30 HILARIOUS Disney Cartoons Paused At Exactly The Right Moment

HILARIOUS Disney Cartoons

April 3rd, 2017   |   Updated on August 5th, 2021

Have you ever paused a Disney movie at that perfect moment? When you catch that lone animation cell, and one of your beloved Disney characters is stuck in a silly, strange, or dare I say compromising pose?

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Here are thirty such finds. So crazy. So glorious.

1. When Charlotte La Bouff had a fleeting moment of unattractiveness

hilarious disney cartoons


2. When Hades got inappropriately sensual

disney movies


3. When Gaston struck this classic pose

disney films


4. When Hercules got into a weird orgy with some seriously bug-eyed ladies

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5. And generally just wasn’t feeling like himself

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6. When the Grand Duke and Footman had an intimate moment

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7. When Hans and Anna made the PG rating very dubious

animated movies


8. When Prince Adam had a horrifying neckbeard he didn’t want you to know about

walt disney movies


9. When Tod got waaaay too excited about close contact with a woman

disney animated movies

10. When Stitch became a menace to faces everywhere

disney cartoons


11. When Gaston briefly experimented with BDSM

walt disney


12. When Sven found some grass, even in winter

disney characters


13. When Kim Possible and her cheer squad had an off day

disney films


14. When Ariel loved Eric no matter what he looked like

cartoon movies


15. Smizing gone wrong

disney animated movies


16. Running last night’s blunders through my mind like…

disney cartoon movies


17. That time the little mermaid got all Italian on us

list of disney animated movies

18. Green with envy?

classic disney cartoons


19. Bones? Meh!

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20. When your self defense is so on fleek you make faces VANISH

disney cartoon characters


21. Fallin’ in love like…

disney classic cartoons


22. Weathering mad Truthbombs like…

new cartoon movies

23.Did I do that?

disney full movies


24. Take that, you big silly

animated disney movies


25. When your friend hands you a “Snack”

disney animated classics


26. I’ve got my eye on you

disney animation


27. I mean…Insert more fifty shades jokes here

walt disney cartoons


28.Looks like someone’s havin’ a Gooooooodtime

cartoon disney


29. Prince charming be bored AF

disney animated movies list


30. When he’s real into this but you’re like nah Dawg

disney animated films

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