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12 Awesome Gadgets And Gift Ideas For Techies This Christmas

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December 12th, 2017   |   Updated on September 23rd, 2020

It’s the holiday season and Christmas festivity is in the air. If you want to gift some special techie in your life, our ideas listed here will resonate with you. Although there are 100s of gift ideas for techies, you will find here some of the excellent gadgets to be gifted to your special techie.

There are of course hobbies and interests in technology but the shiny new gadgets definitely offer exemplary user experience. Your someone special will certainly remember this Christmas gift that made their life special.

These 12 excellent techie-gifts will save you the time doing research. You will love yourself for gifting them and you may secretly wish to own one for yourself.

These are some of the most popular gifts that you have stumbled upon. These are the most sought after gadgets that anyone will love. They are cost effective but not lame.

All of these gadgets are under $50 and most of them under $20. Some of them are under $10. There’s no way you would want to miss this festive Christmas gifting opportunity.

If sticker shock has stalled your decision so long, we bet you may not have to think twice after taking a look at our tech editor’s picks.

1. JBL Clip

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Customer Review : This speaker is super clear and very loud for its size. It doesnt buzz when you turn it up all the way and has good range from bass to acoustic. It sucks that it doesnt show the battery percentage but i did notice that it does show on my phone. Idk about android but with iphone if you pull down the notifications it shows the exact percentage. Get it from Amazon for $49.95

2. LuminAID Inflatable Solar Pack

LuminAID Inflatable Solar Pack

Customer Review : I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend who lives in farmland and has to take her dogs out at night or in the early morning before sunrise. She loves it!! And the fact that it’s water proof. She hasn’t had to charge it since the initial usb charge, we’ve used it at night and it’s brighter then we thought. May order another one for emergency and camping reasons. Buy now from Amazon in $24.95

3. USB Universal Foldable Solar Charger

USB Universal Foldable Solar Charger

Customer Review : Quick and convenient to set up, and it feels sturdy. It worked with my Ipad pro 9.7 inch- although I think the ‘smart’ circuit doesn’t recognize it properly as it was only delivering 0.5 Amps to my IPAD pro, when it SHOULD be drawing the full 2.0 AMPS. Did eventually charge the IPAD though (you have to leave it in sleep mode to charge with that low voltage btw). Get it from Amazon for $54.36

4.Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick

Customer Review : I received the Fire TV Stick 4K on launch day. I own the previous model and this is a much better experience. First off the remote is a huge improvement. The power button on the remote can turn on my tv, my receiver, fire stick, and switch the inputs automatically so the fire stick is on screen and ready to go with just one click of the power button. It’s really nice. Buy now from Amazon in $79.98

5. An external hard drive

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Customer Review : Bought this to use with my Channel Master DVR. Needed formatting, but the DVR setup program did that with no problem. This is more than enough memory for my bedroom DVR. Just got it, so if things change I’ll let y’all know :-). External Hard Drive, $45.99, available at Amazon

6. A USB hub with micro and regular SD card readers

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Customer Review : If I added up all the hours I spent wiggling in cards into the back of my Mac mini and the time I’ve spent trying to find an open USB port and all the time I spent messing around with card readers… why did I wait so long to buy this gadget? The card reader is blazingly fast. One complaint: the USB 3 cord is way too short. I swapped it out for a 10 foot cord, Cable Matters SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Type A to Micro-B Cable in Blue 10 Feet and it works great.  USB Hub, $19.99, available at Amazon

7. A hard-shell laptop case

cool tech gifts

Customer Review :  For the price, this is a great case. It fits like a glove and the rubberized feel makes me feel a lot safer about carrying this thing around. Very happy with the purchase.  Case, $12.99, available at Amazon

8. Portable Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Portable Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Customer Review : This is the second one I’ve purchased – I ended up giving our first to a friend who was admiring it. The speaker does what it says it will do, simple as that. We like the variety of colors to choose from, I LOVE that it’s a wireless speaker that actually WORKS and it has dropped on the ground from about 2 foot up and slightly bounced but did not break – what a relief! Buy now from Amazon in $21.99

9. A multi-port USB charger

A multi-port USB charger

Customer Review : I bought this to use at my desk at work and it works WONDERFUL. The Quick charge at the bottom is great as well, charged my phone completely in about 2 hours. The color matches the image pretty good as well. I haven’t tried it out charging multiple things yet but I will update. Get it from Amazon for $19.99

10. Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Magnetic Phone Car Mount

Customer Review : My boyfriend has the Oribox Car Phone Mount that fits in your air vent, and he loved that one. Since that one was not compatible with my car, I got this one and high hopes. First, the sticky bottom part did not stick to my car. I made sure it did not come in contact with dust or anything that would prevent it from sticking. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of returning it, so I thought no big deal, I’ll just buy a mounting strip and use that to stick it to my car. Buy now from Amazon in $15.99

11. USB LED Clock Fan with Real Time Display

USB LED Clock Fan with Real Time Display

Customer Review : This fan is so cool! It spins fast (obviously, otherwise the clock wouldn’t show up) and the clock novelty itself always amazes anyone who sees it. My only gripe is that the power button was placed about an inch behind the blades. The amount of times the fan blades have smacked my arm as I attempt to reach for the power button probably says more about me than it does about the fan – but I digress. The fan is awesome, the clock is awesome, the power button is a total nightmare. Get it from Amazon for $13.99

12. Over-ear headphones

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Customer Review :   Best sound of any headphone in this price range, still the best bang-for-the-buck out there! Very deep bass down to 10 Hz, and highs up to 20,000 Hz. Koss has been making that same diaphragm design for quite a long time, it’s tried and true. Be careful when moving the headset tension pressure adjustment softer…you must push the switch against it’s spring FIRST, then move the ear-peace gently outward, do not force it or it may break. Folds up compact and has a carrying pouch. Otherwise nice comfort, nice price, GREAT sound. Headphones, $39.95, available at Amazon