27 Unexpected Gifts For First Time Pregnant Moms

Shopping for a pregnant woman can be tough. If you’ve never been pregnant, it’s hard to wrap your head around all the restrictions placed on the average pregnant woman.

Some gifts you would think would be great for a woman who’s expecting may actually be unsafe or impractical. If there’s a special mom-to-be on your shopping list this holiday season, save the baby gifts for next year, and treat her to something that’s all about her.

Whether she’s in her first trimester or the final countdown, she’s sure to appreciate a bit of extra pampering.

Need even more gift suggestions? Check out our thoughtfully curated guide to the best gifts for pregnant mom. Click here to get started with an online gift registry at Amazon.


1. Mambino Organics Bun in the Oven Skincare Set

mum to be gifts

Made without parabens or sulfates, this nourishing and moisturizing skin care line will give her one less thing to worry about.

Product Review : This is a great gift for any mom to be. I purchased this for a coworker for a gift to celebrate her pregnancy and she loved it. She raved about it so much that when I became pregnant a year later I came back a purchased one for myself. I love the smell as is didn’t irritate my sensitive pregnant noise. The creams and oil make your skin feel great and helped with the dry itchy skin! Available here $43.95


2. Leachro Pregnancy Pillow

gifts for pregnant women

Help your favorite preggo get some blissful sleep… at least until she has to run to the bathroom again.

Product Review : Warning to men, your wife is going to be obsessed with this gargantuan pillow. I ordered this pillow for my wife because she was pregnant and kept waking up on her back and wanted to make sure that she stayed sleeping on her side during the pregnancy. The reviews looked good so I thought this would be a good pickup.  Available here $57.46


3. Wusic Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor

gifts for first time moms

This gadget is so freaking cool. It allows mama to check on her baby’s heartbeat without visiting the doctor, which is key in the early stages of pregnancy when baby isn’t moving around yet. There’s even a cable splitter so daddy can tune into the magical sound of heartbeats at the same time.

Product Review : It says to test on your own heartbeat first and go from there. That worked immediately. So I put coconut oil on my belly and went in for the heartbeat and heard that right away too! Two jacks for a pair of earbuds for both husband and myself. Super awesome, compact and portable. Great peace of mind and easily something you can become addicted to doing. Don’t obsess! It’s awesome. Available here $57.67

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4. Bundle Organics Prenatal Juice Variety Pack

pregnancy gifts

These tasty juices are packed with folic acid, calcium, vitamin D, and omega-3s — basically everything a pregnant woman needs to stay healthy and energetic.

Product Review : these juices are a great way to get vitamins while pregnant- especially if you cannot stomach prenatal vitamins! It’s not too sweet, and the dark berry veggie blend is soothing as well. I will be buying more of this for sure! Available here $15


5. Preggatinis Drink Mix Book

first time mom gifts

Just because she can’t have alcohol doesn’t mean she can’t kick back with a delicious mock-tail.

Product Review : So much fun! For non drinkers, prego or not. Nothing like having a nice drink in your hand, alcoholic or not, to make you feel special. The fun part about this book is that it takes you through stages of being prego. Unless you have a very well stocked dry bar, you do have to plan out your drinks ahead of time. Preggatinis are yummy, pretty. Available here $10.49


6. The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People

maternity gifts

Does the mom-to-be depend on you to keep her laughing through the thick of it? This pregnancy activity book is not only hilarious; it will also stand out in a pile of onesies gifted at your friend’s baby shower.

Product Review : I bought this as a gift for my preggie friend and she loved it so much, it’s now on my must-give list for anyone I know, lady or mister or gender non-conformist, expecting a child. The humor is perfect — not too wacky, but so spot-on even I was cracking up (and I am a looong way from having a child myself any time soon). I could not recommend this more, not just for those expecting, but for anyone who wants to cheer up and celebrate anyone expecting. Great find!! Available here $11


7. Bump Box Subscription

gifts for first time expectant moms

Give the gift that keeps on giving as that baby keeps on growing. Bump Boxes include a lot of the items featured in this article, plus coupons to other helpful services the mom-to-be might not already know about.

Product Review : I bought this for my sons girlfriend that is pregnant and she loved it . It arrived on time and is loaded with all types of things that a newly pregnant mom might need. She said she could not wait to use some of the products as well as the coupons. I am glad I spent the money on this and will be ordering the next bump box for second trimester soon. Available here $49.99


8. MadeMother Pregnancy Compression Socks

gifts for mom to be

During your friend’s pregnancy, blood will be flowing at a higher volume, which can cause discomfort (especially during long car rides). These compression socks reduce swelling when your buddy’s belly gets balloon-sized.

