12 Ways To Create Your Business Name

Create Your Business Name

April 20th, 2018   |   Updated on July 14th, 2018

Creating your company’s name is never an easy task. You can try to list some of your ideas and you still wonder what name can spell out the ambition of your business.

Even if your team tries to brainstorm, sometimes more minds can get more confusing. Because in the end, what matters the most is your opinion.

Names are very powerful. Each one has a unique feature that can make a difference among others. If you get the name right, then it can help you achieve your goals. It makes a huge influence on a business’ success.

You can try Store name generator, like BusinessNameGenerator or Namesmith to help you create a name. So how can you make your company name idea right? You can visit Oberlo.

The website can help you in finding the best name for your business. They feature a blog wherein you can find 26 Free Business Name Generators. To start, here are 12 things to consider in creating your business name.

1. Be Creative

When you are creating a business name, keep in mind that is should be creative and unique. This will help your customers remember your company. If it has a deeper meaning then much better. But don’t go too overboard, like unique names that are hard to read and pronounce.


2. Acronym

As much as possible, try to limit your name to short ones, because they are easier to remember. But if you want to use longer names then you must use an acronym.


3. Mash Up

This one is quite cool, trying to combine to words and make it very unique. If you are thinking of putting longer names then try to mash it up. You might get cool words out it.


4. Foreign Words

There are a lot of language in the world, and using your own to create a name is a bit boring. It sort of fascinating to hear foreign words especially when it’s new to our ear. When we pronounce those words, it makes us look classy and knowledgeable. That could be a way to interest your customers.


5. Own Name

If you have a very odd name then you might want to consider using it. Being uncommon to the public can make it memorable to people. And not to mention giving your name a glory for itself.


6. Partnership with Another Company

Starting up a new business with another entrepreneur? Then try mixing your company name together. This way, your loyal customers will get the idea that you own part of that business and will still support you.

7. Make It Descriptive

You don’t have to let people wonder what your company name is made of. Just be direct and straight to the point. You can use the name that depicts the real meaning of your business.

When it is too general, then try to use a unique logo that goes along with it. That way, your business will still stand out in the market.


8. Abbreviate

Try to discover something new to your name. If you want to use a common name then you can abbreviate it. Choose a word out of that name that looks and sounds unique.


9. Invent an Alternative Spelling

There are some words that when you read it, it’s very cool to hear. But the spelling is too general. So try to level things up and spell it the way you say it. That is one unique thing to do that could help you build your brand.


10. Tell Your Story

Choose one thing that is very unusual to you. Like your favorites that can make your business distinctive. Your name can picture the whole story, so try to pick the right one. Talk about what you believe in, an idea that came from you, or your principle.


11. Remove or Add an Extra Letter

It could be a silly thing to do but it might just work. Try to use simple words and remove or add an extra letter. If it looks and sounds good, then you might want to use it.



12. Pick a Word from Dictionary

Still puzzled by words? Why not use a dictionary and find some unique words. People like to discover new things, so this one can be a good sign for your success.


When you are trying to create a name for your business, use something that has a deep meaning and that can deliver what you are trying to tell to your customers.

It should convey what your product and services are all about. Don’t go for too generic names that can be easily forgotten by people. Also, aim for a unique tagline that describes what your business is all about.

If you are still confused about which name to use, try to visit Namerific, it can generate the best name for your business.

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