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8 Exciting Wellness Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

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January 8th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

It’s good to not get too caught up on just any trend that is a fad. They may be fleeting – disappearing before you can say, go! Most trends do not end up being the next big craze but if they do, they have a positive impact all around.

We’ve rounded up some of the best wellness trends which we feel are here to stay in 2019. They will help you jumpstart the New Year. Go ahead and read more about them.


1. Ayurveda Will Rock Worldwide

Ayurvedic Facial At Trimmings Spa And Salon

The ancient healing system of Ayurveda in Sanskrit stands for “knowledge of life,”. Ayurveda has sparked off a trend with obsession of the likes of turmeric by exploding into the public consciousness and the trend is only going to get bigger.

People have realized that it’s a natural next progression from a nutrition movement which is personalized since what works for one may fail another. Ayurveda and its principles will be popular on a much broader scale with top international athletes promoting them.

All Ayurvedic herbs will be going mainstream and Ashwagandha and thulasi (holy basil) will be increasingly used for health and longevity. Medical food brands will offer adaptogenic supplements like herb-boosted smoothies and herbal snacks.


2. CBD On A High

cbd oil

Yeah, CBD was a rage in 2018 and being legalized in several countries, it will continue to grow in 2019! More people will embrace the health benefits of CBD which include wonderful anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-insomnia and pain management benefits.

The newly passed Farm Bill has removed hemp from the Controlled Substances Act, so you can expect a lot of new brands and CBD-based products to flood the market in 2019.

Now, the hemp based industry is set to grow in leaps and bounds. This year, hemp fans can expect the floodgates to open with increased research on CBD, proper regulatory frameworks, and widespread acceptance of CBD in social settings.

Full spectrum CBD brands and new products can be expected on the shelves. IN addition, the growing popularity of CBD among cafes and restaurants makes it safe to say that CBD is here to stay.


3. Brain Health Will Be A Priority

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Poor sleep, excessive gadget usage, polluted cities – all these are known to cause significant physical distress. Not much importance is given to boosting brain health.

Though in the past year, we’ve seen an improvement in new information on brain health, 2019 will see more and more people unplugging from their devices and pull away from screens since they cause damage to brains.

There will be more information and increased public awareness on lifestyle modification thereby positively impacting brain health. More brain based supplements or nootropics can be found in retail shelves.


4. Stores Entirely Dedicated To Wellness

Healthy Lifestyle

Right now, one-stop wellness stores are a rage. They are trending in all major cities in the US. You will find modern wellness stores which offer all kinds of holistic modalities so you need not drive all over town. They will not only help people migrate towards wellness in natural ways, but also create a community of sorts.


5. The BBE Is Going Strong

Skin Benefits from Yoga -Health

The Big Bush Energy is all about women embracing all parts of themselves and feeling empowered with fuzz-friendly choices of hygiene products, should you prefer them.

The Big Bush Energy is a cultural wake-up call which is making life easier for thousands of women with making waxing optional and is a great body-inclusivity movement.

The market is expected to reach a whopping $42.7 billion by the year 2022 and big are infiltrating beauty shelves. We will see women embrace their bodies and feel empowered to maintain a natural look.


6. Oral Health Self-Care

Better Dental Hygiene Leads To A Healthier Body 8

Oral care will play a big role in self-care in 2019. While we always brushed twice a day, flossed and went for the odd dental checkup (dreadful though it was!), this category will see increased growth.

Access to new trends like invisible aligner therapy and professional-grade whitening systems, electronic toothbrushes, easy access to dentists, there’s going to be a sea-change in the attitude towards dental and oral health making it a top priority this 2019.


7. Goodbye Gym, At Home Fitness Is here

Health Benefits of Yoga

No, it’s not about sad workouts in your basement or spare rooms. With increased technology, shift towards work-life balance, you do not have to trudge all the way to the gym. How workouts are back and how!

According to several trainers, 2019 is all about home workouts. People will be more motivated and inclined to get a workout irrespective of how time-pressed they may be.

Thanks to wearable technology like fitness bands and a heightened interest in work/life balance, home workouts are back with a bang. The credit goes to home gyms and programs like Daily Burn’s Undefeated kickboxing which can be done in the comfort of your home.


8. Keep It Simple

Healthy Ways To Lose Weight

People are fed up of the technology driven, metric obsessed trends in fitness and health care. So in 2019, it will be time to unplug and establish connectivity the traditional way.

Rewilding is the new buzz word! It means returning the human animal to a natural state-be it moving, eating or any activity, it should be in conjunction with circadian rhythms.

Our natural instinct is self-care, so people will gravitate away from fitness gurus and indulge in community oriented practices. Places like Ayurvedic retreats will offer the ideal settings for such a trend.

We hope these positive trends can pave the way for simpler, healthier and positive ways to live happily and in harmony with the community at large.

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