30 Awesome Gift Ideas For Bookworms

Gift Ideas For Bookworms

May 4th, 2018   |   Updated on March 6th, 2019

What’s the perfect gift for a book-lover? With their bookshelves full, they probably don’t need another novel or text, so how about some book-themed accessories.

Whether you’re hunting for gifts for the casual reader or the fanatical bookworm, these book-themed doodads and trinkets should offer a different kind of thrill to the voracious reader on your shopping list.

You’re sure to find some awesome gift ideas for bookworms here.

1. Mini Book Necklaces

gifts for book lovers

Product Review : This handmade Black Leather Book is made from genuine leather, opens (but please be careful!), has real paper and is just like a miniature real book! A lovely gift for the writer or author in your family. Get One…


2. Leather Book Cover Phone Case

book lover gifts

Product Review : Real leather, take care of it as it is a handmade item and it will look great! I used some leather conditioner on it and it really brings out the design and protects the leather. It’s a bit stiff at first and your cards will barely fit. I had several weeks of stressful “am I going to break my credit card” situations. It eventually loosened up. Check Out Here…

3. Pillows Shaped Like Books

book lovers gifts

Product Review : I have an autistic nephew who was terrified of losing his teeth. A loose tooth meant for a difficult road for my sister and her family. I sent him Tug and the Tooth in hopes that it would help ease his fears. Well, it did so much more. This product has really made a huge difference for him. He LOVES Tug, carries him with him all of the time. We’ve had so much fun reading the storybook together. Get One…


4. Book-Shaped Lamp

literary gifts

Product Review : This is an elegant and useful item. Certainly, all book-lovers, like myself, would delight to have it. It gives a lovely glow and folds away into a slim package. I am very happy with it. Check Out…


5. A Candle That Smells Like Old Books

gift ideas for book lovers

Product Review : These candles are beautiful and they flicker just like a real tealight would. The on and off switch is located at the bottom. I love the fact that you receive 24 count. This is the perfect amount for parties, gatherings, bridal showers, baby showers, entertaining, setting a romantic theme and so much more. Available Here…

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6. Library Bookcase Chair

gifts for readers

Product Review : I bought this for my 13 months old son. He loves it! In the beginning, he was frustrated by books don’t come out by pulling. I taught him pick them up instead and he quickly learned. I also taught him to put the books away, and by the third try, he was able to put them back. He looks very happy for his accomplishment, and I’m also happy that I don’t have to clean up after his mess! Click For Product…

7. Book Bath Caddy

presents for book lovers

Product Review : I purchased this caddy as an early Christmas present for my sister who does not like baths, because she feels that it’s a waste of her time. However, with her chronic back pain, her doctor recommended she take regular Epsom salt baths to relieve herself after therapy and adjustments. Available Here…


8. Balance Bookshelf

book gifts

Product Review : The base of the cradle is a solid plastic, but the rods and the balls are metal.  This is well made, sturdy and so relaxing to listen to and watch. I am pleased it is as expected. Get One…


9. Lumio Book Lamp

gifts for bookworms

Product Review : Got this for my 15 year old sister for Christmas and it works perfectly for her. Great price! We loved all the different color options and cover has a great soft texture. Awesome Gift Here…

10. Vintage Book Kindle Case

gifts for booklovers

Product Review : In the search for the perfect case I found this charming book cover. I absolutely could not resist having my kindle paperwhite reflect a little of my taste. I was not sure if the case would be very functional as I typically like to fold the cover so I can hold my kindle with one hand. After using this for a couple weeks I have adapted and have found a few advantages to a book-like cover. Click Here…


11. Book-Shaped Bed

gift for book lover

Product Review : Have wanted one of these for a long time, finally bought it for myself. It works equally well with a book or a screen. A great idea, wish I had treated myself much sooner. I use it with my Kindle most of the time. Get One Here 

12. More Than 3000 Digital Classic Books

best gift for lover

Product Review : It works equally well with a book or a screen. A great idea, wish I had treated myself much sooner. I have adapted and have found a few advantages to a book-like cover. Visit For Books…


13. Flower Pot Product ReviewBookends

gifts for a book lover

Product Review : Exceeded my expectations. They are all in unique colors, no rips or sharp edges. Unique selling point for me was that the handles are removable. I could use them as desktop stationery holder or enhance some space around the house with indoor plants, that I don’t need to hang. Check Out Here…

14. Book Clutch

gifts for the book lover

Product Review : I’ve always wanted a purse that was book-shaped ever since seeing the Alice in Wonderland bag. This bag was a decent price, looked to be a decent size/material, and I was able to get it with prime shipping instead of waiting for it to come from China, which overall just sealed the deal for me. I originally wanted black, but the deep red color just seemed really warm and bold so I got it instead. Get One…

