The Experts Guide To Choosing Colours For Your House’s Interior

Black And Gray

August 3rd, 2018   |   Updated on August 8th, 2018

One of the most common questions we ask people when we meet them for the first time is, “What is your favourite colour?” Colour is very important, thus the intrigue. You want to know whether your favourite colour is anyone else’s favourite. Safety in numbers?

Whatever the reason, we are curious. Still, when it comes to painting your house, you might be required to mix up colours to create a scheme. The right scheme requires some measure of creativity and imagination. You do not want to end up with a rainbow house, or maybe you do.

House’s Interior

While any colour is bound to look good when applied correctly, you should not go to the depot and order the first colour you see. Also, if you are shopping online, you will find an option like free commercial painting quotes click here.

You must think beyond the walls. Quite often, you will find homeowners being ‘safe’ with their choice of colour. Paint whatever on the walls, but go white on the ceiling. There are good reasons why you should paint your ceilings white.

A few of these reasons are:

  • White ceilings keep the room looking bright and inviting.
  • They do not overwhelm, thus taking attention away from the walls.
  • They make a room appear larger.

You could switch up your ceiling colour, but avoid going too dark for the reasons indicated above. What you need to factor in is a colour combination. You need to ensure that the wall, the floor and the ceiling are in tandem.



Catalogues are a great source to look for colour schemes that can work. Any paint depot will have a few catalogues for customers who want to look through before they make a choice. They will even allow you to take one home. A good painter will offer advise and help you to compare the colours in relation to your existing carpets, floors, furniture, curtains, blinds and whatever decorations you have in your home.

Tip: Consider the upholstery and fabric before you look at anything else to see whether they match with your colours of choice. The colour that pops should be the one on the walls.

Colours come in various shades and all have unique attributes that play on the mind causing shifts in mood.

Here Are Three Of The Most Unusual Interior Colours:

1. Black And Gray

  • Black communicates the following:
  • Malignity
  • Somberness
  • Sophistication
  • Reverence
  • Physical attraction

Depending on the mood you want to elicit, you can use black creatively to create an interior that is daring and unique. Many people would not give black a second thought as a possible choice for the interior of their house. However, you do not have to paint an entire wall black.

You can use it on the trims and accents for a dramatic feel. Gray is best when combined with bold colours. On its own, it is not considered very exciting. However, if you are tired of the same old white walls, you might consider going gray, pun unintended.

2. Brown

  • This one depicts:
  • Earthiness
  • Being realistic
  • Trustworthiness

It arouses the feeling of being connected with nature. It comes in shades like terracotta, dark mustard, beige and taupe.

Most building and construction sites have the free commercial painting quotes click here options, so searching for paints online should be easy. You could also ask for an online catalogue so that you can make comparisons before you click on the option to order.

Images: pixabay.com