Product Review : These are pricey, but worth it. They are completely saving me, as my feet and calves swell or itch as soon as I put my bare feet on the floor–fluid retention is lovely. I’ve tried 2 other pairs of compression socks, and these are the best for me by far. They are thick, but thankfully, it’s winter, so I’m fine for now. I’m a size 9Wide, so I opted for the size Large. Available here $19.97


9. Fertile Mind Belly Belt Combo Kit

gifts for expecting moms

She has already sacrificed margaritas and soft cheeses (how tragic!), but with this belly belt, she won’t have to give up her favorite jeans just yet.

Product Review : I am in my 2nd trimester. I was able to get away with using a ponytail holder to button my jeans for the first several weeks, but over the last month my belly has expanded quite a lot! My jeans were no longer comfortable, and it was time to move into maternity wear…but because I am very long-legged and large framed, I have not been able to find maternity jeans that fit me – they were either way too long, way too short, or too small all around. Available here $19.95

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10. Kiwi Maternity Pre-Packed Maternity Hospital Bag

gift for pregnant friend

The only things you’ll need to add to this hospital-ready bag that’s full of post-delivery essentials are cozy pajamas and an outfit for the baby.

Product Review : I love this pre packaged hospital bag!!! It had everything I could think of to take for my hospital stay. It is so easy to forget little things while your main worry is to take care of a newborn. I decided to order this prepackaged hospital bag since I am very pregnant and did not have the energy to run around a bunch of stores to get all the items on my list. Available here $129.9


11. Sea-Band Acupressure Wristbands

gifts for mum to be

Has pregnancy plagued her with morning sickness, or even worse, all-day sickness? This all-natural, drug-free solution targets special pressure points to relieve her nausea. Pair it with a pack of saltines and you’ll be her new favorite person.

Product Review : I get motion sick very easily and my children do too. On our recent trip to Maui we wore these on several car trips with winding roads and lots of hair pin turns and everyone felt great. Without these, whoever was sitting in the back seat would have been nauseated or worse. I also use these bands while snorkeling and they work great. Available here $18.39


12. Dearfoam Slippers

first time mother gifts

Wrap her swollen feet in these slippers made of durable, high-density foam. These babies are the ultimate combo of comfort and style.

Product Review : I’ve bought several colors over the years of this slipper… HOWEVER they do run a size smaller than your shoe size.. I wear a size 10 shoe and order the XL in these.. yes, they do after wearing awhile stretch out, but not enough to notice very much… When I bought the exact shoe size I wear, they were very snug to the point I didn’t want to wear them… you decide.. I prefer a nice comfortable fit, not something that chokes my foot..  Available here $11.95


13. Crib Dribbler

first time mothers day gifts

There’s not actually a giant hamster feeder inside it’s just a comical box that you can fill with real baby gifts. Order one here for

Product Review : Package is well constructed and graphics and text is great quality. The text and pictures are so funny and held 3 funny books we put inside for our friends that are new parents. Look at the other joke packages this company makes, great humor! Available here $7.50


14. An Adult Coloring Book

best gifts for first time moms

Some of the coloring pages in this book include: Congratulations on Your New Vajayjay, Potty Like a Rock Star and Wine Rhymes with Friday. You’re welcome.

Product Review : This Adult Coloring book was sent to me by a friend and I love the book. It has so many beautiful Illustrations of Butterflies and Flowers all printed on one side of the book to avoid bleed through. Available here $5.39

15. Go the F%#K to Sleep Book

mom to be gifts

Product Review : Has to be the most hilariously spot on book for new parents ever written! If you feel justified in throwing the first stone at this author, well, you’re just not invited to my next party. Also, you lack insight. But seriously, this book is not for those of a sensitive linguistic disposition as it uses the naughtyfiretruck word in nearly every stanza. Available here $13.46


16. Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty Onsie

christmas gifts for first time moms

I’m pretty sure you will want a matching one.

