Inspiring Graphic Design Portfolio Examples You Must Follow

portfolio examples

March 11th, 2020   |   Updated on May 23rd, 2020

Graphic design is all about creativity. The more you can explore your brain the better is the output that you generate. There is a lot of experimentation that you may do with your imagination.

The end result you get out of the same is definitely outstanding. But, if you are stuck on something watching portfolios of your peers are going to simplify things. Here are 10 graphic design portfolio examples you must follow.

1. Alex Coven

Alex Coven

A master of his art, Alex dons three hats at the same time. He is a graphic designer, letterer as well as a front-end developer. Based in Chicago, USA his portfolio website is an inspiration to many newbies.

His efforts can be clearly seen in the examples he has showcased there. You may scroll over each of the images to find out more about them.

2. Rafael Kfouri

Rafael Kfouri

An award-winning graphic designer Rafael at present is working with AlmapBBDO. Usually, it is tough to showcase all your portfolio examples on one webpage but Rafael is able to do so in the best manner.

His colourful and impactful visuals do not look over the top and entice you to know more about his skills. You would not get much information about each of the items but the impact of each picture is such that you are left craving for more.

3. Heather Shaw

Heather Shaw

She has nearly 20 years’ experience in the field and this translates into the brochures, flyers, menus, PowerPoint presentations that she creates.

Photos of each project have been portrayed under a separate block and that lends an element of consistency to it. The big and impressive topography helps you to navigate through.

4. Stefanie Bruckler

Stefanie Bruckler

An Austrian designer and illustrator Stefanie handles branding and editorial designing tasks with panache.

Her website has an old-fashioned feel to it as it focusses more on the building strong brands and that is the impression she hopes to give. The website has a grid-based layout and a muted colour palette to give that effect.

5. Peter Komierowski

Peter Komierowski

A visual designer Peter works in Vancouver and deals with branding, interface and identity design. His homepage is strikingly different with only small logo designs adorning over the white background.

He has confidence in his skills and maybe the reason why this style has been chosen.

6. Tobias Van Schneider

Tobias Van Schneider

Always focused on interactive design and branding Tobias has some very big brands under his kitty. His portfolio design thus captures exceedingly beautiful images that bring about his creativity to the full.

A large amount of text is used and that somehow links up the classic images that have been presented.

7. Grant Burke

graphic design portfolio

Having his own design studio he tries to capture the same essence as Schneider. Once you click on each of the grids you are exposed to the details of each work done.

You may even read the full case study of the same and read all the necessary details that you might be needing.

8. Alessandro Scarpellini

portfolio examples

An Italian, Alessandro’s area of expertise lies mostly in art direction, branding and visual identity. His portfolio has been placed in a slideshow format for you to go through.

You may also go through the detailed personal biography provided beneath each. Gives you an idea of how he carries out his ideas and implements them.

9. Nicholas Paries

portfolio website

He is an interactive art director and has been associating with some of the best brands since 2008. The layout is quite original and as you move ahead the graphic effects provided nearly bowl you over.

10. Jennifer Heintz

Jennifer Heintz

A designer and illustrator Jennifer has her own design studio. Her website is high on imagination and the rich use of colours. Their working together keeps each product look graceful and worthy of appreciation.

Inspiring Example of graphic design portfolios:

1. Anton + Irene

anton irene


2. Lisa Maltby

lisa maltby


3. Anthony Burrill

anthony burrill


4. Pawel Nolbert

pawel nolbert


5. Kate Moross

kate moross


6. Sam Hewa

sam hewa


7. Maria Vazquez

maria vazquez


8. Sylvan Hillebrand

sylvan hillebrand

9. Mr. Bingo

mr bingo


10. Jonathan Barnbrook

jonathan barnbrook


11. Unspoken Agreement

unspoken agreement


12. Marleigh Culver

marleigh culver


13. Xavier Cussó

xavier cussc3b3


14. Olly Gibbs

olly gibbs


15. Gavin Strange

gavin strange


16. Craig Black

craig black


17. Leslie David

leslie david


18. Leta Sobierasjski

leta sobierasjski


19. Shanti Sparrow

shanti sparrow

20. Lotta Nieminen

lotta nieminen


21. Magda Ksiezak

magda ksiezak


22. Dutch Uncle

dutch uncle


23. Studio Chen Chen

studio chen chen


24. Indre Klimaite

indre klimaite


25. Carmijn Dura

carmijn dura


26. Juliette Van Rhyn

juliette van rhyn


27. Malika Favre

malika favre


28. Mike Kus

mike kus