Top 5 Websites To Find A Drop Shipping Business For Sale


October 31st, 2018   |   Updated on November 2nd, 2018

If you are thinking of setting up an online business, why not buy a drop shipping business for sale? You will save yourself a lot of the initial spadework, and exercise all your business skills in taking it forward. Just focus on scaling the business, taking it in new directions if you want.

Where To Find A Drop Shipping Business For Sale

You can search online to find business for sale, but you should spend some time in research. Pick the industry/category you want to focus on like fashion, technology, books, education, toys, etc. Set your budget, then begin your search. There are many places you can search to find a drop shipping business for sale.

You can do a direct search on Google to find listings. You can search business related websites, with ad listings. Go to auction sites and look for listings. You can also go through brokers who will help you find the appropriate drop shipping business for sale, from their network.

There are many business marketplaces where you can find listings and fine tune your search. Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace ( is one such site.

Resources To Find A Drop Shipping Business For Sale

Here are a few resources you can use to find a good drop shipping business for sale.

1. Shopify Exchange Marketplace

Shopify Exchange Marketplace

Shopify is a relatively new website marketplace. They provide listings of Shopify websites for sale. This is an advantage because you know the business runs on a robust and highly popular ecommerce platform.

Because these are Shopify websites, ExchangeMarketplace is able to automatically pull all the relevant data like owner, age, traffic, and revenue without relying on the seller to list these information.

This ensures the veracity of these data so the buyer knows he is on a firm ground, there is no issue about the seller exaggerating data or providing false information.

Drop Shipping is a separate business category in Shopify Exchange, so buyers can easily find drop shipping business for sale on the ExchangeMarketplace. You can filter the results further by age, price, industry, and revenue.

Shopify has partnered with to provide escrow services for a safe transaction. Shopify Exchange is a free service for sellers and buyers.


2. Flippa


Flippa was the first website marketplace and still offers a huge selection of websites/online business for sale. They provide listings in various categories and you can narrow down your search by website type, age, price, profit and so on.

They also have dedicated categories for Amazon FBA and Shopify websites. Flippa also offers its own escrow service. You can find the listing you like, gather the information you need, and start negotiating with the seller.


3. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is a curated marketplace for buying and selling online business ventures. They verify seller informations so that buyers can be sure that the information they get is true and not fabricated.

They also help the sellers through the process of listing and selling their website. Buyers pay a deposit to get verified listings.

They can then get more information on the websites they are interested in and start negotiations with the one they choose. Empire Flippers helps both parties through the transaction and charges a commission for their service.


4. FE International

 FE International

This is a website brokerage service. You can find listings of various types of ecommerce business listings here. Their team of brokers work personally with the buyers and sellers.

They help match the appropriate seller with the buyer, and also help them through the process of information exchange, negotiations, and closing the deal.

You can find mid-range 5 to 7-figure listings here. Once you have successfully completed the transaction, you will have to pay a fee for their services.


5. SideProjectors


Do you have a job, are you just looking for a second income steam? SideProjectors can help you find drop shipping business at a lower price point that will require less time to manage. You can narrow down your search by setting price range, market, and keywords.

You can also find listings of business websites that someone worked on but had not yet developed into a full-fledged business. These can be low-priced starting points that you can then develop further, and you will have more flexibility to change and shape these business to suit your ideas.

SideProjectors just provides listings, they do not help with the transactions and negotiations.
These are the first few options in reliable sources to find good drop shipping business for sale quickly.

When you find a good listing that suits your expectations, be sure to do your due diligence. Verify all provided data and get more detailed information, before committing to buy the business.


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