10 Things To Do In Sepang

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November 1st, 2017   |   Updated on March 4th, 2019

Whether you are a student or some office employee, you have to deal with assignments or projects in your daily life. The dark clouds of responsibilities always encircle around your head and you could not take some leisure time to observe beauty of nature.

While facing these day-to-day boring routine, you may have dreamt of a place, free of tensions and responsibilities. A place where you may spend your upcoming summer or winter vacations to refresh your mind and to restore your potential productivity, by taking sunbath on a beach, surfing among the swift tides of ocean or exploring amazing natural and historical monuments. If so, then, there is no best place other than Sepang District, Malaysia.

Golden Palm Tree

The district of Sepang got its eminence after inauguration of the Sepang International Car Racing Track and the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport. One of the most important traits of Sepang is its nearby neighborhoods, which include Kuala Lumpur and Putraya. Thus, while travelling to Sepang, you may get a glance of the wonders of Malaysia’s other prominent cities. As a tourist of Sepang, you may delight your senses by visiting the following historical and cultural places:

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1. Sepang International Racing Circuit

The prosperity of Sepang Tourism industry actually lies in a Formula 1 racecourse in which one of the most famous car events of Malaysia take place annually. According to International Standard, the circuit holds all the properties that an International F1 track incorporates. The Malaysian grand prix, Motor Indy and V8 races are held in the circuit every year. As compare to International F1 races, these races will not cost its bystander hard cash. Thus, it is a convenient path to experience the relish of observing some real F1 wheels.


2. Palaces and Government Offices

One of the neighbors of Sepang includes a state Putrajaya, also known as the third Federal Territory of Malaysia. Majority of government offices and palaces of Malaysia reside in Putrajaya. The most fascinating and marvelous peculiarity of this District is the luminosity emitted from Putrajaya’s prominent and wonderful edifices after twilight. Thus, it becomes a great attractive and enthralling view for tourists.


3. A 3D-printed tiny world

As Kuala Lumpur, the most prominent and wonders-comprising city of Malaysia, is just a few kilometers away from Sepang, your foremost plan should be to visit it. Kuala Lumpur, the National Capital of Malaysia, incorporates many marvels that exclusively exist in KL.

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One of the most notable enchantments of KL, includes MinNature, that includes Malaysia’s largest indoor miniature and train exhibitions. Malaysia’s expert handcrafters handcrafted each piece of the miniature utterly. MinNature also has a section in which you may read the historical facts of precise exhibit.


4. Mine resort

Mine resort

A place that once was based on deep extensive mines has astoundingly revolutionized into a well-constructed resort area based on a luxurious 5-star facilitated hotel, a synthetic beach, a heavenly-built theme park called mine wonderland and much more. Thus, serving the world, an outstanding exemplary for better development.


5. Sky-talking tower(s)

holiday-ideas-what-to-do -Sky-talking tower

The advanced ground of Kuala Lumpur encompasses a high-rise building, known as Petronas Twin Towers that is counted among the world’s top marvels. The best identity of Twin Towers is its Skybridge. The Twin Towers were built to accommodate the Headquarter of Petronas, the Malaysia’s national company of petroleum. Due to its supernatural structure, it became a great attraction of tourists in no time.

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6. Shop excting items

Shopping is the most beloved habit for women as well as for men. Tourists always hunt for a shopping center or mall, where they may purchase the items that may be good in their quality as well as the products that cast a reflection of a region’s culture and heritage. Bukit Bintang is the leading shopping mall that is ranked among top international shopping malls.


7. Sunway Lagoon

If you want to take thrill and gratification of various kinds of theme parks’ rides at one place, then, Sunway Lagoon is the best option you may choose. Based on an area of 88 acres, Sunway Lagoon comprises six varied theme parks, which include a water park, scream park, amusement park, extreme park, Wildlife Park and the Asia’s first Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon.


8. Aquaria KLCC

Encompassing over a field of 5600 square meters in two levels and featuring a 90-meter long underwater tunnel, Aquaria KLCC is a paramount place to make a visit. The oceanarium dwells more than 250 various kinds of marine species with a description section that apprises its reader about the information of a specific species.

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9. Taman burung Kuala Lumpur

Spreading over a total area of 20.9 acre, Bird Park KL has been declared as the largest public aviary of the world. The echoes of 3000 birds, belonging to 200 different species, spread the surroundings of the bird sanctuary and pleased their listeners.


10. National Museum

When travelling a new country, how can one forget to visit its museum in order to have a glance of their culture? The National Museum of Malaysia, situated in KL, is a great source to enlighten the tourists with ancient Malaysian culture and heritage. The Museum comprises an antique collection of historical events’ portraits, miniatures of ancient fortifications, antique firearms and so forth.

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