20 Cute Couples Halloween Costume Ideas

Couples Halloween Costume

October 21st, 2018   |   Updated on May 22nd, 2023

There are lots of events and occasions in life that are much more fun when they are shared with someone special. Halloween is one of those times.

Bonfires, hayrides, spooky venues, and the crisp, cool night air are the perfect setting for snuggling close and cuddling, while celebrations and Halloween parties are also ideal opportunities to have fun together.

There are a variety of Halloween costumes for couples to make your night memorable and even more exciting.

Dressing up together is a lot of fun and the possibilities for Halloween costumes for couples are endless. The best couple’s costume for you and your sweetheart will depend on your individual tastes and interests, as well as your plans for Halloween.

There are so many different activities and happenings planned each year for Halloween, that the decision of what to do and where to go may be just as difficult as choosing a costume!

If you have young children and plan to celebrate Halloween as a family, you can still dress up together. There are plenty of Halloween costumes for couples that are family-friendly and many can be adapted to include the entire family, even the dog!

Whether you’re trick-or-treating with the little ones or attending a family Halloween party, these Halloween costumes for couples are sure to be a hit.

For mild, but still sexy Halloween costumes, try family friendly television and movie characters and other traditional themes that are not too revealing.

1. Rasta Imposta Lightweight Plug And Socket Couples Costume

Rasta Imposta Lightweight Plug and Socket Couples Costume

Rasta imposta’s plug and socket is a humorous couples costume. This comes as two separate tunics packed together

Price : $39.99                                                                                          

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Review: Minskin Cat Lover

The plug costume arrived with deep, set in wrinkles. Steaming it did not help. It was also quite crushed, but we found putting a shoe box under the front was the perfect solution.

The plug part of the costume also runs small. My boyfriend is a size 34 waist and it fit somewhat snugly on him. The costume looks easy enough to add extra material to though, if it is too small. Read Full Review…


2. Bob Ross Artist Couples Costume Bundle Set

 Bob Ross Artist Couples Costume Bundle Set
Perfect for birthday parties, dress up and pretend play, Halloween and costume parties, Trick or Treat, or Artsy theme parties!
Browse for other Bob Ross accessories like wigs, masks, shoes, costume props, decorations and costume bundles to complete your look!

Price : $89.99                                                                                            

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Review: Donald Prestridge

his is awesome, with is good quality, beard is elastic so it’s not stick on and finished, the paint palate is nice and large, The painting outfit is a little misleading in the pictures, it’s hard to tell but is a contoured fit with material like wings attached between the arm and waist. My girl is a size 16 waist, not tiny, and she looks very sexy in it, fits her very very nicely, wouldn’t go any bigger than that though, perfect costume for a girl that’s not a stick and wants to still have fun and look good. Read Full Review…


3. FunWorld Peanut Butter And Jelly Set

FunWorld Peanut Butter And Jelly Set
Includes both costumes for the price of one, you get 1 foam tunic with peanut butter on bread printed on the front, and 1 foam tunic with jelly on bread printed on the front

Price : $34.00                                                                                           

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Review: darbyb

I really liked these costumes. They are funny and unique yet require no work. The backsides have little going on and when we were separated some people didn’t quite know what each of were but when together it was definitely a big hit. The print was quite realistic looking and the fit would accommodate many sizes and shapes. Read Full Review…


4. Rasta Imposta Bacon And Eggs Couples Costume

 Rasta Imposta Bacon and Eggs Couples Costume
This classic breakfast combo makes a great couples costume set.Thousands of costumes.Accessories for kids and adults of all ages! It is Brand new.

Price : $28.99                                                                                       

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Review: drwends

For the price, this Halloween costume is great. I think it will only last one night, but it only needs to last one night. The price made it totally worth it.

My husband and I are excited to wear these “easy-to-wear” costumes to our adult party. Minimal dressing up for us. I also liked that it fit my husband, size 36, and me, a size 16/18. Read Full Review…


5. 80s Rocker Halloween Costumes Wig – 2 Heavy Metal Couples Wigs For Men and Women Halloween costumes for couples. Bring out your rocker wigs and bandanas any time for any occasion. Show your inner rocker spirit for Halloween costumes as well as 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s costume parties. You can even take your heavy metal rocker wigs to themed clubs, discos, and more in total style and comfort!

