadays there are many options available in the market for buying the mattresses and the camping beds.

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Here we are going to discuss the various camp bed options along with their advantages and disadvantages so that it becomes easy for you to choose from a wide range of camping beds available in the market.

1. Self-inflating Sleeping Mats

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This camping bed is made from a thin mattress layer and filled with padding inside it. Once the valve of the bed is opened, the air immediately gets sucked in and the mat gets inflated. You need to fill some air more than required. For this, after the filling is done, roll down the bag and then fill again after opening the valve.

The self inflating camping beds are very widely used as they are very less in weight and light in size as well.  Thus, these come to be a suitable choice for most of the backpackers.


  • Very easy to lift
  • No pump is needed for inflation
  • Ideal for the task of wild camping
  • Available in different budget ranges


  • The insulation is very limited

2. All In One Beds & Ready Beds

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Ready bed comes with a sleeping bag that has an inflatable air mattress attached to it. This is a self-inflating the mattress. Transportation is very feasible and the bags are used mostly for the purpose of camping only. Some of these beds come with zipping from the base. These beds are mostly preferred by children. The configuration available is both for single as well as double options.


  • This is an all in one complete solution for the camping purpose.
  • It is very feasible to carry
  • Available in lot many designs which are cool and funky
  • Available for single but sometimes double option might also be available.


  • Restrictiveness can be experienced sometimes.

3. Standard Air Mattress

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Standard air Camping beds are a great choice as you get a superb combination of value as well as comfort. Holding them is very easy and you can take them anywhere without any burden. They require a pump for inflation as you can’t inflate this camping bed with the mouth.


  • Easily available
  • Less costly
  • Transportation is easy as they can be folded to very small size
  • Many options available including single, double, king-size etc


  • During the usage, air leaks out and hence inflation has to be done again
  • Insulation is poor and hence they become cool quickly

4. Folding Camp Beds

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Folding beds are mainly used by military people. They are very comforting in nature and you get a good sleep on them. Although they are somewhat heavy in nature, car campers use them often as they come along with carrying bags.


  • Height is good enough to keep you away from the floor
  • Storage space is available below the bed
  • Available in single and sometimes double option as well


  • They are heavier to carry
  • They are big in size and hence only can be transported in big vehicles like a car.