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20 Best Halloween Costumes For Men And Women For 2018

Best Halloween Costumes

Updated on January 18th, 2019

Are you one of those people craving to celebrate Halloween this year? This is the time of year where you get to dress up in your dream character. There are lots of things you can do, also your kids during this day.

The kids take pleasure in this celebration because they acquire many candies and money from the neighborhood. Well, you can either make or purchase or rent the Halloween costumes.

You can also purchase the Halloween accessories along with your dress. Now you can obtain these things from online. These costumes are divided into many categories.

They are men costumes, women costumes, kids, olds, and pets. Let me give you the two first types of costumes.

Men Halloween costumes:

There is lot of selection for men to wear costumes. Typically, the men have restricted choice for costumes. The costumes you will come across for men are big daddy, zombie, batman, and American rev officer, pirate zombie, Dracula, vampire and a lot more.

They can even show off their favorite mascot Halloween costumes. You can also purchase accessories according to your costumes. Check Out Below:

1. TOLOCO Inflatab le Dinosaur T-REX Costume

TOLOCO Inflatable Dinosaur T-REX Costume

Are you getting ready for Halloween or a fancy dress party and want a costume that is absolutely unique? Do you want to be the talk of the party and win every costume competition you enter? And are you one of those awesome people that don’t take themselves too seriously and just want to help other people have a laugh? Then the TOLOCO inflatable Halloween costumes for adults are perfect for you!

Price : $29.99                                                                                         

Buy now

Review: Kindle Customer

I am six foot one and this costume fit really well my shoes barley show out of the bottom of the feet . if you are short like five foot eight or less it might be baggy on you but there is plenty of room to pull it up higher on your body . I included a photo to show how it fit on me . Read Full Review…


2. Tigerdoe Piggyback Costumes – Funny Costumes for Adults

Tigerdoe Piggyback Costumes – Funny Costumes for Adults

The laughs will keep coming with this hilarious ride-on costume for adults. Perfect choice costume for your Halloween get-up, costume parties, or any dress up event. Comfortable, easy to use novelty piggyback costume is a fun favorite for parties and events. Ride on shoulders costumes are great ways to add a fun, spirited energy to your next dress-up event.

Price : $39.99                                                                                       

Buy now

Review: C. Gierek

Everyone thought it was absolutely hysterical! It was a little short. I saw tall men leaving reviews and thought I’d be OK, but at 5′ 11″, the legs were a little short and my shoes totally showed the whole time. Not the end of the world, just a comment.

I would’ve left it at 5 stars but I discovered after the end of the one night I wore this, the bottom section had completely unraveled at the seam and now there’s a four inch gaping hole in the costume. Read Full Review…


3. Rubie’s The Flintstones Fred Costume

Rubie's The Flintstones Fred Costume

All you need to be a stud in Bedrock is a set of new threads to impress the ladies and a really smooth catchphrase. Fred didn’t get that memo. He’s been rocking the same outfit day in and out since the Stone Age. Also, “Yabba dabba doo,” might be wacky and kind of funny, but it’s hardly the kind of smooth talk that sweeps a girl off her feet. Of course, Wilma liked those moves, so they can’t be all that bad.

Price : $131.50                                                                                          

Buy now

Review: Sudy

I really liked this costume a lot! I ordered an XL for my bf, even though he is an L, but I wanted to make sure that he can wear some clothes underneath.

And thank goodness I was thinking of that because that night was sure bitter cold anyways. The customer did fit him well and he still had plenty of room in it. Read Full Review…


4. Rubie’s Ghostbusters Inflatable Costumes

 Rubie's Ghostbusters Inflatable Costumes

Give the Ghostbusters a challenge when you wear this plus size Stay Puft costume for adults. – Inflatable Jumpsuit – Battery Operated Fan – Gloves – Headpiece

Price : $28.99                                                                                          

Buy now

Review: Autobot

This was the best, low-cost costume I ever purchased. I’m 6’8″, 250 lbs, and it fit me (although the leg and armbands were stretched to the max they did not rip) The fan kept the costume inflated the whole 4 hours I had it on without fail.

For added affect I hung a couple of glow sticks around my neck under the costume, in in the dark it glowed just like slimer and looked like he was floating! Read Full Review…


5. Forum Novelties – Adult Droopers Costume

Forum Novelties - Adult Droopers Costume

A great laugh, a quick and easy instant classic. Get instant laughs with this humorous costume set featuring orange pants and a white shirt

Price : $18.99                                                                                          

Buy now

Review: Jamie Polzin

Droopers were somewhat flat when I took them out of the package, but I shifted the stuffing around and it was much better. I bought other leopard print clothes and just used the droopers. People loved the costume. Read Full Review…


6. Rasta Imposta Giraffe Costume

Rasta Imposta Giraffe Costume

Rasta imposta’s giraffe is a deluxe animal costume. This costume comes with a shirt, pants attached gloves, and a head.

Price : $43.13                                                                                          

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Review: Jacek

Love this thing – definitely got a lot of attention last Halloween, even at the GIANT half-million-people-crammed-into-6-blocks West Hollywood Halloween Carnival – which has absolutely the most insane costumes you can imagine.