Price : $24.97                                                                                            

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Review: CG

I wanted to get 80s wigs for my kids but was having a hard time finding ones for kids’ sizes. I bought these adult wigs and just figured we’d make do with them. They’re actually cut small, so they fit my elementary-school-aged kids perfectly. Ours came with only one bandana. Read Full Review…


6. Fun World Tacky Traveler Adult Costume

 Fun World Tacky Traveler Adult Costume-

This costume includes: a one-piece jumpsuit with a shirt top with the words ‘Which way to the Buffet’ printed on the front and blue Bermuda style shorts with a wire hoop waist. Includes jumpsuit. Hats, drinks, sunglasses, shoes and socks not included.

Price : $39.71                                                                                            

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Review: Yonas

Great Costumes the material is thin, need to have a 2X instead of 1 size fit all, my husband is 6’3” his Costume fit snug from the waist down so he wore a pair of shorts under his to camouflage the “print” lol. Received Compliments Galore fun fun costume and Great Price. Read Full Review…


7. Buddy The Elf and Jovi Couples Costume Bundle Set – Standard

Buddy The Elf and Jovi Couples Costume Bundle Set - Standard
Perfect for Christmas dress up, pub crawls, holiday events, family and Christmas card photos or movie theme parties!

Price : $82.64                                                                                          

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Read Full Review…


8. Rasta Imposta – Puzzle Pieces Adult Couples Costume

 Rasta Imposta - Puzzle Pieces Adult Couples Costume

Two costumes for the price of one Pair up with a friend or significant other with this Puzzle Pieces Adult Couples Costume. Includes tunics. Does not includes shirts, pants, or shoes.

Price : $47.20                                                                                          

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Review: Amazon Customer

Perfect easy Halloween costume. Read Full Review…


9. Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head Kit Costume

Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Kit Costume
This Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Kit is an officially licensed Mr. Potato Head costume. The shirt and pants are not included with this Mr or Mrs Potato Head costume kit.

Price : $79.99                                                                                            

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Review: Darrell Angleton

It is just what you see. The paper press-ons stayed in place during the party. Read Full Review…


10. Fun World Adult Nudist Couple Costume

Fun World Adult Nudist Couple Costume
Nudist Couple Adult Costume These costumes are just what you think they are so if you’re feeling a little exhibitionistic, by all means! Perfect for that brazen couple!

Includes: 2 Costumes in 1 Bag! Includes 2 nude jumpsuits with 3-D genitalia. Available Size: One Size Fits up to 6’/200 lbs for The Men’s costume/ Female Costume up to a size 14.

Price : $30.95                                                                                             

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Review: Stephanie M. Corby

Although the female nudist fits me perfectly, I’m calling it “somewhat small” because I am 5 feet tall. Anyone taller will get a Melvin from this costume.

The man is quite a bit longer, but probably not big enough for a tall or big guy. These costumes are hilarious! Though they are not of superior quality, you will get a few wears out of them. Read Full Review…


11. Forum Novelties El Toro The Terri Bull Costume Adult Size Standard One-Size

Forum Novelties El Toro The Terri Bull Costume Adult Size Standard One-Size
Includes Hood, nose with the ring, top with hooves, pants with hooves, tail.

Price : $34.95                                                                                           

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Review: Amazon Customer

I am a 6, sometimes 8. These pants fit me to a T. The jacket does too. The description says up to a size 14. No way, don’t buy if you are over an 8, and if you are on the larger side of 8, it will probably be too small. Also, no idea how to use the hat. It’s just a sewn together shape. Read Full Review…


12. Adult Cookies and Milk Costume

Adult Cookies and Milk Costume
Don’t just go together like cookies and milk, go out wearing an actual cookies and milk costume. Because you belong together and everyone should be able to see that. – Milk Carton Tunic – Cookie Chest Piece.

Price : $42.95                                                                                          

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Review: Abby Hern

It’s a little flimsy, but not too crazy. From far it’s cute, but up close you can tell it isn’t the best costume ever. People said it was cute.

