23 Best DIY Woodworking Gifts For Kids (Inexpensive Homemade Toys)


January 17th, 2019   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Children like to have fun with their friends. Most of the time plastic toys do not last longer than we anticipate. Wooden toys on the other hand are durable and classic.

These are the best DIY Woodworking Gifts for kids which will most definitely give you an idea of the perfect gift.

Best DIY Woodworking Gifts For Kids

1. Pizza Puzzle

Pizza puzzles are easy to make and can be used by kids in a pretend party as pretend food. The Pizza puzzle is a fun way to test the creativity and ability of your kid to solve problems.


2. Toy Guns

Kids enjoy mimicking and trying out things they see on TV. To improve their imagination you can make them wooden toys and see how creative these little ones are. You can make a wooden target to make the games more fun.


3. Wooden Camera

There is always a reason for kids to mimic grown-ups. Since buying an actual camera is not reasonable. Making a wooden camera and gifting it to your kids is perfect for their pretend play.


4. Wooden Block Stackers

Block Staccle

In most cases we buy plastic block stackers form toy stores. A wooden block stacker is no different from the rest though appears more old school. To improve your kids hand eye coordination as well as agility use wooden block stackers.


5. Wooden Balance Board

You can make a balancing board for your little one to see how they balance just in case they are interested in athletics. Children can use these boards for as long as they want even in their teenage years unlike most of these toys.


6. Wooden Cars

Small woodworking projects for beginners like vehicles and helicopters will keep your kids busy for hours. Trucks to carry wood and sand will also fascinate them.


7. Oversized Tic Tac Toe Game

An oversized tic tac toe game is the perfect gift for 10 year olds. The entire family can participate in the game and simply have fun.


8. Wooden Scooters

In this era of video games and cell phones, I is very important to encourage you, kids, to play outside with their scooter. You can let them paint their own scooters. A different color for each scooter makes them look attractive.


9. A wooden Doll Houses

A wooden doll house is a great DIY. The perfect way to make sure that your little girl is happy and satisfied is by painting the d oll house with her favorite colors.


10. Wooden Cupcakes

Wooden cupcakes are easy to make. This is a small woodworking projects for beginners. You can make up to six cupcakes for your kids’ tea party and they can play pretend all day long.


11. Wooden Puppet Theatre

This is a really fun way to keep the kids entertained and what better way to do it than with their own puppet show. This way you encourage your kids to make their own plays and performances.


12. Wooden Building Blocks

Building blocks have always been used by kids to build cities and houses. There is no better way to make it interesting than to add rainbow colors on the blocks. They are easy to make but you can get them in toy shops.


13. Wooden Baby Rocking Toy

Using a few left over boards from your projects you can make an adorable rocking toy for the baby. This might save you a hundred dollars. You can paint baby pink or light blue depending on the gender of the little one.


14. Wooden Train Tracks

Surprise the boys with a wooden train track as well as a wooden train. There is no specific time to gift this which makes it the best. You can also add a wooden whistle for the boys to make some train noise.


15. Wooden Teethers And Rattles

This is the perfect gift for a baby shower. You can put them in a bucket and gift them. Unlike plastic teethers, wooden teethers are chemical free. They are really easy to DIY. Visit LuxuryHomeStuff for more beginners’ woodworking projects.


16. Wooden Name Puzzle

Wooden Name Puzzle

Name puzzles help kids spell their names and act as room décor. They don’t have to be all white you can personalize them depending on the colors the child likes. Among all the listed woodworking gift ideas this one is educational.


17. Wooden Race tracks

This easy to make DIY is perfect for boys who love racing in general. You can make wooden cars as well to with the race cars. A straight track is great but you can make a few curves to make It more fun.


18. Wooden Warldorf  Blocks

For kids to recreate forest scenes and wild life, you can make warldorf blocks. These are easy to use and you do not need to buy any wood since you can make them from materials outside.


19. Wooden Toy Boat

Your little sailor will enjoy having his own boat to play pirates with. You can make wooden human figures and a rival boat since he’s going to ask for it any way. All you need is a board and a few supplies.


20. Wooden Play kitchen

If you want to teach your little chef how to cook and maintain a clean kitchen you can start by using a wooden play kitchen. You can add other wooden kitchen essentials for her… or him… to learn more.


21. Wooden Sensory Board

Sensory boards teach kids a lot about shapes, textures and so many other things. They are very easy to make. You can simply use old plywood and turn it into a sensory board. You can buy sensory boards online but they are not that cheap.


22. Wooden Play Tent

You can use some wooden poles to set up a tent for your kids to play in especially during winter. You can set up a comfortable interior and make sure the poles are strong to unsure no accidents occur.


23. Wooden Burned Blocks

These blocks have an intricate design that makes them very attractive. They are easy to make once you master the art. Kids to the age of 13 enjoy this as a gift. They can play for hours just make sure you do not interrupt the creative process.

Making a great DIY to gift to your little one is easy. All you need is some practicing and before you know it you are a pro putting a smile in a kid’s adorable face.


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