6 Factors That Kill Eyesight


January 25th, 2018   |   Updated on June 16th, 2021

Keep your eyes healthy by avoiding these six factors that ruin eyesight!

Keeping your eyesight healthy should always be a priority. From using the correct prescription lenses, to getting your regular checkups, taking care of your eyesight is more than just eating a healthy portion of carrots.

If you’re already using prescription glasses, then you know how important it can be to get regular checkups as vision can undergo slight variations each year. This is why it’s important to understand what factors can damage your eyesight, and how to avoid them.

What 6 Factors Damage Your Eyesight?

So you may be wondering, what factors can damage your eyesight. The six most common factors include:

1. Sleeping with Your Contacts

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Stuff happens, and there are plenty of reasons why you can forget to take your contacts out before going to bed. If you do this often, however, you may be leaving your eyes susceptible to infection and damage.


2. Incorrect Prescription

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Visiting your optometrist regularly is the perfect way to prevent damage from an incorrect lens. Best of all, you can even get replacement lenses for any brand of glasses, including Oakley!


3. Excess Sun Exposure

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There’s a reason it’s recommended to never look directly into the sun. The sun produces UV rays that can cause extensive damage to your cornea, and in some instances even blindness.

4. Too Much Screen-time

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Cellphones are a way of life today, but did you know that starring excessively at the small text is not always a good thing. Cellphones can actually strain and damage your eyes.


5. Eye Drops Galore

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Everyone knows someone who always has eye drops and uses them throughout the day. While they can help reduce redness, excess eye drop use can also irritate your eye or worse, damage the blood vessels.


6. Accidents

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Protective goggles are important for a reason. They keep your eye safe from possible injury from things like wood shavings and rocks when cutting the grass. It’s important to use them to protect your eyes from any miscellaneous accidents.

By keeping these six factors in mind, you can easily protect your eyes from any damages that can hamper your vision.

How Can You Prevent Eyesight Damage?

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Protecting your eyesight is much easier than dealing with the medical issues associated with damage. A good place to start is a visit to your optometrist. Regular checkups are an important way to keep your eyes healthy. Another good way to prevent damage in today’s world is to limit your time in front of a screen. If you cannot, then taking regular breaks can go a long way to creating healthy eyesight.


Finding the Right Eyeglasses for You

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The most important way to keep your eyes safe is by finding the right lenses for you. Whether you need replacement Oakley lenses, or standard reading glasses, finding the right eyeglasses can be the perfect way to improve your vision, and help with your overall comfort.

Best of all, lenses can be replaced, which means if you find a frame that you love, a lens can always be created to accommodate the new prescription needed for your eyes.