15. I Like Big Books Mug

love gifts

Product Review : The Bronte mug is the fourth in my collection of these mugs. As with all the others, I absolutely love this cup. The artwork is beautiful, the quotes witty and thoughtfully chosen, and the gray/plum color combination is gorgeous. The size of these mugs accomodates my need for large quantities of coffee/tea at all times of the day and night. Available Here…

16. Wooden Book Rack

book gift ideas

Product Review : I love these contraptions. They are perfect for paperback books and I got two of them to go on top of an existing book/CD rack. The color matches the light oak perfectly and since they are adjustable I can size them to match the existing 40 inch rack exactly! It does help that I am an engineer to put them together. Click Here…


17. Stack Of Books Jewelry Box

lovers gift

Product Review : This is a very nicely constructed little box. I am very impressed. Should be great to put a piece of jewelry. Bought it as a surprise gift for my wife, she likes it a lot, perfect for the price. Click Here…

18. Book Hero Bookend

cool gifts for book lovers

Product Review : These are very fun. I wasn’t exactly sure how they worked, but you have to place part of the bookend inside the cover of a book, then place the superhero on the outside of the cover. I bought this for my grandson who likes Superman. He loved it. Works great and looks great. Click Here For Project…


19. Oscar Wilde’s Glasses Necklace

christmas gifts for book lovers

Product Review : I also wish that it was see through and that the photo was as clear as it is on here. I was disappointed that you can’t read the title as clearly on mine, but I love books so much that I’m going to keep it anyway. Very cute neklace. Check Out Here…


20. Book Spine Light Switch Cover

book related gifts

Product Review : This is a modern light switch that is actually a folding book. The covers are a beautiful wooden walnut, the pages are made from DuPont Tyvek paper. We are using this in our motorhome since it’s easily closed when we’re driving. Get One…

21. Old Book Bag

bookworm gifts

Product Review : Can we talk about how awesome this bag is! It is great! A bit small but works well and it’s a fun bag! Also bookbag pun is awesome! Available Here…


22. Felt Animal Index Cards

book lover gift ideas

Product Review : This item was a little pricey but for some reason I fell in love with the gray hedgehog. It’s exactly as pictured and great quality. The soft silicone material actually makes this an interesting little stress ball/toy. The texture is great for toying with at your desk. I’d definitely repurchase and would recommend to anyone looking for an addition to their desk. Product Available Here…

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23. Read More Books Tote Bag

literature gifts

Product Review : I received this adorable bag as a birthday gift. It’s super cute. It’s lightweight, has an interior zippered pocket perfect for a phone or wallet, the entire bag is lined, and the lemon print is adorable. I’m one of those people that carries my entire life in my normal day to day purse. Get One…

24. Pillow With Book Quote

great gifts for book lovers

Product Review : This is my second purchase from the same store, and I love it. The quality of pillow covers are great, they fit on a pillow perfectly, plus all stitchings are very neat. Will definitely come back to buy more. Check Out Here…


25. Book Clock

unique gift ideas for book lovers

Product Review : I’ve had this clock over 10 years and it’s still going strong! True, it’s a little faded with time having been in the sunlight in one location, and yes it is “only” made of cardboard. But it’s a talking point, it keeps reasonable time, and it makes me smile. Purchase Now…

26. Book Ring

reading gifts

Product Review : i love this book shaped ring. its great ring. Fits comfortably. Getting a lot of compliments on it. Check Out Here…


27. Book-Rest Light

book themed gifts

Product Review : Although purchased weeks ago, I had set it aside thinking a visiting grand-daughter would be using it. Much to my surprise, it has become my quiet way of reading at night if I am unable to sleep. It gives two levels of brightness but does not bother anyone else. The clip opens wide so a lage number of pages can be held in place; yet individual pages can be turned as needed. Click Here…

28. Book Cufflinks For Men

book club gifts

Product Review : I’ve seen versions of these book cufflinks, but never for the less than Cuff-Daddy. Crafted from brass and plated with a oxidized silver finish to provide a unique, antique pewter look. Make sure you mouse-over the pictures to see these in all of their glory. great quality. Available Here…


29. Wooden Bookends

gifts book lovers

Product Review : These are a nice pair of wooden bookends. They are a bit smaller, but they are mighty. They hold up a good amount of books and have a simple and elegant wood design. Works out well when you’re trying to keep things simple. Purchase Now…

30. Tote Bag For Book Lover

gifts book lovers 1

Product Review : A very good quality bag, using heavy canvas and high-quality stitching. It looks just as pictured, and it has a small pocket inside for your keys and chap stick. It easily fits a 1″ binder along with other notebooks, a water bottle, and a pencil pouch. Plus, I inevitably receive compliments on it once people realize that they’re seeing the titles of banned books. Get One Here..

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