40 Funny Christmas Posts That Perfectly Describe The Holidays

Published on December 3rd, 2019

Everybody else understands the holiday-season is just one of the absolute most demanding times of this calendar year, specially if it has to do with the strain of talent supplying.

No matter whether you are in need of a diversion from the family members or something to learn whilst waiting in very long lines in the mall, then escape out of the insanity of all by scrolling during those humorous Christmas memes.

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1. The Best Christmas Present I Got From My Husband Was A Week To Do Whatever I Wanted. – Olivia Haigh Williams
2. My Dogs Favorite Toy Is Santa

funny christmas


3. He Who Has Not Christmas In His Heart Will Never Find It Under A Tree. – Roy L. Smith
4. When Your Christmas Outfit Looks

funny christmas memes4


5. A Good Holiday Is One Spent Among People Whose Notions Of Time Are Vaguer Than Yours. – John B. Priestly
6. Parents Have Not Noticed My Christmas Sweater yet

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7. What I Like About Christmas Is That You Can Make People Forget The Past With The Present. – Don Marquis
8. You Are Bringing Friends?

40 funny christmas Posts That Perfectly Describe the Holidays


9. Never Worry About The Size Of Your Christmas Tree. In The Eyes Of Children, They Are All 30 Feet Tall.h  -Larry Wilde
10. Merry Christmas!


11. Nothing’s As Mean As Giving A Little Child Something Useful For Christmas. – Kin Hubbard
12. The Moon Landing Was Faked


13. That’s The True Spirit Of Christmas; People Being Helped By People Other Than Me. – Jerry Seinfeld
14. Here’s My Brother’s Present.


15. I Haven’t Taken My Christmas Lights Down. They Look So Nice On The Pumpkin. – Winston Spear
16. Went To Buy A Christmas Tree High….


17. Keep Your Friends Close, Your Enemies Closer, And Receipts For All Major Purchases. – Bridger Winegar
18. My Buddy


19. There Are 17 More Shopping Days Until Christmas. So, Guys, That Means 16 More Days Till We Start Shopping, Right? -Conan O’Brien
20. My Family Does Not Mess Around


21. Santa Claus Has The Right Idea. Visit People Only Once A Year. – Victor Borge
22. Last Christmas


23. The Worst Gift Is A Fruitcake. There Is Only One Fruitcake In The Entire World, And People Keep Sending It To Each Other. -Johnny Carson
24. Some Are Not To Be Trusted


25. At Christmas, Tea Is Compulsory. Relatives Are Optional.  -Robert Godden
26. I Sat There Wondering Why My Religious


27. I Stopped Believing In Santa Claus When I Was Six. Mother Took Me To See Him In A Department Store, And He Asked For My Autograph. – Shirley Temple
28. When Dog Go Gets His Own Tree


29. Aren’t We Forgetting The True Meaning Of Christmas? You Know, The Birth Of Santa? – Matt Groening
30. Our Mexcian Christmas Tree…


31. Once Again, We Come To The Holiday Season, A Deeply Religious Time That Each Of Us Observes, In His Own Way, By Going To The Mall Of His Choice. – Dave Barry
32. An Interesting Prop For The Christmas Pageant, Johnny


33. My Husband’s Idea Of Getting The Christmas Spirit Is To Become Scrooge. – Melanie White
34. Harry And Marv, Out On Bail.


35. I Love Christmas. I Receive A Lot Of Wonderful Presents I Can’t-Wait To Exchange. – Henny Youngman
36. Merry Christmas


37. The Worst Gift Is A Fruitcake. There Is Only One Fruitcake In The Entire World, And People Keep Sending It To Each Other.  – Johnny Carson
38.  So This Year We Bought A 20Ft Christmas Tree


39. I Once Bought My Kids A Set Of Batteries For Christmas With A Note On It Saying, Toys Not Included.’   -Bernard Manning
40. So My City Just Got Decorated


41. A Lovely Thing About Christmas Is That It’s Compulsory, Like A Thunderstorm, And We All Go Through It Together.  – Garrison Keillor
42. I Replaced A Picture Of My Sister

43. I Get A Little Behind During Lent, But It Comes Out Even At Christmas. – Frank Butler
44. Sent Son To School Wearing This Sweater.


45. Even Before Christmas Has Said Hello, It’s Saying ‘Buy Buy’. – Robert Paul
46. Let’s See How Long It Takes For Mom To Notice