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13 Cool Gift Ideas For Geeky Gamers

Gift Ideas For Geeky Gamers

June 24th, 2018   |   Updated on March 6th, 2019

What’s the perfect way to show your favorite hardcore gamer how much they mean to you? With one of these gifts for the adult gamer in your life, of course.

If you know someone who grew up in the arcade or constantly glued to their Nintendo, these goodies are sure to be a hit.

Gift Ideas For Geeky Gamers

Below, you’ll find everything from a virtual reality alien attack game that you can play anywhere using your smartphone and a comfy chair designed for marathon gaming sessions, to a classic SNES pre-loaded with 21 classic titles plus a few virtual reality items that will deliver a fully immersive room-scale virtual experience unlike any other.

1. Video Gaming Chair

Submerge yourself completely into your favorite game by carrying out your marathon sessions on this video gaming chair. The ergonomic design provides full back support in addition to functional features like forward facing speakers and wireless audio transmission.

Product Review:  I was always a great girlfriend, well after he’s had this chair for a couple weeks I’ve been promoted to best girlfriend in the universe! lol My boyfriend loves this chair.

It’s super comfortable and easy to put together. All of the pieces were there and the tools I needed were also included. The hardest part about this gaming chair was getting the sound to come through the speakers.

He has a PS4 and this chair connects through older gaming systems and isn’t really HDMI compatible. There is a way to get the sounds coming through the speakers but the hook up is through the TV and not the game system.

Once we got the system connected to the chair, he’s been losing sleep playing that game lol. The sound, the bass, everything comes through loud and powerful. Get One…Price is- $134.99


2. Pocket Super Nintendo Console

Pocket Super Nintendo Console

Replay all the classic games of your childhood with this convenient pocket Super Nintendo console! Ditching the big bulky design, this console is shaped like the original controller of a Super Nintendo. It’s the perfect gift for old school gamers.

Product Review:  What do you get if you take one of the best (if not THE best) video game consoles of all time and make it something you could actually carry around and play?

You get the Supaboy, of course! I have to say, after finally nabbing this thing for my birthday, I think I’ve given the FC 16 Go way too much credit, as this does the job as a portable Super Nintendo remarkably well in comparison!

The FC 16 Go is super-bulky (since there’s real system hardware in there), has two wireless controllers powered by triple-As, and cartridge space too wide to be played while carrying it or else the game will crash in no time.

This beast, on the other hand, features a more slick design that you can actually grip, looks as stylish as its original TV brethren, has inputs for the original controllers, and has enough cartridge space so the games can be inserted and played without crashing while you’re holding the system. As a result, the Supaboy is a flippin’ godsend! Get One…Price is- $84.99


3. Anti-Fatigue Gaming Glasses

Keep your eyes fresh long into your marathon gaming session by going in with these anti-fatigue gaming glasses. Weighing only 25 grams, they feature a proprietary coating that blocks out high-energy blue light, glare and UV.

Product Review:  I bought these after my co-worker loaned me his Gunnar’s of a different design. I basically bought the nicest looked pair that were cheapest.

Prior to this I bought some knock-offs only to return them because they weren’t optically clear. These are definitely like looking through glass.

They really make you look like an uber-geek but who cares. They’re great glasses and definitely make a big difference staring at computers all day long and coding.

After wearing them for a few hours you’ll take them off and go “woah, that hurts.” I keep these on my desk and wear them with a hat to block the overhead light glare. Definitely recommended. Never scrimp on your vision. Available Here…Price is- $71.00


4. Smartphone Virtual Reality Headset

Transform your plain phone into a state of the art 3D headset with this smartphone virtual reality headset.

Compatible with both Apple and Android models, it lets you fully immerse yourself in what you are watching without causing a dizzying effect.

Product Review:  I purchased this headset a couple of days ago because I wanted one with a head strap and some padding. First off, if you are using an iPhone there is no code to scan.

