Florida Workman’s Comp 101: How It Works

Florida Workman's Comp

Published on December 30th, 2022

Worker’s compensation is an insurance program that provides a range of benefits to employees injured or become ill due to their work environment. Holding FL workmans comp coverage is required for business owners. This blog will outline what you need to know about worker’s compensation in Florida and how it works.

What Is Worker’s Compensation And How Does It Work In Florida?

In Florida, most employers are required by law to provide workers’ compensation coverage. There are rare exceptions, including having fewer than four employees working for you. FL workmans comp coverage protects both employers and employees from large financial losses due to workplace injuries or illnesses.

If an employee suffers a work-related injury or illness, workers’ compensation is designed to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and disability payments if necessary.

How To File A Worker’s Compensation Claim In Florida

If you are injured or become ill due to your work environment, you should report it immediately. You must file a claim within two years of the date of the accident/injury or within two years of when your doctor tells you that your work environment caused your illness.

First, contact your employer and let them know what happened. Your employer should then provide instructions on completing the appropriate paperwork for filing a claim.

What Benefits Are Available Through Worker’s Compensation In Florida?

All covered medical expenses are paid through worker’s compensation insurance in Florida, including hospital stays, medications, doctor visits, physical therapy sessions, and any other related treatments needed for recovery from an injury/illness sustained at work.

If an employee is unable to return to their job due to an injury/illness sustained at work, they may be eligible for weekly disability payments until they can return back to work or until it is determined that they can no longer do so based on medical evidence proving permanent disability status.

Additionally, death benefits may be available if an employee dies due to a workplace incident/accident or illness contracted at work.

How To Get Help With Your Worker’s Compensation Claim In Florida

If you are having trouble getting the benefits you deserve under worker’s compensation laws in Florida, resources can help you navigate the system and get the assistance needed to ensure your rights are protected throughout the process.

You can contact The Division Of Workers’ Compensation directly via phone or email with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of your claim or speak with a local attorney specializing in workers’ compensation cases if you need further legal advice regarding your case specifics.

Wrapping Up: Buying A Workman’s Comp Policy Is Vital

Navigating through workers’ compensation claims processes can feel overwhelming – especially without guidance and support – but understanding how these programs work will help ensure that your rights as an injured employee are properly protected throughout this process so that you get all of the benefits owed through these programs in accordance with state law regulations set forth by The Division Of Workers’ Compensation in Florida .

We hope this blog post has provided helpful information about worker’s compensation so that business owners and employees alike have a better understanding of their rights when facing such circumstances here in Florida.

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