You definitely have to stuff the head with something – some people here recommended newspaper, I actually suggest filling up a few new non-holey Ziploc bags with air and shoving ’em in there – it’s lighter and easier to remove after. Read Full Review…


7. California Costumes Men’s Adult- Red Evil Jester Costume

California Costumes Men's Adult- Red Evil Jester Costume


Costume includes shirt with attached skulls, coordinating pants, waist sash, jester inspired headpiece with attached skulls and mask.

Price : $132.86                                                                                          

Buy now

Review: Lipstickgirl

This is a pretty cool costume except the mask was distorted, probably from shipping. We even had it attached to a soccer call for the day to get its shape back.

Since it was hard to see out of, he took it off whenever he had a chance. Would be ideal costume without mask and just use scary makeup instead. Read Full Review…


8. California Costumes Men’s Evil Winged Monkey Adult

California Costumes Men's Adult- Red Evil Jester Costume

You can find these guys in more places than just the land of oz these days. Flying monkey is an intricate and detailed suit that includes the top with attached Faux fur sleeves, Faux fur pants, character wings, character feet, character mask with attached hat, character feet, and elastic wings.

Price : $119.98                                                                                            

Buy now

Review: J. Shays

This costume is pretty nice, I went to a fall festival and I was walking around with my family dressed in the wizard of oz theme, and while I was wearing this suit I would constantly get compliments from individuals on how cool I look, and I even had people want pictures with me. Was pretty cool. Read Full Review…


9. Lovely Inflatable Costume Adult Christmas Cosplay Outfit Men Animal Horse Jumpsuit

Lovely Inflatable Costume Adult Christmas Cosplay Outfit Men Animal Horse Jumpsuit Halloween Costume Topker

The included battery-operated fan inflates the costume in seconds, it requires 4xAA batteries (not included)
It also comes with re-enforced stitching to ensure the inflatable costume lasts a long time.

This gorgeous riding tiger costume will for sure make you stand out in public and attract more attention as well.

Inflatable costume step into the costume, do the zip up, switch the fan on, wait a minute and you’re ready.
One size fits the person from 1.5-2m, easy setup, easy to move about, and easy to walk, jump, sit, run.

Price : $38.05                                                                                           

Buy now


Read Full Review…


10. JUDE Adult Men’s Dark Mystic Sorcerer Robe Halloween Cosplay Costume with Hooded Cape

JUDE Adult Men's Dark Mystic Sorcerer Robe Halloween Cosplay Costume with Hooded Cape

The mystic sorcerer full length hooded robe is perfect for a variety of dress-up occasions. Wear to your favorite Halloween, Cosplay, Role Playing, Gothic, Steampunk, Renaissance, Medieval, Masquerade, or Ritual event! Great addition to any costume including wizards, witches, mages, warlocks, vampires, sorcerers, elves, and much much more!

Price : $42.99                                                                                          

Buy now

Review: John A Palmatier

Definitely won’t be too small. Nice quality, looks good. Pretty warm when it is hot outside. Read Full Review…
Women Halloween costumes:

Many ladies choose to wear sexy Halloween costumes for looking and feeling feminine. Some say that they dress in sexy costumes for seducing their partner. Apart from being sexy, you can fright your partner by wearing horror costumes. You can also purchase Halloween makeup kit, wigs, mask and sexy shoes along with clothes.

You can have fun during Halloween night by dropping the party and calling all your friends and family. You can salt away money by giving a party at your place.

You can beautify your place with bones, and spiders, bats, Skeletons, black curtain shimmers, and many more items. Your place should look creepy when your friends enter the place. They should be factually get scared by entering the place.

You can also employ balloons which should be rupture upon arriving guest. The major thing to be hanged is the pumpkin lantern. Instead of lights, you can make use of pumpkin lantern which darkens the room and gives a scary looking affect.

There are lots of things to bear in mind when you want to celebrate Halloween. All you have to do is to make sure that your families are all safe. Check Out Below:


1. FEESHOW Women’s Mermaid Tail Halloween Costumes Party Shiny Sequins Long Skirt

FEESHOW Women's Mermaid Tail Halloween Costumes Party Shiny Sequins Long Skirt

Premium Ladies Women’s Sequined Mermaid Skirt. Elastic waistband with side zipper closure. 3 layers tail, 1 mesh layer, 1 satin layer and 1 lining with netting for additional fullness, Great for party, birthday, photography or other special occasions.

Price : $23.95                                                                                         

Buy now

Review: Tahereh Safavi

Excellent for a mermaid costume. Pay attention to Asian sizing and order up. I am 5’6 160 lbs 40-30-42 and an L fits comfortably. A company member of mine is 5’4 140 lbs and wore an M comfortably. Read Full Review…


2. Sensfun Costumes for Women Girls Knee High Black Witch Cloak with Hat Dress

Sensfun Costumes for Women Girls Knee High Black Witch Cloak with Hat Dress

Halloween is coming, are you looking for a dress perfect suitable for Halloween? You’re lucky, Here are some clothes for Halloween Cosplay at Sensfun, Choose a Costume outfit you like, not just one that fits your budget. You deserve the best, The Best Choice for a Cosplay is Sensfun.

