What Is A Good Health Practice Everyone Should Get Into?

Good Health Practice

Published on November 16th, 2017

From how you walk to your brushing technique, these little tweaks will give you more bang for your health buck. Several AskReddit user suggest that sometimes the smallest changes can have a huge payoff when it comes to improving your health.

1. Sitting properly on a chair for good posture


2. Floss the teeth you want to keep

3. Cook your own meals. You can control what goes into the food (to a certain extent) and keep out what you want to keep out (to a certain extent).


4. Drinking water! And less soft drinks/juice/cordial


5. Making sure you’re getting enough sleep. Also give out more hugs, not only does it make you feel better, but it makes the other person feel good too!

6. Waking up 5mins earlier. 5mins of sleep won’t effect your day but 5mins more time in the morning will be much less stressful


7. Stop cleaning your vag with soap/body wash/summer’s eve. Shit only covers up the smell for a little bit and then makes it smell worse down there. Wondering why its itchy/smelly/painful down there? It’s a self-cleaning organ. Use water, and just water edit: you also might have an std. Get tested if water fails.


8. Daily exercise of some kind. Doesn’t really matter what kind.


9. Eat a balanced diet. Do regular exercise.

10. See a doctor if you are sad or stressed all the time.


11. Take the stairs. If you only have a floor or two to go, get some exercise while you are at it. Personally I hate the idea of locking myself into a small metal box when there is a perfectly functional set of stairs next to it.


12. Biking to everywhere within 5 miles. A decent commuter bike costs around $300. A 5 mile ride at 15 mph is 20 minutes each way, and burns about 200-250 calories. Biking to work and back every day forces me to get a daily 50 minute cardio workout in without having to even think about it. Plus it saves on gas and can give you a new perspective of your town– you’d be amazed how different it looks from a bike.


13. Take care of your feet. Invest in the right kind (and size) of shoes. 19 years of beating the hell out of my feet in the marine corps and I am paying the price now. I am laid up right now, recuperating from surgery. (I had bone spurs ground off of my foot.) as soon as I am mobile, I have to get the other foot done.


14. Know what you’re putting into your body and the effects it has. We only have one body, why risk fucking it up by snorting illegal sugar porn or something.


15. Stop with all the sugar already.


16. Kegels for intense orgasms

17.  Apple cider vinegar is a cure-all. Bad skin? Rub some apple cider vinegar on the affected areas and marvel as it clears up in a day. Fell off your bike and now your motherfucking tibia is sticking out of your shin soaking up the sun and saying hi to everyone who walks by? Just drizzle some apple cider vinegar on that shit and let it get on down to the bone. You’ll be running a 5k before your brother-in-law finishes getting pegged by your grandmother. Stage 3 metastatic colon cancer that’s now spread to your goddamn eyeballs? Do a headstand and pour some apple cider vinegar down your cancerous asshole with a funnel and you’ll still be dead in six weeks, but you’ll look like a movie star at your open casket. You’ll be positively glowing, and not because of the cancer.


17. Getting enough fiber. Taking a fiber supplement every morning changed my life. It cleans you out and resets you.


18. A consistent sleep schedule followed very strictly


19. Having a shower daily or use cologne/deodorant. I swear that there is always one guy in my lectures that smells like a pile of dirty socks drenched in barf


20. Set small, personal and short term goals for yourself to help you become a better person. Say for example, my goal at the moment is to sleep more, and go to bed earlier.


21. Body weight exercise. No excuses. Its free. No need to pay monthly. Spend 15 mins a day to elevate that heart rate. Do push ups. Jumping jacks. Brisk walking. Pull ups (if youre fit enough). Running. Stop making excuse. Be good to your body. Exercise at least 15 mins a day


22. Stop trying to find cheat codes or ‘life hacks’ for being healthy. It’s really as simple as eating healthy foods and getting exercise on a regular basis.


23. Exercise. A 30-45 minute walk in the evening after dinner or before breakfast. Nothing too strenuous. Keeps your heart healthy.


24. Take time out of the day for yourself. You have no idea how priceless and precious you are, when all is said and done, you’re all you have left. Be your own friend. Spend time with yourself.

25. Sunscreen on a daily basis, it protects from melanoma and photoaging, ie wrinkles. Thank me when you’re 50 and people confuse you for the generation below you.


26. Do exercise eat proper diet and participate in sports


27. Stop drinking pop. I used to drink pop every day and got all kinds of cavities. Since I quit doing that, I’ve not had a single one. Your tooth enamel will thank you!


28. Drink green tea without sugar. Walk often, take the stairs. Floss. Do some deep knee bends every now and then. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Have a glass of red wine a few nights a week. Don’t have red meat all the time. Add plenty of green vegetables to your diet.

29. Eat yoghurt, have the occasional herbal tea and drink water.


30. Make water your primary drink of choice. You’d be surprised how much better you will feel in general if you just drink more water and less soda/coffee/redbull/juice/etc.

What is a good health practice everyone should get into? from AskReddit