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Cloud Computing: An Ultimate Resource For Growth Of The Modern Businesses

India is one of only three countries that makes supercomputers

December 30th, 2018   |   Updated on January 7th, 2019

Well, our future is dependent on the internet. How is it so? Since you are reading this blog you are also a part of it. Whether its airline industry throwing millions of data figures or the Google search you went through a few hours ago to locate a multi-cuisine restaurant- they all somehow connected through it to avail us the relevant information we need.

This voyage of inter-connected resources is not just limited to providing information, autonomous vehicles, machinery, and many other physical resources are coupled with this technology to accomplish human tasks. Now, taking our conversation forward to cloud computing, it is the most trending technology currently soaring across modern businesses.

Cloud Hosting

Big giants like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are already involved in spending a significant amount on the cloud infrastructure. Thus, by providing useful virtual services to their customers including SMEs they can drive this innovation at another level. Now accessing cloud services over the internet has become easier than ever.

In a traditional computing environment companies were spending a massive amount on their infrastructure setup, platform, testing, networking, storage or any other resource they require to keep their operations running in an efficient way. But now, with advancement in the technology they can acquire all these resources in just a few clicks.

Track Of Your Business Activity

Whether it is an urgent requirement of massive SSD storage to keep your business data or you are planning to deploy your e-commerce application over the web, the cloud will help. Talking about its advantages, they are in thousands.

Let’s see its role in the latest automated chatbot technology whose market is continuously growing at an unstoppable pace. Its market is expected to reach 1.34 billion USD by the end of 2022.

A few years back companies were leveraging the large manpower, telephones and many other physical resources to assist their customers. But, the problem was they couldn’t achieve the desired outcomes.

Promote Your Business

They lack in providing satisfactory support. You may have suffered the music tune while waiting for your customer executive over the phone. And, sometimes a customer query takes a week to get resolved. But now, the advanced chatbots are powerful enough to serve with a customer query while serving many of them at a time. These self-learning agents provide 24/7 support to visitors. And, the best part is they are inbuilt with the complex machine learning algorithms with the potential of pattern analysis, predictions, recommendations etc. They observe a users pattern to provide the best experience to them.

In early days, developing such application was very challenging tasks as it requires thousand so lines of code, and upfront cost to run it. Thanks to the cloud technology, through which a business can easily integrate these bots into their websites, app, messengers etc., and maintain a good customer relationship management (CRM).


They can even develop, use platform, or test or leverage any cloud service for their good. Similarly, an advanced application like voice assistance, pattern recognition, business intelligence, analytics, can be used by any business.

With this increased demand in the cloud services, the need for cloud architects, security experts, developers, testers, aws certified cloud practitioner etc., is also on its peak. Even a few companies organize training and awareness programs for their employees to enhance their work culture through automation.

For beginners and professionals, it is the best time to grow their career with this technological flow. The global cloud computing market is growing at a CAGR of 17.6 percent between up to the year 2020. This market will reach 555 billion USD by 2020.

India is one of only three countries that makes supercomputers

The trending hybrid cloud computing model is also becoming the first choice for large industries including manufacturing, retail, finance, etc. A hybrid cloud which is the mixture of public and private cloud can be used to keep sensitive resources as well as raw information over it. Thus they can keep their business running in a secure environment achieving the maximized growth.

Cloud computing is very beneficial in various terms. The best part is one has to pay only for the resources they used on an hourly basis. They can use any software such as for analytics, business planning, time management, resource allocation etc., or platforms such as for deployment. Cloud is a cost optimized service for all.

Preserve Your Data in Cloud Storage

One more advantage for the businesses is that they can target their customers geographically at any location. Thus, they can advertise and run various marketing campaigns for that particular region. Without cloud computing, these marketing strategies were just limited within boundaries where a customer was not getting the complete information about a product or service.

Now, the scalable cloud feature allows a business to scale up and scale down the required resources to streamline their operations in an effective way. This way then can expand their brand in very less time enhance its value.

Cloud vendors always try to provide the best solution to their customers. They are responsible for security, maintenance or any other concerned aspect for its smooth running. So, what are you waiting for? Everything is already prepared. You just have to think and innovate and here the cloud computing will help you to visualize this innovation in real.