The Best Recipe For A Picnic With Paint By Numbers

Paint By Number

June 27th, 2021   |   Updated on July 6th, 2022

Are you planning a romantic getaway with your better half? Well, what better than a lovely picnic on your favourite hillside? But wait! Aren’t you missing something? Yep, a beautiful activity to bond on; how about trying paint by numbers?

Yep, no better way to enjoy the sunset than to sit between nature and paint together, time to get heart-to-heart intimate.

Let’s be honest here; it can be challenging planning everything for a picnic with activity, don’t worry; I will help you jot down everything you need on a picnic with custom paint by number.

What To Keep?

Let’s check down together on what you need on a picnic like this so that you don’t miss out on anything.

  1. Your personalized paint by number canvas.
  2. Keep a frame.
  3. Take a stand for the canvas for better sightseeing.
  4. Make sure to keep something your paints can sit on.
  5. Don’t forget microfiber cloths for your brushes.
  6. You would also need some extra brushes.
  7. Don’t forget the soft bristle brush for blurring.
  8. Extra paint won’t hurt too.
  9. Did you keep the cups for water?
  10. Don’t forget the actual picture of the painting for the mind map.
  11. Keep the whole kit that came along; you might need something from in there.
  12. Keep the clear or white gesso too.
  13. Take along extra tap water with yourself for the painting.
  14. Don’t forget to take some newspapers or an extra picnic mat just for the painting mess. Picnic doesn’t mean messing with the environment.
  15. Something for you to sit on.

Now that the painting stuff is all sorted out, you can focus on snacks, food, drinks, what to wear, what basket to bring, how would you keep food hot, and drinks cold, etc.

And yes, don’t forget to bring your better half along.

Where to Set Everything Up?

You are working so hard for your dream date, don’t let the location ruin it for you. I’d suggest you pick the perfect place where there are fewer people even if you have to drive a few miles more.
Research the nearest hillside locations and book one hillside table if you can; yep, these places sometimes take reservations.

Make sure to set it up at someplace where you can enjoy the sunset over your paint by number canvas; it would be super dreamy.

Don’t forget to arrive there 1-2 hours before sunset so you can set everything up; you don’t want to miss your nostalgic moment in being busy setting the table.

Also, make sure you check the weather, so you don’t have to rain check last minute.

Last, ENJOY!

Remember, your date can turn into a disaster if you don’t make sure to order the paint by number kit from a prominent and high-quality place.

I’d suggest you order through Personalize Everything; they have great quality canvases with paint brushes and paints. Yep, they give our complete kits in half the price!

So order now and have your dream date!