Why Creating A Brand Value Is More Important For Non-profit Organizations?

Brand Value

Published on October 3rd, 2018

A nonprofit organization has to weave its path through a much challenging environment to get to the hearts of people and make a position. Profitable organizations and businesses do not face that great a challenge as nonprofits in impressing people.

That’s because businesses can speak for them by simply offering the best through their products and services. If customers stay satisfied with what they paid for, then the story always ends at a happy note.

Though there are many more factors in the success story of a business, at the end of the day it’s about establishing a nice customer business relationship where there reflects trust for the business and its products with high levels of appreciation, satisfaction, and value for money.

In the case of nonprofits, the game is different. There they have to gain the confidence of donor and people they are working with through constant efforts.

And they cannot charge anyone for their sincere efforts as they are nonprofits and only work on charities and donations. Hence one big game changer for nonprofits to get name and fame and shine high is branding.


1. Nonprofits Require Branding For Gaining Confidence

Non-profit Organizations

Till date, you may have heard that businesses and organizations do a lot like logo making, emblem and color declaration, etc., to become brands while striving to make an impression on the minds of people. But the necessity for branding is more for nonprofits than anyone else.

That’s because these organizations that strive and run on charity need people’s belief the most to get the limelight and therefore get the donations.

If no one would know the nonprofit, then the organization will struggle harder to get donations. Recognition, on the other hand, makes straightway for donations. And to bring this recognition, branding is a must.

A brand name brings recognition and makes the nonprofit organization a known name and entity in public. Once the public starts showing confidence in the organization; charities, donations, and helping hands come following to the organization for the rest of its life.


2. What Is The Brand Of A Nonprofit To A Common Man?

In the eyes of a common man, a nonprofit organization is worth donating or worth thinking welfare of, when they become a strong pillar and support to the public, the nation, to some cause, children or aged, etc., in situations of crises.

The main role of charitable organizations is to help people, stand by the helpless, and make a difference. And when people recognize this effort and success, then they start believing. With belief comes their helping attitude.

Donations in several forms like food, shelter, space, property, money, workforce, dress materials, and medicines, etc., all come hand in hand following one another, from the common man and other influential people and organizations to the nonprofit, when the brand of the nonprofit starts to act strong.

And this brand value is felt through vibes in mind. Vibes which are strong, which tells they are worthy, and show reasons for the worth, and helps see trustworthiness of the organization makes for the brand value. These things are purely based on sentiments and not on calculations.

The more the sentiment gets spread, the more people start believing in the cause and effort of the nonprofit organization.


3. How A Brand For A Nonprofit Gets Created?

Creating a brand is not that easy a task as using the word branding is. It takes time, effort, patience, and most importantly the concept.

Not every branding effort relies on getting success on the same concept. Something clicks for one and something else for another. Therefore it’s also a game of luck and gamble at times. Sometimes things are accepted by people really fast and easy.

At other times lots of branding efforts with good calculations also may fail because the actual organization didn’t act accordingly.

Hence a joint endeavor, where the organization is really working for a noble cause, while the branding efforts are actually highlighting the movements makes for the right duo that clicks.


4. Storytelling – The Most Important Part Of Current Day Branding


Branding for nonprofits gets the most interesting and works at its best with storytelling. People really don’t care much about the emblem, logo, banner, poster, color, font and all that while choosing a charitable organization to donate something.

People really don’t consider nonprofit organizations on the basis of advertisements only. In fact, people see those organizations, which have a story of their own. The story must be intriguing, real, honest, and different.

Every organization has its own story of fighting, striving, winning challenges, seeing failures, getting smashed, and again coming back to their own legs. But much of these things stay untold.

The ideal branding partner would help the organization tell their real story in an unreal interesting and engaging manner.

And that is the current day art of branding, which has shaken the world of contemporary marketing too. The real branding starts with telling the real story in the best way that captures human minds with sentiments.

Titillating human sentiments and touching and stirring emotions in people works the best in creating the magic, and there starts branding. This is what nonprofits need to form a good branding partner.


5. The Role Of A Good Branding And Marketing Team

The role of a good branding and marketing team for nonprofit organizations is vital. The initial investment on a good marketing and branding team will make the path of the organization light, easy, smoother, and better for the coming years, where struggling for charitable donations, etc.

would get much easier. And this investment would not bother the organization later ever. Rather this would be their smart move to get more public, media, and influential entity attention faster for their noble cause.



If you are a new organization then now is the time to consider making your own brand.

This is purely to get public attention and gain the trust in the eyes of the common man so that you get better returns and help from them. And that is how you can work better too in the coming days.