Price : $19.99                                                                                           

Buy now


Read Full Review…


3. Women 3D Style Halloween Cosplay Costumes Jumpsuit Bodysuit

Women 3D Style Halloween Cosplay Costumes Jumpsuit Bodysuit

Made of lycra spandex, nylon; zipper handle. will be much easier to zip up and down. Turtleneck unitard, long sleeves bodysuit. Stretchy to fit most builds, breathable.Very Comfortable, High Quality, Hand Washable. Perfect for all kinds of occasion. clubbing, Halloween, Christmas, party, masquerade, catsuit role, dance, nightclub party.

Price : $15.99                                                                                           

Buy now

Review: Teenie

I never know when ordering costumes how they will fit or how the colours will look in person. I’m 5’7 and 135 pounds & I ordered a large. It was perfect in length and size.

My only complaint is that when you raise your arms, the material does stretch and becomes a lighter red/black color. Amazing for the price. Read Full Review…


4. Leg Avenue Women’s Cozy Shark

 Leg Avenue Women's Cozy Shark

Be fiercely fearful this Halloween in the Cozy Shark Adult Women’s Dress. This cozy; fleece dress features fin details on the sleeves and back. The attached hood’s opening has scary big shark teeth;

Price : $23.10                                                                                            

Buy now

Review: Molly B

Very cute costume. I read that it ran small so I ordered a Large – I typically wear a small in tops/bottoms (size 2 in jeans. It isn’t suprt tight – but I wouldn’t have wanted it any smaller. Read Full Review…


5. Leg Avenue Women’s Cozy Bat Costume

Leg Avenue Women's Cozy Bat Costume

Some people might be afraid of bats. But when they see you in this Cozy Bat Adult Costume they might just change their minds! You’ll look simply smashing. This dress is very short, so you’ll probably want to wear hot pants or boy shorts underneath to keep your derriere fully covered.

Price : $19.99                                                                                            

Buy now

Review: MamaGRAYce

I am 5 foot 1 and about 112 pounds, after reading reviews I decided to size up and ordered a size medium. It fit perfectly, looked great, and was super warm, I wore a tank underneath and was warm in the New England fall weather that got pretty cold that night. Read Full Review…


6. Forum Novelties Women’s Deluxe Victorian Ghost Bride Costume

Forum Novelties Women's Deluxe Victorian Ghost Bride Costume

Dressing up is fun all year long when you have costumes and accessories from Forum Novelties. Featuring a wide range of sizes and styles, you’re sure to find what you want for your next masquerade ball, Halloween party, or just for a night on the town.

Price : $44.12                                                                                         

Buy now

Review: Eclairesmom

I’m 5’8 & I wear a size 12, and there was definitely some room in this dress. Since it ties in the back it was no issue. Actually Very comfortable! I would say it would fit up to probably a size 16. I was pleasantly surprised by this costume! Read Full Review…


7. California Costumes Women’s Dark Red Riding Hood Adult

California Costumes Women's Dark Red Riding Hood Adult

Price : $31.77                                                                                         

Buy now

Review: Amazon Customer

I received a lot of compliments but I made a few adjustments to the costume. First, the corset’s tie slots were is sewn with one side higher than the other so I skipped the top left and bottom right.

You don’t need all of them anyway, it’s better to skip every other row. It is so much sexier to lift one side but doesn’t use the ribbon provided. Read Full Review…


8. Fun World Women’s Peace Love Hippie Costume

Fun World Women's Peace Love Hippie Costume

Imported, Hand Wash, Includes dress with attached vest, headband, and boot covers.

Price : $23.03                                                                                         

Buy now

Review: KSH

Great costume! I am 5″1′ tall and weigh 130 lbs. I wear a size 8/10 and am a 34DD so a bit “top heavy” and carry my weight around my middle.

I got the med/Lg based on the other reviews and am glad I did. The dress fit fine through the chest area where I was concerned it would be tight and with the help of my spanks, it fit fine through the tummy area too. Read Full Review…


9. DC Comics Deluxe Batgirl Adult Costume

DC Comics Deluxe Batgirl Adult Costume

Price : $24.99                                                                                           

Buy now

Review: Dee El

I love, love this outfit. I am a 38ddd and it fits well. Yes, the material is a bit cheap, but it looks so cute. I am 5’7. The length was just right.

I plan to wear it for work. You don’t need to purchase anything else. Everything you need is packed neatly and ready to wear. Read Full Review…


10. Leg Avenue Women’s 2 Piece Storybook Witch

Leg Avenue Women's 2 Piece Storybook Witch

Price : $48.93                                                                                          

Buy now

Review: kristyrae21

I am in love with this costume. I feel beautiful in it! I am 5’8, a size 8/10, but have the 36D chest. Because of this, I have problems fitting into tops.

I ordered an M/L and this has plenty of chest room. The material seems sturdy, and the dress is actually all one piece that slips over your head so it goes on easily. Read Full Review…


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