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What Features You Should Consider While Buying A Gaming Keyboard

buying a gaming keyboard

August 3rd, 2021   |   Updated on March 15th, 2022

Gaming is a favorite adrenaline source for many. Any keyboard can play, but for those who really take their hobby seriously, the need to purchase a proper gaming keyboard never leaves their minds. Not because the new keyboard will help them improve their skills but the feeling that comes with playing with the real thing.

There are many manufacturers pushing their keyboards into the market. Any buyer can easily get confused on the best product to take. There are some features that a buyer looking to get a good product should look for.

Go For Mechanical Switches

If you intend to use your new keyboard for gaming, it is advised that you take the mechanical switches option. There is no handicap a player can give themselves worse than playing on a rubber dome.

During a game the player needs to press multiple keys in rapid succession with effective actuation. The inconsistent and mushy key actuation brought about by rubber is very frustrating to the player.

Mechanical gaming keyboards come with dedicated switches under each key. Every key is totally independent of the other. This makes each key as reliable and consistent as possible. The tests these switches are subjected to ensure that the end product is durable and reliable.

The benefits that come with the mechanical keyboard are endless. From high durability, consistency of keystrokes to a better typing experience.

Avoid The Wireless Connection For Gaming Keyboard

Using a wireless keyboard is the biggest way to handicap oneself in gaming. It might seem like a big deal but the difference between wired and wireless in the gaming world will surprise you. A wired connection keyboard is about 80 milliseconds faster than its wireless counterpart.

Most gamers would give anything for a 5 millisecond advantage. The wireless keyboard wipes out your chances for such an advantage. If you ever play competitive games with a wireless keyboard after using the wired connection, you will feel the delay in each stroke.

For those who play turn based games or offline games the wireless connection is no big deal but for competitive online games, throw that wireless thing away completely.

N-Key Rollover

This refers to the ability to press several keys on a keyboard, simultaneously and get all of them to get pressed. In most keyboards, if you press two keys at the same time only one key registers.

Not many people realize the need to get a keyboard with N-key rollover until they have tried it and felt the difference. The ability for one player to press multiple keys simultaneously can greatly impact the outcome.

Programmable Keys Feature

This feature is most common with mechanical keyboards. It allows the user to set commands and shortcuts to the most pressed keys. This improves gaming and comfort.

Extra Features To Look For

  • USB Pass through
  • Low profile keyboard
  • Ergonomics
  • RGB lighting
  • Keyboard size

Gaming with the normal keyboard is possible but now we have seen the reason why getting a gaming keyboard is important. These features are the most important when selecting a proper gaming keyboard. They help raise the gaming experience to the next level.