The milk costume you can actually wear and put on, but the cookie is more like a shield that you can hang from your neck or something. Read Full Review…


13. Rubie’s Costume Co. Men’s Set Of 2 Costumes: Plug and Socket

 Rubie's Costume Co. Men's Set Of 2 Costumes: Plug and Socket

Rubie’s costume company has the licensed and non-licensed costumes, decor, and accessories for every season: Halloween, Christmas, mardi gras, Easter, and all in-between. A leading innovator in the industry, in business and stocking product 12 months a year, Rubie’s has the broadest product line of any costume company.

Price : $43.95                                                                                           

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Review: lala

bought this for next halloween. we expected that i would wear the outlet and he would wear the plug like in the picture but we will probably have to switch roles because he had a hard time fitting into the plug part. Read Full Review…


14. Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann Couples Costumes

Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann Couples Costumes

The Raggedy Andy And Raggedy Ann Couples Costumes brings two outfits. The Raggedy Andy includes shirt/pant style costume, red and white stockings and red yarn wig hat. The Raggedy Ann costume brings a a dress with apron, multicolored stockings, bloomers and a wig.

Price :  $65.78                                                                                           

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Review: Amazon Customer

I got a lot of compliments on the costume everywhere I went. It was great to go to a party and nobody else had this costume. There were a lot of other duplicate costumes there so I was happy I wasn’t one of them. Read Full Review…


15. Tigerdoe Loofah & Soap Costume

Tigerdoe Loofah & Soap Costume

This costume set includes loofah costume and soap costume. Costume sets are unisex and one size fits most adults and teens. Unique funny costume! Quick easy pullover costumes!

Price :  $31.99                                                                                           

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Review : Vilma FirenzeAndoos

Not as full as on the picture. Have to wear something underneath unless you’re 100 lbs. Did get a good reception at the party though. Read Full Review…


16. Salt and Pepper Costume

Salt and Pepper Costume

This costume set includes a salt and pepper full-size costumes. Costumes include adorable hats! Unique funny costume! Quick easy pullover costumes! Perfect couple costume! Great for Halloween, themed parties and dress up parties.

Price :  $45.99                                                                                           

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Review : Lisa Lanning

Perfect Read Full Review…


17. Tigerdoe Puzzle Piece Costume

Tigerdoe Puzzle Piece Costume

This costume set includes green and red full-size costumes. Costume sets are unisex and one size fits most adults and teens.

Price :  $19.99                                                                                           

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Review : Amazon Customer

Not exactly what i was expecting but it’ll do Read Full Review…


18. Donald Duck and Daisy Duck Costume

Donald Duck and Daisy Duck Costume

Use the advanced machine to manufacture EVA head, it is stronger and enough hard to avoid to break when it meet strike accidentally, User head can be protected very well, but paperboard or foam head was produced by different paperboard or foam pieces, they was usually agglutinated by the bad gluewater ,this kind of head is not very firm, and very easily to turn into fragment, At the same time, the gluewater do harm to the User, it makes the User headache or feel unhappy.

Price :  $185.00                                                                                           

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Review : Sheila D Cribb

The fit was great and costume was so cute. My office staff dresses out for the Pre-K Students at our Elementary School! Read Full Review…


19. King and Queen Playing Cards Costumes

King and Queen Playing Cards Costumes

As the King weeps at his throne, the Queen appears. “Why has thou allowed such a trivial thing break thee?” says the Queen, “Are thou without honor?”

“The Jester dishonored my mother, and tricked me into punishing him with old age,” the King sniffles, “Is it trivial that I hath no way to defend my own mother?”

And so, the Queen takes matters into her own hands. She nags the Jester for seven days and seven nights, much so that he ages sevenfold and -indeed- dies of old age. The Queen’s work is done, and she returns to her throne next to the King.

Price :  $39.99                                                                                           

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Review : Wendy A. Bessy

This was a great costume for my husband and I. It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. We added crowns to complete the look. It was shipped quickly and packaged very well. We were a hit at the neighborhood halloween party! Read Full Review…


20. Cookie and Milk Costume

Cookie and Milk Costume

This set includes a chocolate chip cookie costume and a milk carton costume.Costume sets are unisex and a one size fits most adults and teens.

Price :  $33.99                                                                                           

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Review : Amazon Customer

We really liked this couple costume. It was a big hit at the Halloween party we went to. It was good quality material for the price and it qas super comfortable to wear. The only issue is thar if you are small, the cookie straps will keep falling down so you may have to pin them to your adjusted size but besides that , it was a wonderful experience. Read Full Review…