After some internet searching I found one that would supposedly work, so I used it. The head strap and padding seemed nice good quality but that’s about the only positive thing I can say.

There is no button so if an app requires that you won’t be able to interact also the lenses aren’t adjustable leaving everything a little blurry for me.

My iPhone 6 without a case wiggled around and didn’t seat securely. I’m going to pass this off to my friend who has an android, maybe he will have a different opinion of it. Get One…Price is- $39.99


5. HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset 

The HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset delivers a fully immersive room-scale virtual experience unlike any other. Along with a 2160 x 1200 resolution and a 110 degree field of view, it features 360 degree motion tracking so you can roam freely around the room.

Product Review: This device is life changing. I’m a huge gamer. I’ll admit, an unhealthy addict. Sitting in front of a desktop PC doesn’t do my body any good at all.

It’s been causing me anxiety, loss of sleep and disappointment in myself. I was assuming the Vive would just add to it, but I had to have it anyway.

The result were entirely unexpected. In less than a week I’ve exercised more than I have in years and had a blast doing so.

I actually WANT to exercise more than my body can handle. My entire body is sore and I’m loving it.I feared that I would use the Vive as a form of escape and ignore my real world responsibilities and kill my social life.

The exact opposite has happened. This is not a casual toy. If you intend to use it room scale, it takes a lot of planning. There are sensors to set up, a good amount of space needed, a lot of cable management.

It works best if you have an entire room dedicated to VR, but not all of us are fortunate enough to have that kind of space. Available Here…Price is- $646.58


6. Classic Arcade Games Machine

Get one step closer to having the home of your dreams by installing your very own arcade machine! With the classic arcade games machine you’ll be able to enjoy over 120 iconic old school games like Asteroids and Space Invaders in one glorious retro package.

Product Review:i received it about a month ago so i waited a while before reviewing it. I am not a ‘gamer’ in the normal way,and truth be told,that was never great with any video games in the 70’s and 80’s,but i love to play.

The machine arrived without a bump,scratch,or any problem.U put it on with a on/off switch on the top. It takes a few minutes for it to warm up. Then u easy access the games by using the ball.There are so many games! Many i never knew about.

Remember these are older type games before graphics and coding. I tell u if u can afford this and sometimes like simple flat screen, u will love this.

I love it. O-by-the-way, make sure u use a good surge protector with this baby,better yet i remove the plug from the wall. Well. Well peace,out. Happy 4th july to all. Get One…Price is- $2,995.00


7. iPad Arcade Cabinet

iPad Arcade Cabinet

Relive your glorious arcade days from the comfort of home with the iPad arcade cabinet. This mini cabinet features a cool retro design and includes everything you need to game like in the old days such as a joystick, two red buttons, and a slot to insert quarters.

Product Review: This is totally awesome especially at it’s lower price of $50. Everybody in my office has ordered one for their kids, man caves and offices as well. I use mine as an Ipad stand / charger and it rocks. The build quality is amazing.

I paid about $20 on additional games to play on it (lamasoft games rock on this thing) and I couldn’t be happier.You will not be disappointed at this price!Get One…Price is- $252.41


8. World’s Smallest Arcade Gaming System

Kick boredom to the curb by channeling your old school gamer roots playing on the world’s smallest arcade gaming system. This open platform JAVA game console can play thousands of J2ME games while fitting comfortably in the palm of your hands.

Product Review:  It’s a neat little machine, and you can run all the classic games in Java. Best of all, all the games are free, but sometimes the quality of the games you found online is not that good.

The machine runs for well over 10 hours if you use the top shelf batteries. And that speaker is pretty loud, I had to hide in the bathroom to play game at night, so I wouldn’t woke my girlfriend up. Get One…Price is- $49.00


9. Vintage Ninja Turtles Arcade Machine

Save the streets of N.Y. from the sinister Foot Clan by taking them on on this vintage Ninja Turtles arcade machine. Straight out of 1989, it features wraparound graphics and comes with multiplayer capabilities – making this machine a must have for any game room.

