21 Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements Way That Are Totally Nailing It

Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements

April 4th, 2017   |   Updated on February 28th, 2024

Once upon a time, people sent out Hallmark cards to let the world know they were expecting. However, pregnancy announcements are evolving; they’re getting creative—they’re even including celebrity cameos!

Here are 21 rad couples that are definitely stepping up their game when it comes to pregnancy announcements.

1. If creativity isn’t your strong suit… you can always have Will Smith announce your pregnancy for you!



2. Pregnancy announcement—you is doing it right.

Pregnancy Announcement


3. Gotta love the surprise twist!

Surprise Twist


4. Of course, some people just take their pregnancy announcement to a whole ‘notha level of weird.

Notha Level Of Weird


5. This is hilarious!

This is hilarious


6. Basically how every child feels when they find out about the new addition to the family.



7. Geeky pregnancy announcement for the win!



8. “Seriously, DON’T Eat the Baby”

DON'T Eat the Baby


9. “Practice on the cat”

Pregnancy Announcements


10. So that’s how babies are made

Babies Are Made

11. This one is hilarious! The pizza and icing is a nice (but gross) touch.

Hilarious Pregnancy Announcements


12. Sacrifices must be made.



13. Product placement at its finest!

Pregnancy Announcements funny


14. A clever play on words!


15. I’m guessing that attempting to put on a diaper for the first time is probably quite similar to assembling a Swedish storage cabinet.

Pregnancy Announcements


16. When it comes to telling people you’re pregnant, it’s best to do it in a way they’ll understand.



17. If you’re sticking with cliches, try to do something different.



18. Mocking pre-existing children works every time.


19. Make sure you do it better than everyone else.



20. Or even make it interactive.



21. Why not consider dressing up.