The Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine

Drinking Wine

May 31st, 2022   |   Updated on January 23rd, 2023

How does that old adage go again?

Reinventing the wheel is easy, it’s making the wheel round that’s hard?

Just call it research and benefit, whichever you prefer.

There are thousands of different health benefits of drinking wine. Just take a moment to breathe.

Wine reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers the risk of coronary heart disease. You’re reducing the risk of coronary heart disease by increasing red wine consumption.

And if you didn’t know already, red wine has aldehyde dehydrogenase, which is super helpful in metabolizing alcohol and preventing a hangover.

Keep reading to learn more about the purported health benefits of small amounts of wine.

The Heart-Healthy Benefits Of Drinking Wine

Wine contains polyphenols which serve as antioxidants. They basically help fight against heart disease amongst several other health conditions.

Polyphenols come in various categories like flavonoids, phenolic acids, polyphenolic amides, and resveratrol: the ones in red wine. They specifically defend against unnecessary (often life-threatening) blood clots.

The Cancer-Fighting Benefits Of Drinking Wine

Resveratrol also helps against cancer. It turns cancer cells’ different molecular pathways on and off. This can stop carcinogens from forming, stop them from inflicting damage on other organs, and/or cause cell death.

Pre-programmed cell death or apoptosis becomes crucial with cancer treatment since cancer involves uncontrollable cell division. Things escalate quickly from here, so resveratrol helps slow stuff down.

The Brain-Boosting Benefits Of Drinking Wine

The brain manages physical and mental functions each day. Wine also benefits both categories of functions. For example, resveratrol once again contributes to physical benefit. It prevents beta-amyloid proteins from forming, which lend to plaques that cause Alzheimer’s.

Additionally, moderate wine consumption indicates that it may aid against depression. We should probably change the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” to “A wine a day…”

The Skin-Protecting Benefits Of Drinking Wine

We’ve already established that antioxidants exist in wine. Antioxidants have loads of health benefits that help our bodies internally as well as externally.

For example, they stop acne-causing bacteria from growing. They also give our skin a healthy-looking “glow-up.”

This in turn assists with skin elasticity.

Skin elasticity helps us maintain our youth, which can make us more confident overall. Check out Kings of Wine to learn about all of the different kinds of wines and enjoy some wine dining.

What To Say About Wine’s Health Benefits

All in all, wine benefits range from the physical to the mental (all while tasting fruitful and delicious). The benefits of drinking wine vary as much as the people who drink it, yet can help us all.

Remember that these benefits only result from moderate consumption. Over consumption can lead to the opposite effects. It requires balance as with many things in life.

That said, grab a chair, grab your meal, and grab a glass of vineyard wine to drink responsibly and healthily.

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