Product Review:  OH HELL YEAH!!!! I remember playing this game when i was like 12 years old, the graphics was top notch in it’s time, 30 times better than the Ninja turtles 2 version on the nintendo NES, So addicting, i think i could spend $5 easy on this arcade alone, used to be in both the mall arcade as well as the movie threatre, if you’re rich with space and isolation that is searching for fun arcade machines this is a must have. Get One…Price is- $4,195.00


10. Virtual Reality Exercise Bike

Going outside is overrated. By getting atop this virtual reality exercise bike you’ll be able to stay fit without having to go outside and breathe in fresh air. It’s compatible with PS VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive headsets, and comes with a slew of VR arcade games.

Product Review:  I honestly wasn’t sure what I was going think of this. Turns out I’m really loving it! They really went the extra mile to make sure that it wasn’t just a gimmicky toy. Super easy to set up, and great online support for tracking information like a fitbit.

I had absolutely no problem hooking in up to my PC. The bike is extremely sturdy and the controls on the handle bars work out great. yes the games are little lack luster at times, but the more I play them the more things I find that I like about them.

Plus the system supports making games in the Unity game engine! You can download the free version of Unity, get the free plugin from Virzoom from the Unity Asset Store and make your own games! I put together a working little demo in 1 night with no coding! How fun is that? Get One…Price is- $399.99


11. SupaRetroN HD SNES Gaming Console 

Experience your favorite ’90s games in glorious high definition by playing them on the SupaRetroN gaming console. Compatible with SNES or Super Famicom cartridges, it supports both a 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio and comes with a HD port that outputs in 720p.

Product Review:  Hyperkin has done it again! A full hardware-emulation Nintendo console clone! Here in the future, your old SNES just won’t cut it when trying to connect to modern TV’s…but the Hyperkin SupaRetroN HD has you covered with full HD scaling via HDMI output.

As a bonus, you can even play PAL cartridges (from the UK) on this badboy… so start adding to your SNES collection again and enjoy that blend of retro and future compatibility! Get One…Price is- $51.97


12. 8Bitdo Arcade Stick Controller 

Give your gaming sessions a cool retro touch by playing them using the 8Bitdo arcade stick controller. This bulky controller features a nostalgic NES inspired design with a prominent joystick in addition to eight large red buttons so that you can play more comfortably.

Product Review: Very solid arcade stick. Connects to PC/Switch very easily (have not tried yet for android and I do not own a mac so cannot test there), and plays very nicely.

Connection over bluetooth is very stable, I did not notice any outstanding lag by using it compared to the wired connection. Comes with a pretty long usb cable to either play wired or for charging.

The actual parts, if you are used to high quality sanwa or seimitsu parts are a bit lacking. The stick seems to have a much wider response gate, and the overall feel of it is a bit looser compared to a stock sanwa stick.

The buttons also have a bit of a “sticky” feel to them, not tactile sticky but again if you are used to sanwa buttons they will feel like they take a bit longer to go back to a neutral position after pressing.

The inside is very very clean though so if you want to mod to a sanwa stick and buttons, it will be a very simple mod. I’m not saying the parts are bad, they just aren’t as high caliber as some other sticks on the market.

You will be able to get by on the stock parts ok if you are a beginner, but I do recommend an upgrade to the good stuff if you plan to play anything competitively on it. Get One…Price is- $59.99


13. Virtual Reality Alien Attack Game

Virtual Reality Alien Attack Game

If you grew up on Space Invaders, you’ll love this virtual reality alien attack game from Sharper Image. It comes with a Bluetooth-enabled blaster that you connect to your smartphone so that you can identify and vaporize the tiny alien invaders right in front of you.

Product Review: My nephew loved the games! Didn’t like the cheap plastic the gun was made of. Get One…Price is- $59.99