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General Knowledge Quiz On Environment, Ecology And Biodiversity

Environment And Ecology Quiz

September 23rd, 2019   |   Updated on November 7th, 2019

These general knowledge quiz on environment, ecology and biodiversity will help you score higher in competitive exams. Participate in the quiz and test your knowledge!

1. What Is The Phenomena Of Heat Build Up Inside A Glass Chamber From The Absorption Of Solar Radiation Called?

2. Which Of The Following Is On The List Of Global Environmental Issues?

3. What % Of Area Under Forest Should Be In Plain Areas For Ecological Balance As Per National Forest Policy Recommendation?

4. Which Of The Following Is True For Estuary?

5. Biodiversity Hotspots Are Characterized On The Basis Of:

6. Which Of The Following Is A Useful Biological Indicator Of Sulphur Di Oxide?

7. In Nitrogen Cycle, Soil Nitrates Are Transformed Into Free Nitrogen By:

8. The Highest Per Capita Emitter Of CO2 In The World Is:

9. The Word ‘Ecology’ (Okologie) Was Given By:

10. The Use Of Micro-Organism Metabolism To Remove Pollutants Such As Oil Spills In Water Bodies Is Known As:

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