7 Important Features Of A Good Moving Company That You Need To Know

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Published on November 14th, 2018

If you are planning to move, you will probably need the services of a moving company. There are many companies that offer this type of service, therefore some care needs to be taken when choosing the right firm to engage with.

Some moving companies may not be able to deliver according to your expectations. It is important to choose a moving company that is known to have exemplary service, such as AAA movers St Paul.

Here are some important features to look out for as you source for the right moving company to engage with:

1. Costing Method Used

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The moving company should be careful to take the weight and size of all your items. This will determine the amount of space that these items will occupy on the transport. The costs that you will be charged is determined by these statistics of weight and space covered. A good company will give you accurate costs that are based on these figures. You need to confirm that the costs are actually accurate.


2. Demand For Deposit


A reputable moving company should not demand for large amounts to be paid in deposit before giving you the services. It is very risky for you to pay any amount of cash before any service is done. There is a chance that the company may fail to deliver sufficiently if they are paid a deposit in advance.


3. Companies With Several Names


If the moving company has more than one name, there is a chance that they could be avoiding assessment or may not even have a valid license. Make sure that the company has a physical office and a valid license that is recognised.


4. Check Customer Reviews

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One sure way of getting an honest opinion about a company is to get reviews from customers who have engaged them previously. According to invesp, nine out of ten potential customers check reviews online before deciding to engage with a particular company. Former customers will give an independent and accurate feedback about the company’s services. This will help you to make a wise decision as to whether to hire them or not.


5. Extra Costs Of Packing

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Find out if the company charges any extra amounts for packing your items. If you are packing them yourself then there should be no charge given to you. If the company decides to charge for the packing, then you should be careful to check that there are not exorbitant charges.


6. Contract


A good moving company will want transparency, therefore they will give you a full contract with all the details, including costs, terms of service, and hours to be worked. Do not engage a company that gives you almost no details on the contract. This could be a way of them introducing hidden charges.


7. Flexibility

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A favourable moving company is one that will be very flexible, especially on the hours of working. You will be able to negotiate with them and agree on hours that are suitable for both of you.