Top 9 Fashion Struggles That Most Of You Can Identify With

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Published on March 11th, 2020

Men think that they have the biggest of problems to handle. However, the truth is that they do not have even a faint idea of the ordeal the women go through every single day.

Forget everything else keeping yourself on top of the fashion game is tough as hell. Here are some fashion struggles that most women go through and men do not even have an idea about it.

1. The inability to wear a skirt because our legs are not waxed. One thing that men do not have to deal with are overgrown hand and feet hair. Unfortunately, women have to modify their wardrobe if any such situation arises.

2. Losing a freshly painted and manicured nail to a trivial accident. Just when you think your nails are as prim and proper as possible one gets caught in the door and breaks in the most horrific manner possible.

3. When the choice of heels goes wrong. Women love heels though the opposite may not be true. Heels though look gorgeous are difficult to maintain and walking with them is an ordeal too.

Fashion Struggles

4. Lip gloss has to get spoiled. You would step out with the most gorgeous lip gloss and the sudden wind blows. All your hair is now blown over and some of them are now prettily sticking to your lips thus spoiling your effort.

5. The mess of traveling in a rickshaw. However hard you may try a drive in a rickshaw is enough to give your hair the much-needed blow dry though in the wrong sense.

6. Getting the perfect bra. Just like there is no way to get the perfect figure, the perfect bra is a myth too. The fallacy of using one bra for all purposes is silly and all those beautiful bras out there are just plans to trap

7. Wearing light-colored pants on the period. Whatever the ads may show wearing a light-colored dress when Mrs. Flo is there is still a trauma to be dealt with every month. Men may never realize the situation as they see women in ads jumping around in white pants without any fears.

8. Going to pee while wearing a jumpsuit. This is tricky as you literally have to become naked to get a leak. So avoiding any drinks or water while outside is the only solution you have.

9. Uncomfortable underwear. So sometimes it is a strapless bra or a thong that is disturbing our happiness. However, we need to keep smiling so that no one gets to know the pain we are dealing with.

So, women, do you identify with these struggles too. If yes, do let us know about it. Until then more power to you to deal with such troubles every day.