Product Review : This was a GREAT purchase! The print on the shirt was clear and easy to see like the picture. I am glad I ordered a size up from what my daughter is wearing currently, and would have gone up 2 sizes, they do run a little small. Overall, LOVE the shirt, and get lots of compliments! Available here $9.89


17. Dirty Diaper Survival Kit

gifts for expectant moms

Product Review : I bought this for a nephew’s wife’s baby shower. I put it in a separate gift bag for the father-to-be. It was a huge hit! Everyone was asking where I got it and saying how clever and appropriate it was. I definitely recommend it! Available here $47.99

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18. Bacon Teethers

gifts for mother to be

Since the baby won’t be able to experience the magical taste of bacon just quite yet, get them the next best thing.

Product Review : Everyone wants a chemical-free toy if their child will be putting it in their mouth, and this one seems to be a good choice in that regard. There was no overwhelming, obnoxious smell when opening the package, which was a welcome change. Available here $3.99


19. BabyStache Kissable Pacifier

mother to be gifts

Product Review : This wacky little pacifier makes a great shower gift or even gift for your baby (really though, I guess it’s more for everyone else than the baby). I gave these to my new-parent friends, who just love it – it makes for great baby pics, too. Available here $7.66


20. Kissing Lips Pacifier

gifts for a pregnant woman

Product Review : I ordered this for my niece and it is absolutely adorable! It looks exactly like the picture. I wouldn’t recommend this as a soothing pacifier because the lips are oversized and a bit heavy. My niece is 4 months and when she was on her stomach or laying on her side the pacifier would fall out of her mouth because it’s a bit on the larger side (as expected). But it was most definitely a great picture op.  Available here $7.95

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21. Porn for New Moms

gift ideas for first time moms

Product Review : I just bought this for my brother’s girlfriend who just had their baby yesterday! Before giving it as a Christmas gift I read though it, and this is HILARIOUS! It’s such a perfect gift if you’re looking for something small, but still with personality–something to make her laugh after all the pain of childbirth that she just endured. Just a heads up that there is no actual porn in here, if you’re having any hesitations. Guys in the photos are kind of dorky but who’s complaining? Available here $9.96


22. Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit

Paint a masterpiece on your belly while you grow a masterpiece in your belly with this pregnancy painting kit. The kit is completely safe for use and includes everything you’ll need to unleash your imagination and make your pregnant glow even stronger. A pregnancy belly painting kit enables an expecting mom to turn her belly into a work of art. The FDA approved water based paints are easy to apply and remove. This project makes a great activity for the entire family, especially young children. Check Out Here… 


23. Banner Shaped Sticky Notes

Turn every announcement into a celebration by stating it with the banner shaped sticky notes. Whether you’ve bought the office a box of donuts or want a creative way of announcing you’re pregnant, these colorful notes will get your message across loud and clear. Fred and Friends BANNER DAY sticky note pennants make it easy to create a small celebration for just about anything. Each sheet includes 50 self-stick pads. Eight pads are included in each package. Make every day a banner day with these festive sticky notes. Decorate these self stick pennants and proclaim a birthday, or just a Friday. It’s the fun way to keep track of to-do lists, reminders, or those little ideas that pop up. Get One Here… 


24. Woman’s Razor Extension Shaver Handle Woman’s Pregnant Shaver

Pregnant, Injuries, Back Pain, Small Shower, Big & Beautiful, For any Situation The UltraFlexx Handle Can Help With Shaving. Approximate 20″ Reach that Forms to ANY Shaving Position with NO PLASTIC parts to break. The Last Shaver you will ever need! Securely Holds ANY Disposable or Reusable Razor. No need to purchase Expensive Over-priced Replacement Blades. Check Out Here… 


25. TAFLY Facial Expressions Pregnancy Baby Bump Belly Stickers

Tell everyone it is a boy, a girl or that it is a surprise with one of the stickers and a baby bump photo—Beautiful Memories. Available Here… 

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26. Women’s Under Bump Maternity Panties Healthy Underwear

Maternity Clothing Series, with fine workmanship, of high quality, at right price, let you be a confident mother! Get One Here… 

27. Belly Bottle Pregnancy Gifts Water Bottle Intake Tracker with Weekly Stickers Calendar

BellyBottle is a patented hydration tracking water bottle for pregnant women. It helps you easily reach your recommended daily water intake for a healthy pregnancy. It’s also a fun way to track your pregnancy progress using week by week pregnancy milestone stickers! Why? During pregnancy, a woman gains 25-35 pounds in order to accommodate her growing baby. Given this increase in weight, the woman’s daily water intake rises to over 90 oz. in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy! Get One… 

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